Zanu PF angers Zuma

ZANU PF is headed for a showdown with Sadc over the party’s refusal to implement a Global Political Agreement (GPA) resolution to effect security sector, media and other reforms before the holding of the next election.

Report by Moses Matenga

The party has, through its senior officials, publicly declared a total shut out of any further negotiations on the issues despite insistence by Sadc that all reforms must be implemented as agreed in the electoral roadmap and the GPA.

Zanu PF chief negotiator Patrick Chinamasa, the party’s security secretary Sydney Sekeramayi, who is also Zimbabwe’s National Security minister, and Zanu PF legal secretary and Defence minister Emmerson Mnangagwa have openly declared no security sector reforms would take place, describing the suggestion as “nonsensical”.

The defiance by Zanu PF has irked the Sadc facilitation team led by South Africa’s President Jacob Zuma which yesterday declared that its role was to make sure the agreed reforms were implemented ahead of elections expected later this year.

Spokesperson of the facilitation team Lindiwe Zulu yesterday told NewsDay that they would engage Zanu PF and other political parties over the recent remarks by Zanu PF officials. Zulu said nothing in the GPA was a closed chapter.

Chinamasa said on Monday that the role of Sadc was merely to facilitate.

He said the regional body had no right to impose anything on Zimbabwe, adding that the security sector realignment issue and media reforms were a closed chapter.

But Zulu said: “The purpose of the facilitation team is to make sure what is in the GPA is implemented and to make sure all the necessary institutions and frameworks for free and fair elections are in place. That is the responsibility of Sadc.”

She added: “Nothing in the GPA is a closed chapter until it’s completed. I cannot, however, respond to the statements (by the Zanu PF officials) outside our meetings and the only reason I am commenting on this is to set the record straight as the matter is already in the public domain.

“We can only advise them (Zanu PF) in the meeting not through newspapers,” she said.

Some hardliners in Zanu PF are reportedly attempting to elbow Sadc out of Zimbabwe politics to stop the body from pushing for the implementation of agreed
reforms. The party claims security sector reforms were a product of regime change agenda financed by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

Sekeramayi said at the weekend: “That (security reforms) is nonsense . . . We are saying that to all intents and purposes it’s a lot of nonsense — we will not accept it. Nobody should tell us to do security sector reforms, security sector alignment and that type of rubbish. That will not be done.”

Defence minister Mnangagwa also said the same recently, arguing that security sector reforms were not part of the GPA deal and that the only outstanding issues were the closure of pirate radios and the removal of sanctions.

Last week Chinamasa told diplomats that their push for security sector realignment would not succeed and was “a closed chapter”.

Article 13 (b) of the GPA, however, clearly reads: “. . . all State organs and institutions strictly observe the principles of the rule of law and remain non-partisan and impartial. Laws and regulations governing State organs and institutions are strictly adhered to and those violating them be penalised without fear or favour and recruitment of policies and practices be conducted in a manner that ensures that no political or other form of favouritism is practiced.”

Zimbabwe’s military and police commanders have openly declared their allegiance to Zanu PF — going as far as saying they would not accept any other leader outside Zanu PF to lead this country even were they to win elections.

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  1. Vana zuma vanopinda papi panyaya idzi kip dreaming

    1. Mugabe and ZaNU did not win an election, they are in government because of the SADC and the AU through the GPA which they signed with the MdCs. They must do what they signed for. It is Zuma as the SADC and AU pointman on Zimbabwe, to tell any party to the agreement when they are offside and to push them back to the agreed terms.


    What a siesta!


    What a siesta!

  4. My worry is ZanuPf has criminalised regime change. To all idiots in zanupf can they tell mw which regime don’t they want changed. So we don’t have a GNU as we speak because this is the current regme and this is the regime which should change now so what the hack are they talking about when they accuse all of ‘regime change agenda’ which regime?
    Elections are ‘regime change agenda’ if they are educated as they claim to be but alas they think all zimbabweams are as idiots as they are. yes they are just powerful idiots and you all know aht happens if you give a fool a gun.

  5. Sadc staance is sensible bkz we dnt want war again in Zimbabwe.ivo vakatanga kuba mari for 33years vanozoda kutipa chii nhasi.

  6. Of all the bad things Smith did he never allowed soldiers to vote and I want to think we need that by nature of their job soldiers and the police must not vote. This country was let down by AU and SADC and was allowed to be run by military using a civilian head Mugabe. This is why ZanuPf cries of regime change agenda because there is a regime we don’t know which is running this country because if the current regime is running the country then I don’t see any reason ZanuPF should complain of regime change agenda. yes this regime has to go but because ZanuPF has a parallel powerful regime this is the one they are talking about, the kangaroo government they are running is the one they want to protect.

