We’ve no poll date — Zanu PF

Zanu PF has made a dramatic U-turn on the issue of election dates with the party’s chief negotiator Patrick Chinamasa saying he has no idea when the polls will be held.

Report by Moses Matenga/ Bernard Mpofu

Chinamasa, who is also the Justice minister, told journalists after a briefing of diplomats on Tuesday that he would only know the poll date after President Robert Mugabe had assented to election law amendments.

This comes as a fresh fight has erupted between Zanu PF and the MDC-T over the funding of the elections.
Zanu PF says efforts to seek funding from the United Nations have been abandoned and that is now “a closed chapter”, while the MDC-T insists doors for negotiations
with the world body were still open.

Zimbabwe requires at least $132 million to conduct elections scheduled for this year – money the country does not have.

While declaring the UN option a dead-end, Chinamasa went further to tell Western diplomats that their push for State security sector reforms would not succeed.

“The instruction we have is that their (UN team) conditionalities remain unacceptable and the UN avenue is now a closed chapter. We have to mobilise local resources to conduct our elections,” he said.

Chinamasa claimed the instruction was from the coalition government principals, President Robert Mugabe and Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai.

But Tsvangirai’s spokesperson Luke Tamborinyoka yesterday said Chinamasa was not telling the truth. He said the correct position was that the principals would continue discussing the matter. “Chinamasa is not a spokesperson for the principals and should not masquerade as one,” said Tamborinyoka.

“Tsvangirai is the only spokesperson for the principals and he said there was no consensus on the matter and the two will continue to deliberate.”

Tsvangirai said at the weekend that he was surprised by the manner in which Chinamasa misrepresented the government of national unity principals. He said even Chinamasa’s political boss Mugabe was also baffled by the minister’s behaviour.

Tsvangirai is the official spokesperson for the principals.

Speaking on the election date which he and his party have consistently declared would be on June 29, Chinamasa said journalists should not bother him with inquiries about the date.

“After the President has assented to the election amendments, that’s when the media can ask me when elections will be held. Anything before that will be premature,” said Chinamasa.

On the issue of security sector realignment, Chinamasa said: “We told them to forget. They can raise it many times, but they won’t win. That’s not an issue on the table and the MDC even knows that, but are being pushed.”

Responding to questions from journalists on the state of election funding and dates, Chinamasa retorted: “Don’t call me (on the phone) to ask how far we have gone. It’s none of your business. At the end of the day, elections will be done, so don’t be like my supervisors. I don’t like that.”

However, contrary to Chinamasa’s assertions, Finance minister Tendai Biti, who together with Chinamasa have been tasked to look for election money, said Treasury had no intention to source the funds from local companies.

He said following last month’s referendum, which saw government borrow $40 million from Old Mutual and the National Social Security Authority (NSSA), any plans to extend the begging bowl to the local corporate sector would hurt the economy.

Old Mutual and NSSA, according to Biti, contribute 60% of domestic credit mainly for locally-owned banks.

“The net effect of drawing or borrowing $40 million from the private sector for the referendum is clearly and self-evidently a crowding effect into productive sectors of this economy which otherwise would have been borrowing this money,” Biti said.

“We have received representations from the private sector on the liquidity crunch arising out of this crowding-out effect. We essentially, for lack of a better word,‘raped’ the economy for the referendum.”

The Finance minister said he had also written to regional countries seeking electoral funding support after it became apparent that Treasury had no money.

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  1. Zpf and crazeness.
    After refusing free funding from the UN, they are now goin to SA specifically with a begging bowl.
    Eish toti chii.
    Kwakupenga kweharahwa uku.

    1. Let our leaders be serious for the sake of the country to move forward

  2. Tsvangirai taura hako. Dont listen to these pompous for nothin losers.
    Continue dialoguing with the UN till a fund for the election is found.
    Zpf is stl seekn unwarranted ego wc benefits nobody at th end of the day.

