Tsvangirai, Zuma calls rubbished

Zanu PF has rubbished Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai and Sadc facilitator South African President Jacob Zuma’s calls for electoral reforms before the expected harmonised elections later this year saying they were unnecessary.

Report by Wonai Masvingise

On Thursday, Tsvangirai exerted pressure on Mugabe, threatening not to participate in the watershed polls until the reforms are implemented.
Through its facilitation team, Sadc has also been urging the country to effect the reforms, which include security sector and media.
However, Zanu PF yesterday remained adamant that the country would proceed with elections, minus reforms.
In an interview with NewsDay party spokesperson Rugare Gumbo said as far as his party was concerned, what was only left was for President Robert Mugabe to sign the new constitution and pave way for the polls.
The new charter, however, will have to sail through Parliament first.
“There are no electoral reforms because right now we already have a constitution ready to be signed by the President so we cannot talk of electoral reforms,” Gumbo said.
Defence minister Emmerson Mnangagwa has also ruled out security sector reforms saying they were not enshrined in the Global Political Agreement (GPA) signed by the three parties in the inclusive government.
He insisted that the GPA only states that the country’s security forces be professional and defended their conduct
saying they were ranked highly in the region.
Zanu PF’s defiance has not been taken well by Zuma’s facilitation team which this week insisted that their role was to ensure that reforms stated in the GPA were implemented.
Spokesperson of the facilitation team Lindiwe Zulu said her team would make sure the reforms were implemented in accordance with the GPA.
“The purpose of the facilitation team is to make sure what is in the GPA is implemented and to make sure all the necessary institutions and frameworks for free and fair elections are in place.
“That is the responsibility of Sadc,” Zulu said.
“Nothing in the GPA is a closed chapter until it’s completed.”

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  1. Itai tione

    1. Shon corner, these are words of the child of the devil. If Manyeruke is wrong why are you angry, and if she is right, then correct yourself. These words you utter will be before you on judgement day, and believe me, it will come not now but the day the Lord says so. You have to repent quickly, kneel down and ask God for forgiveness for uttering such horrible words. I feel pity for you. Do you have a mother or sister?

      1. Go hang L Makombe. Taneta nema oppressors eZanupf including those who claim to be educated and yet this is not evident in deeds.

  2. Honestly how can the behaviour of a few unprofessional individual army and police personnel be a nations drawback to democracy.
    Surely some military ppl are overstepping their mandates.
    Shame to all unprofessional political Generals.
    You shall pay. Zim is bigger than Zpf.

  3. Matambo Silvester

    Lindiwe Zulu is a nobody here. She is just a pathetic spinister who has turned to prostitution for sexual gratification. Viva the nationalist Zanu PF

    1. Its nt lindiwe who is calling for these reforms but us Zimbabweans, so dont b so naive u zanu pple.

      1. which zimbabweans.u think u are one?

    2. Why is she a pathetic spinster? And what has this got to do with the reforms? Do these reforms form part of the GPA or do they not?

    3. You are part of the thieves Zanu Pf does not care about Zimbabwe as long as they are stealing and raping this country they will be happy. You thieves do not care coz u have your stolen farms,. mines and companies……..BUT THERE IS JUSTICE IN THIS WORLD….

    4. Phunyukabemphethe

      A Zulu can never be a nobody. In your heart of hearts, you know this from history!!

  4. Ncube castigated MT for suffering what is known as the Triple D syndrome.
    Meaning Deceive,Delay and Destroy where Tsvangirai is hoodwicked by Mugabe by having tea sessions on deceivng him that he is in charge yet Zpf will be whiling up time towards an inevitable election without reform.
    Its tym MT shud ditch these vain tea sessions and start pushing for reform thru relevant regional foces.
    Time is flying without reform.

  5. Zpf thinks its part of the political game to abuse state instruments to their favour.
    They are not at all moved by such calls because to them thats the backborn of their political success.
    With the sudden release of Voter Reg money which is to commence Monday, we are heading for another rushed election without reform.
    Time is ripe now for Tsvangirai to start talking with regional powers if at all this election is to be free and fair.

  6. Why is Zanu pf alwaws against pple’s wishes.The always behave like wild pple in such a developed society.China told yu

    1. What other people.ZANUPF vanhu LOTTO.Only Those led by flip-floppers have some massive reforms to do.Kana makachinja muchachinjinura.ZANUPF chiwororo!

    2. Those are characteristics of tyrants and corrupt gelada

    3. Its NEVER Zimbabwean people’s wish that we have security sector reforms etc. Thats why it can never be implemented. So next time speak for yourself not on behalf of us Zimbabweans.