    1. Voting is a universal right and if there is any country that needs security sector reform it is SA remember Marikhana massacre imagine if it was Zim and also recall the recent debacle in West Africa what about the Lesotho circus. S.A.D.F requires a complete revamp. I thought the term facilitation means the same thing as its dictionary definition. Unless Lindiwe and or S.A are using the Afrikaans dictionary then we have a problem because in Zim we do not use Afrikaans.

      1. But SA does not kill on behalf of ANC as ZRP does. The SA police are just not professional not partisan. The ZIm police are professional but parisan

        1. Vanhu Vasingade MDC

          Iwe how do you know? Cyrill Ramaphosa is vice president of ANC and stood to gain from that masacre

        2. the ZRP members do not kill people, they are being killed by MDC members, see the story of inspector petros mutedza who was murdered in cold blood by MDC thugs, they want to reform the security sector so that they get an opportunity to do as they please! we do not want a compromised party like MDC to call for security sector reform because they do not want to respect the laws of Zimbabwe but to follow laws and dictates of western countries.

  7. This just goes to show why ZANU PF has run this our beautiful country Zimbabwe down into the dust over the past 33 years. They say one thing and do the exact different thing.

    They promised land to the people pre independence but abandoned it post independence only to go on a crazed fast track land grab when it suited their cause.

    They “fought the white colonialist for one man one vote” but is that truely the case when thousands are marginalised and discriminated from the ballot in the form of “aliens”, when elections are rigged and the true will do the people is suppressed and we can only live under a one party rule.

    They promised a better Zimbabwe through developments of infrastructure and the uplifting of the general well being of the populace but have systematically robbed, raped and ultimately killed our economy through theft and corrupt activities to enrich themselves whilst the people who supported them and voted them into power suffer.

    Now with this and many other misrepresentations in mind it would only be foolhardy to expect ZANU PF to honor their word because they have proved time and again that their word does not mean a thing even if its by contractual agreement.

    Anyone who still believes this party of thieves, rapists and murderors has their best interests at heart is disillusioned and to say the least an idiot!

    ZANU PF yaora!!!!!

  8. Shall the GPA fails to be implimented, then The Winners of the previous recognised election should be given their Offices. ZANU PF should remeber well thet they lost the previous elections and they were brought back through negotiations. Rememebr HE said kukurukura humnge wapotswa.

  9. Anyone in zpf who things SADC is docile and acting beyond its mandate is a real active idiot. wait &see. as long as we have those ‘landmark clauses’ in the GPA, they shall comply! regime change for your enlightenment, is not exclusively about flighting trufh thru pirate radios or targetted restrictive measures against mugabe and rogues in his cult, but the whole package around preparing for ‘elections’….see zpf and its brood don’t realise that they are actively involved in the ‘regime change’ dynamic. well done fools

  10. Sadc wil do nothing as usual

  11. My understanding of issues over the past four years under GPA is that everything is done by consensus eg the constitution. Remember people debating whether GPA principals have a final say in its destiny? Political parties had their views but eventually the principals broke the ice. Lets not worry about statements mend to appease certain constituencies, eventually consensus will prevail.

  12. Phunyukabemphethe

    Gukurahundis should themselves be Gukurahundied into line. Make no mistake, very soon they will come right. This is Msholozi we are talking about her:-)e, the Zulu warrior. He has inkosi uShaka’s blood running through his veins.

    1. wena nawe uyamangalisa ngamanga amakhulu libalele kangaka, umsholozi kasi wegazi lenkhosi ushaka nakancane, ushaka akatshiyanga ngane emhlabeni okokuba omunye engawaqamba awokuthi ngowosendo lwakwakhe! for your own information this security sector reform is not one of the GPA outstanding issues but its what the MDCs want! this lindiwe zulu behaves as if she has her party of choice in matters to do with zuma’s facilitation, i wonder if she really grasped the essence of her assumed duties on behalf of zuma, she needs to study international relations and conflict resolution in order to know what facilitation means.

  13. SADC haititongi tinozvitonga muZimbabwe. Mdc haife yakatonga muZim.

    1. Phunyukabemphethe

      Yikuphupha lokho. How did they even get involved in the first place ma kuyindaba ye soveregnity yenu?

      You begging Zuma for money, budget support, ubusu suza la ngokutonga, where in the world have you seen that?

      In Africa, the days of going it alone are long gone, egional and continental bodies now call the shots!!

    2. cde kereke iBenzi!

      1. actually, ndiri mhata.