  3. I dont think zanupf are serious about elections.
    Like the general populous, they too are just fed up of too much politicking and just want life to move on.
    Gpa yakaita basa for openn up our lives to other matters of life.
    Kwete kungoti musangano gore negore pasina chinobuda.

  4. Tsvangirai is a better spokesman than Chinamasa. He is the Prime Minister overseeing matters of the gvt. So plz Morgan taura hako nevanhu vaye tirerutse mitoro kumakambani yema elections.

  5. Told yu yesterday tht Zuma was not hesitent to offer a R900million loan to crazy Zimbabweans equiv to $100m.
    Knowin his depressed currency, this is making a serious killing out of desperate and foolish idiots.

    Soon his currency is appreciatn to the usual 1 to 7.
    Nearly doubling the loan to near $200m after factoring in interests.
    Uku ndiko kuuraya benzi chaiko nendiro yechikafu.
    Muvhunzo woti
    vana ve Mdc here vachazobadara chikwereti ichi kana kuti vana veZimbabwe.
    Lets stop this nonsense.
    Harahwa hadzichina brain neremangwana.

  6. I lyk the way journalist ridiculed Chinamasa by askn him abt poll dates and funding.
    This fizzled and angered the over stepped minister as he clearly saw he was going overboard.
    Kwakutaura zvema phone.
    Zimbabweans Plz dont take this man seriously.
    Hes neither a principal nor the PM.
    Thts y he jammed on some questions.

  7. chinamasa is alwys angry for nothin apa arikutaura zvsiri zvake….morgan is th spokesperson here not chinamasa and moreovr u want kuty munhu musare musina macompany here… Clearly you are the cause of downfall of local companies by milking them money ivo vasitorinawo nxaa these zanu pf mannnn !!

  8. So the issue of election dates is process driven after all…So what has happened to the pronouncements you made in Caesar’s capital some few weeks ago, Mr. Minister? Anyway, like many Zimbabweans on this occasion when we are celebrating our hard-worn independence, I just wish politicians stop abusing business. We just want to rebuild our lives after the lost decade.

  9. Looks like Chinamasa has gone bonkers. After all he represents nobody since he was rejected at the polls in March 2008 . Losers can be ruthless and crazy .

  10. Moda kuba futi,come and get election money from shabanie and mashava mines.yamakauraya,shit

  11. Chinamasa is seekin relevance coz h is an appointee h didnt win any elections so dont pay any attention to him.

  12. These are the effects of being led by an 89 yr old sekuru. He doesn’t care about our future. Kana maCompany akafa Bob haana basa nazvo. Zimbabweans beware

  13. machingautazimbudzi

    There should be no elections before.proper an open registration of voters and inspection.

  14. Zimbos ar ruled by ruthless cowboyz who ar not bothered abt accountability ,rule of law n transparency. Cry di beloved country.

  15. We need money for elections from anywhere. And we need security sector and media reforms.

  16. Phunyukabemphethe

    What I know is that when it comes to constitutional matters, what Proffessor Ncube says always wins the day – it has happened over and over again in the past. This time around, once again, you wait and see!!

  17. Phunyukabemphethe

    Mzansi has no money to waste on Gukurahundis. Every tax payer’s cent has to be accounted for, therefore conditions will always be part of the deal otherwise no elections until the economy recovers and that will be in 2014 or thereafter!!

  18. Phunyukabemphethe

    Every time I attack Gukurahundis, their Gukurahundi party and its Gukurahundism, many of you want to shut me up simply because you don’t want to hear the word GUKURAHUNDI.To me this amounts to supporting them.

    According to your upbringing, Gukurahundi means Shona – that is why you don’t want to hear that word “GUKURAHUNDI”.

    Well, some of us in Mthwakazi will never allow ourselves to be dissuaded – because our understanding and upbringing says Gukurahundi means ZANU PF, its leader Gukurahundi Mugabe and all those who support it – it does not mean Shona.