      1. Who is us. Don’t say us I am not part of you.

        1. u are part of them,external forces,u will never succeed.

      2. Mavhudzi wa MUtota

        yes who do you mean by us. iam not part of you

      3. I think your spelling is terrible,i am sure you wanted to say ass, because you are one hell of a smelling stinking shit smeared ass. You don’t speak on my behalf but your dirty ass. For your information, they is no president Mugabe without Morgan, why didn’t he rule when he won is his one man race? You got brains of a frog, no one will recognize him as a president if Sadc does to legitimize it. A little bit of brain work even from a frog will make you realize this.

  7. chembere yekwaChivi

    why is zanu pf showing fear at the mention of electoral reforms? Could someone from the ‘revolutionary’ party tell us why it is wrong to remove the spectre of violence and fear from our elections – to make the elections truely free and fair by calling for authentic and far reaching media reforms?

  8. I dont think anything on paper does change the behaviour of these overpoliticised state instruments.
    Real Political reforms are only possible after we register in numbers and remove this gvt.
    The army, the media, the police, the judges, Zec all are biased towards Zpf. And a massive victory for Mdc is our only salvation.At least for now Mbeki is out of the screen. Zuma and sadc also are our last hope,

  9. She is somebodyn y will see. Reforms are going on while y yell VIVA. Nway Viva what? Makadya dhodhi people watching, noone will kiss y again. Viva reforms.

  10. To many Zanupf supporters kotonga zvinoreva kudzvanyirira.
    Typical of people who grew in violent families

  11. Let him proceed, then we ask NATO to rescue.
    They are right after all. This 89year old leader is forgetting Libya,Egypt, Syria, Tunisia and Bahrain. You dont rule forever.

  12. Bingu wa Mchombo

    ichokwadi muchuchisi !

  13. In 2008, not only did ‘no crisis’ Mbeki allow a 5week alteration of poll results, but he further went to block all UN Security Council efforts on Zimbabwe.
    This time we cant allow you to go far Zanupf coz we are very ready for external intervention.

  14. munotyeyi kana muri revolutionary party ye vanhu. we are tired of living in the stone age era. we always reminded of a war that some of us don’t know. after all it all people participated in the war. lets ply it clean vanhu we. wakundwa ngaakundwe clean. lets not allow this culture which destroys. tswangirai is right, zuma is very correct, no reforms no elections. zpf is not zimbabwe but a mare political party.

    1. Has Zuma finished reforming his own security sector that massacres poor blacks like him for demanding a living wage.Or he has to pretend,like Mandela did,that all is well in SA inorder to get the now discredited Nobel Peace Prize together with the Apartheid daughter Zille at the expense of his own kind?Shower Head indeed.

      1. ‘Now discredited Nobel Prize’…? Now your stature is growing in leaps and bounds, that you can rubbish the Nobel Prize which we all agree should be named the Mara Mechavio prize, yah?..Where have you been hiding all these years you genius? Its people like you who make us lesser mortals truly proud to be Zimbabwean.

    2. Mavhudzi wa MUtota

      These fellas vanotinyaudza when they blabber about’ reversing the gains of independence’ when they are guilty of a much more serious crime-‘reversing the gains of civilisation’

  15. We are tired of Zanuism,give us a break plz nxaaa!

    1. Migrate then.

      1. Son of the soil

        Iwe kwana iwe watch out people are tired of this zpf thing .to be realistic all those who claim to go back to the bush are around 60-89 years old and they are numbered .This time the people are ready for the international force .

      2. You are a snob, this is what we agreed as Zimbabweans, Zuma is just facilitating. Which country do you live in.?The GPA is a Zimbabwean document . Now it’s all about doing what you promised. Work up you snob .You are exposing here a serious level of mental disorientation. If you fought in the war , you have to go,to a mental institution. If you killed in 2008, go to a sangoma and deal nengozi yauya Mumba menyu nekuti mavakumhanya bani.

  16. Tsholotsho Boy

    Zanu pf wl do anything 2 retain power. Dis tym whether u lyk it or nt nina masela amaTshona media n security reforms wl happen. Since Mbeki is no longer on de picture, I dnt c Zuma, Msholozi umfokaNxamalala allowing yo favourite son detecting terms. Diz ppl r hiding something dat we dnt knw bt veri soon de wl b exposed.