    3. wena Kekere wakhona hw can you be stupid to say whwt u ar saying ,may yr family iphethwe yindlala wena uthi uyatonga ,my foot .shona

  14. Cde Muchatibaba

    The herald today quoted the so called political analyst criticizing reforms within security sectors saying it will undermine our sovereignity but they are forgetting that in the new constitution it states that any new elected head of state will automatically serve as chief commander of the defence, so those guys have already publically denounced Tsvangirai and vowed not to salute him, so he must have plan B what if they all resign in shame. Bingu guys wanted to to use public media to stage a coup and JB fired everyone involved, police commissioner kudzingwa basa ne mukadzi, mdc must promote royal juniours muone kuti vanopamira here?. Security chiefs works for the country not political parties, it will be a lesson to all even if mdc appoints its own security chiefs they must be partial too. In all sadc countries i have not seen security guys declaring their political affiliations compared to zim. Makone must start identifying suitable candidates now, mapinda mapinda.

  15. Vana Zuma vanongowa-wata siyanai navo.

  16. Nonsense What of MDC GPA Commitments??

    Nonsense What of What the MDC GPA Commitments?

    Why does this Lidiwe Zulu & this biased newspaper not mention what the MDC agreed to implement in the GPA??.

    Let me remind you fools: The MDC agreed to have ALL sanctions removed.

    The MDC agreed to have pirate radio stations stop illegal transmissions into Zimbabwe.

    The MDC also promised to stop colluding with foreign countries to interfere in our internal political affairs but those countries have since revealed that they have given the MDC & NGOs US£1.2 Billion dollars to remove ZanuPF from government.


    1. Mavhudzi wa MUtota

      For the umpteenth time, the mdc did not impose any sanctions and therefore cannot remove the same!

    2. medion kasvatutsashure

      You are the fool. Use reasoning not shouting.Security reforms must be done. Is there a reason to fear for the reforms or there are some people who want the security details to go on a killing rampage during election time .

    3. I think you are not being objective, the purported radio stations are not owned by MDC or operating from any MDC office either so the MDC cannot have agreed to stop creatures they did no create. Sanctions were not implemented by MDC they only called and recommended for them and it cannot remove them but only campaign for their removal. Of late they have done their bit and called for their removal and there has been great movement in this regard by the countries that imposed them. There is need for a visible reciprocating movement in the issue of security sector and zbc.

    4. munhu uyu ari paone. i think he actually cried as he typed his comment.

  17. uri jende cde kereke

    1. uKekere yinja endala engenamzinyo

    2. aehwa ndiri mhata yaPhunyukabemphethe

  18. Is regime change illegal?
    Are regimes meant to last forever.
    True elections are meant to impliment regime change. So what?

  19. Security sector and media are reforms most urgent.
    Wait for zpf primaries to see what zanu has instore.
    Most high ranked military and police personnel are lined up for zpf primaries without retiring from their ranks.
    A clear breach of constitutional requirements.

  20. @nonsense
    you bill exactly as you name.
    Mdc does not control the Dutch or American gvts nor those independent radio stations.

    Neither is the world cacooned to controlled propaganda information like here in Zimbabwe.

  21. Police chefs like Chief Oliver Mandipaka are campaigning to be mp in Buhera on a Zanu ticket using state fuel, commanding junior officers without resigning from the public post.
    What happened to constitutional requirement that military/police personnel must resign first before taking a political post.

    1. Guys dont worry Ian Smith use to say “NOT IN A 1000 YEARS WILL A BLACK MAN RUN THIS COUNTRY” I think we all remember that but how many years did he go. Where is Mobutu Seseseko now does anyone know where his grave is? What happened to Kamuzu Banda? Why cant politicians in general learn from other people’s mistakes? Let them day dream their time is up and our time is now. Zanu PF has ghost members they will find noone in ballot boxes take it from me IM A BIG ZANU PF MEMBER WHO PRETENDS JUST TO SURVIVE BUT CAN BET WITH MY LIFE NEVER TO VOTE FOR THEM.

      1. General Pancho Villa

        Not in a thousand years Smith said, but there are a THOUSAND WAYS TO DIE inofa chete Zanu Pf.

  22. MDC and ZANU are just the same.mdc is jst a party wil evr rule zimbabwe.

  23. South Africa should first reform its security sector and have blacks in high positions of command

    1. Phunyukabemphethe

      Mikairi, ungabohlanya la. Please educate yourself before displaying your ignorance here. The top echelons of the SANDF are occupied by blacks, not whites. Whites hardly control any state institutions, they are only dominant in the private sector. Stop your Gukurahundi propaganda.