    If you believe it means Shona people, that is your problem – your own funeral, not mine. Jabulani Sibanda is a Gukurahundi because he is a member of the Gukurahundi party ZANU PF, but he is not Shona. There are many such examples.

    If we allow ourselves to fall for your tricks, for fear of treading on sensitive Shona toes, this means allowing the Gukurahundis to go scot- free – this we will not allow.


  19. @Ndimbandimba, Oliver, Ezra, Mai va sanday, Suspenz, Muduso, Edmund, Hupenyu, Chamatama, Mwana wevhu and any other stupid minded idiots like you all. Makajaira zvekupiwa kufarira n’ganga neinobata mai. Zvino muchida kana kusada they are going to do exectly what we wanted them to do like yesterday, mind you they are under-pressure to align themselves under Zanu-pf so that after elections they might get a stake in the main stream economy, reason being that mdc-t has failed to win the haerts and minds of the people due to lack of tangable policies of which zanu-pf has done so through land reform, indiginisation and community share ownership Schemes. Their regine change agenda as tsvangison the last ponny in a game of chase has failed them. Mugabe iharahwa yakangwara inotora vana vanechadzimira yovabikira ‘tea’ voisa mushonga wedu wechiboyi woiswa muma ‘masamba’ edu echiboyi anenge akasanganiswa memushonga wekubvisa chidzimira. (to remove white-men mentality) remember we have a lot dimonds under the watchful eye of O Mpofu and we can sell them at a give away price when things come to warse. I hope one day we call you for ‘tea-time’ with the president of this country non other than his Execellance R.G Mugabe and the waiter being ‘tea-boy’ Tsvangison. Ipai mudhara Bob sando dzake!

  20. @pu .dont drag us into ur hatred with zpf.some of us are tired of that divicive tone .there is more to zpf thn yr accusations.it is independence day and mugabe never criticized ur ruthless lobengula for having ill treaged mashona instead he praised nkomo and remember the word minority

    1. Phunyukabemphethe

      Rubbish, you exhibit all the traces of Gukurahundism – that is why you are suffering, small mind!

  21. mapfupa-edu-achamuka

    …anyone with Sibanda as their surname is definitely shona, not ndex. Next time I will ask for cash up front for educating you. How many times do you need to be reminded that Sibanda, Mpofu, Ncube, Nyoni, etc are not ndex? Those guys are not ndex, although some of them pretend they are.As for your bitterness I have come to understand it; its part of life. At this juncture there is nothing you can do about it.You can be sure I am not ZANU pf…I have an axe to grind with them for totally different reasons.

    1. Phunyukabemphethe

      If so, then why do you say they should go back to South Africa? Why this dzokerayi?

  22. Phunyukabemphethe

    When is the Gukurahundi dying?

    1. Very soon, don’t worry Phunyu… just keep praying every Wednesday at 1pm and 6pm.

      1. Phunyukabemphethe

        When is the Gukurahundi dying, dont tell me about soon – what does that mean?

  23. We want 2 lodge a report of Theft from our country by the gangersters help us UN AND OBAMA

  24. @pu ur idiocy scares me u need deliverence u dont deserve to be called a zimbo

  25. Zvighubhu Ngondongondo

    Chinamasa is not the principals spokesperson and wants to monopolize everything. Rememeber when he came from Britain he was already talking about the 29th June date.He refuses that military reforms are out why does he think this should not happen. he wants to rule by force and he forgets that he lost elections in Rusape and was only rescued by Mugabe.Zanu Pf does not want to as for money from the international community because they know they will only give the money if the ground is level.Zanu and Chinamasa do not want the playing field to be level and fair thats why they are shutting the door and requesting money from South Africa. Tsvangirai must be cautious with these people and he should push for the inclusion of Ncube in these discussions. Together they can win this battle. Zanu Pf is deviding them so that that they can dorminate. History will judge you for not realizing that working in combination you can defeat Zanu PF.Check what has happened in other countries when they were dealing with dictators

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