  24. Regime change simply means change of government . This is the essence of elections worldwide. Now Zanu PF and its spin doctors have mystified the phrase to equate it with witchery and other sinister underhand dealings coated with malignant forms of chicanery. Obviously Zanu PF is running scared. The world is not asking for anything new .No. The GPA must be implemented in full . Period . Bob signed it . Bob must implement it . We cannot be held to ransom by a lunatic clique and sadistic cabal within the deceased party of shame now riddled with internecine factional feuds .


    How many times shld we tell u sellouts that Zimbabwe is a sovereign country which needs no interference from others.S.Africas move is tantamount to a declaration of war to zim.Leave us alone.

    1. Phunyukabemphethe

      So why are you begging South Africa for budget support loans and election funds if you are sovereign, master gukurahundi?

  26. south africa is not a failed state like zim.those who are saying that there are no reforms in south africa are economic with the south african as a whole there is a bigger than zimbabean percentage when it comes to demography so in your line of thinking you want south africa to follow on zimbabean foot steeps that are directionless?Remember that south africa belongs to every one who live in it .Zuma should be listened to because he is running an african supper power whether you like or not.if zimbabwe got sanctions from south africa thr were going to be hurtful more than of European countries but they acted like good neighbors.they want to give zim money for erections but are busy tongue lashing Zuma for what?

  27. Vakomana vanaChinamasa and his coligues are fools they think we are fools like them nxaaaa the only clever person in Zanu pf is Mugabe not these dogs vanongohukura ava havazivi they are the same pple vaiti Tsvangirai will never be in the gvnt were is him now look vasiyei vakadaro madzenga aya ndosaka vachigara vakadhakwa nxaaa fools fools

  28. South Africa is the KEY if not the most critical agent of regime change in Zimbabwe.
    Here is why.
    Zimbabwe virtually survives on her by providing 80% of goods and providing critical trade routes

  29. Those who downplay South African Role in Zim politics are just but babies.
    South Africa is just but everything in terms of ‘regime change’ in Zimbabwe
    Mbeki not only allowed full 5weeks of election Result alteration. But went to AU and UN to block any possible worldbody intervention over the stolen election.
    Secondly Read Read and really Read history well.
    (Not taking anything away from the sacrifice and lives lost during the Liberation Struggle)
    SMITH RETRACTED HIS -not in a thousand years statement not because there was serious battle forcing him out of power. Remember sinc Chinhoyi battle in the 60s, there was no serious guerilla battles in except isolated acts of terrorism.
    BUT A CERTAIN SA PRESIDENT BY THE NAME JOHN VORSTER unilaterally chose to withdraw and force the Smih Regime to give in to black majority rule after a series of regional and international events.
    (Remember Smith was under real isolation and sanctions not these luxurious travel bans) and
    Smith depended on nobody but SA.
    Zpf want to downplay the role played by this SA president called John Vorster. But young Zimbabweans. Take turns to google about him and his role in Zimbabwe liberation.
    He cud as well be the most significant person in Zimbabwe Liberation.
    So SA is everything as far as regime change is concerned in Zimbabwe

  30. This is just another nefarious desperate attempt by mdc-t to divide the people of Zimbabwe and South Africa. President Zuma is not going to be hoodwink any longer by the discredited mdc-t and their continuous lies hatched every other day. If the intent here is to lure President Zuma to side with the puppet mdc-t against the Zimbabwean people to advance the agenda of the treasonous puppets, they will surely fail. The mdc-t is simply desperate and are attempting to encourage Zuma to interfere in the internal affairs of Zimbabwean people. This will not happen. The writing is on the wall. Defeat is certain for the mdc-t. The Zimbabwean people will assign them to the garbage of history for their betrayal. President Zuma is no puppet. He is an African patriot and will support the people of Zimbabwe to achieve their economic independence.

  31. nhai vanhuwe,ko iyo zpf yacho zvaingori puppet yacho yanaRussia nanaChina ichivatuma kubira vanhu maresourcxes avo achienda ikoko in return of guns and mazhing zhong nema ill advised policies pane akambozvitaura here.kana zviri izvozvo let not those so called friends not interfere as well.ndati maChina hambayi kumusha

  32. Yes very True History.
    South African President John Vorster might be the most unpopular South African President because of 1976 SOWETO MASSACRES but his Foreign Policy aided alot of African countries to realise independence. Most notable was Rhodesia.
    It may be taboo to accolate a white racist to African Liberalism but he could be as important to Zimbabwe as FW deClerk was to South Africa.
    The Zim War Vets want to tell you they fought all the way to independence. Yes that is true in as much as all ANC/PAC cadres want to tell you they fought to independence.
    But looking at Rhodesia, the biggest battle in Rhodesia involved on 6brave soldiers at Chinhoyi.
    Yes that was in the 60s then.
    From there, there was no single battle in Rhodesia as Shamu would want to tell you but only isolated cases of sabotage like the BP bombing and white farmer killings.-these are acts of terror and not war battles.
    Remember the much talked about war is when Smith took his planes in Chimoio and Nyadzonia but cases of guerilla/Rhodesian Ground battles are few if not non existent.
    Hence Smiths boasting of not in a thousand years were justified.
    Perhaps you should read as to why this Smith suddenly changed his mind particularly events that happened in 78 and 79. Then you will know Regionalism is everything as far as regime change is concerned.
    With all due respect though to all that died in the war.

  33. Mabaya dede ngemukanwa Sekuru Gora.
    History chaiyo yeZimbabwe yakazara tichaiziva pachafa vamwe vakuru.
    Iyezvino tinoudzwa ndivo vega vakabata pfuti kurwisa muvengi.
    Uyekuti anaNdabaningi vaiva vatengesi.
    Chokwadi chimwe chakavanzwa tichazochiziva nengiva kusanganisira chokwadi chevakauraya ana cde Tongo.

  34. All those supporting ZANU PF stance of barring security sector reforms are lunatics,can’t they see that Zanu is depending on soldiers,police and CIO to oppress Zimbabweans,manje this time vane machende esimbi tinoda kuvaona…..foward with security sector reform

  35. Though there was no all out war.
    The liberation war claimed 20000 lives.
    Americas Henry Kissinger and South African Vorster in1976 did a better job to liberate Rhodesia than Mbeki as a President.
    Mbeki destroyed voter confidence. He killed Zimbabweans hope for democratic change by justifying a month long manipulation of election results..

  36. Phunyukabemphethe

    Zimbabwe has no choice but to dance to President Zuma and Mzansi’s tune. Please shut up, you are poor, you have no choice. Gukurahundi tendencies will take you nowhere, just comply and shut up!!

  37. it never ceases to amaze ,that in this day&age we still have people like Kereke who are behavin like they are imortals!!!!!

  38. When you see enemies and unfriendly shadows evrywhere, you know your time is up! How is it possible that the same UN which imposed serious trade sanctions on Rhodesia (in aid of the liberation struggle) are now being accused of setting ambushes to the liberation party? This because they have said that a regime should not kill its own people – simply to remain in power and that the same regime should allow its people to exercise their right to choosing leaders in a fair, free and credible plebiscite!!

  39. Heheheheeede.ndanga ndakarara ndatomutswa nengoma yarohwa naMukanya.zvanzi Disaster.regai ndirare futi.

  40. Sekeramayi, Mutasa, Mnangagwa, Mugabe who are these men to say Security, Media, Electoral and other reforms ar closed chapters? This tym vanomama vanhu ava, they ar heading for a collision with th people. Better go back in th bush than to think we have peace yet we are under oppression by these thugs. We nolonger hv patience with them.. Foolish greedy dogs. If u dont want to be assaulted by us, GET OFF STAGE PEACEFULLY. Get awayyy. Nxaaah

  41. You guys at newsday dont get surprised sometimes finding our comment contradicting th headlines. Hatisisina basa nekuverenga nyaya yese. Tongoverenga headline chete coz by mere reading their names, seeing their pictures or seeing any object inscribed with th term ZANU-PF, our heart beats faster in fear. We always associate them with FAILURE, CORRUPTION, OPPRESSION, CRUELITY, GREEDY and all sorts of evil you can ever imagine. Saka musazoshamisika coz hapana chakanaka chatichatarisira kwavari vanhu ava.

  42. Whose security is it anyway? Kanamaelections asvika vanhu vanongorohwa vanoshungurudzwa. Right now munzira vanhu vanongobirwa mari nemapurisa. Do we really have a security sector as a country or these are some crazy crooks hired and converted from SECURICO and FAWCET to be someone’s personal guards. Ko iyoDEAD B.C,? Any progressive zimbo from any party knows that security sector and media reforms are needed. Can you imagine 33 years after independence we still have one TV station. One station means there are restrictions. Those restrictions must be lifted before any credible election. Majournalist ari secure ndeyeZBC neHerald chete mamwe ese anongosungwa madiro. As long ZBC iri panyanga mutero weRADIO neTV urikunetsakubhadhara.

  43. Phunyukabemphethe

    Zim will only come right if most Shonas are repatriated back home to Burundi,,otherwise nada, nada, nothing doing!!

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