    1. Nyora siNdebele,tinokunzwa.Mbeva!

  17. What I have learnt about Tsvangirai is that he is not going to move an inch now that he has the attention of the media and fellow politicians. Seems the facilitation team is singing his tune as well. He is out of the picture and the showdown is going to be between the facilitation team and zanu pf. Call him uneducated, idiot, flip-flopper or whatever and he will just smile back. There is overwhelming evidence that he can use against our dumb generals who spent most of the GNU time down-dressing him. I am starting to believe that he is working behind a political genius, if he is not the genius. Typical JACK SPARROW in Pirates of the Carribean. I am now starting to understand why he did not go to war.

    1. Dofo harione hudofo hwerimwe dofo nokuti idofowo kare.Kana kuti madofo anopururudzirana.

  18. Zuma and his prostitute Lindiwe should be seized with reforming their own security forces who are massacre poor black people who strike for a living wage from FDIs to whom our deluded Tsvangirais what to sell us for only a drink of JUICE.

    1. Phunyukabemphethe

      typical gukurahundi language.

  19. Zpfs ths pple always come against pples wish,why mugabe dint want electrol refoms?hz always agasinst hs speachs.if h says, we need peace towad elections, hw can tht peac promotd wthot electrol refoms.he really knows tht his unprofessional forces are th ones who always proms violent shuld his party loose.zimbabwe woye,let us go and regster to vote let thm threatens pple bt cm electn dae we vot against ths party vachasvoda rwendo rwuno kwazvimba vachaenda chete

  20. Amanyala kuphe who cares what Tsvangirai says? The man is just a smoke screen there are not difference between his ZANU(MDC) and ZANU(PF). The man is building mansions when the rest in living in poverty he might fool Harareians up North. He does not fool me? He is probably having tea and whiskey with old Failure and laughing at their foolish brethren.

  21. Stupid talkn.
    Just go register to vote.
    Your vote is your weapon not this cheap talk.
    Summon your brothers, sisters, housegirls and friends and accompany them to register to vote.
    Ryt now this is the talk of the moment.
    Zanupf has given us only 3weeks to register.
    Its too much for a determined population.

  22. Wat security reform, from a proffesional army to an mdc t, Zuma reformed rag tag
    army? Bullshit you are all day dreamers
    Hakuna zvakadaro. Zuma instead must retrain his army which wad humiliated by
    spear weilding rebels in Mali.

  23. The book is called `How to destroy a vibrant economy – a Dictator´s Handbook` available at all Zanupf offices

  24. `How to destroy a vibrant economy – a Dictator´s Handbook` available at all Zanupf offices

  25. True Tsenza.
    Iv volunteed my truck to ferry all collegues to go register and vote.
    Mdc has been winning besides hostile state media, and army brutality.
    Let the politicians battle on reforms whilst we do our part by registering to vote.
    Every boy, girl above 18 should be accompanied to the registration Centres.
    I understand each ward is going to have one Mobile Registration Center starting Monday.

  26. NationalAnthem

    let us not all be blinded by Tsvangirai’s pety talk. We are the ones who voted him to power when he won the 2008 elections without the new constitution or these reforms he is crying about. What guarantee does he have that without media or any other reforms he will loose. Be brave Mr Mr Prime Minister dont be a cowered. Im beggining to think that you are now enjoying ur post as PM that u want to delay the elections. This isn’t abt reforms isn’t it its about you continuing to enjoy ur post as PM and fogerting us who rallied behind u in 2008 when things were tough than they are now. SHAME on the PM

  27. What The MDCs and the masses of Zimbabwe shld know clearly is that Zimbabwe is under a military rule since 2008.Zpf is jst a front of the Army.Mugabe is nolonger a civilian leader as many of us may want to believe.Zimbabweans,open your eyes and see beyond the coconut shell.Youth,becareful zpf has destroyed the economy and voting for it means voting for your demise.Today, there are no industries to talk about but zpf wants to cling to power wen it destroyed the economy.

  28. Zanu PF seeks to extend their mandate on power not from civilian’s poll deciding factor. ZPF cadres blamed western sunctions as the terroristic weapon that forster “regime change” phenomenon. Instead they know and enjoying the prowess of their well trained military by their destractors,that they can easily subvert the will of people.
    In otherwords when ZPF subscribed to security reforms thus definitely the end of their legacy.Ndokutengesa nyika ne pepa ne bhiro kwavanoramba ikoko.

  29. Tsvangson can afford some delaying tactics. Remember he is not the one sliding to the other side of 90 in a years time. If you have never played sport in your life, you wont understand this.

  30. Don’t worry if Tsvangirayi and Zuma remain resolute ZPF will reform by October 29 no two ways about this grandstanding issue.

  31. Seriously, this is total madness and a clear crime agnst humanity. We wil better ask UK, USA, UN, EU and NATO to run our country than to embrace this embarassing and open oppressive behaviour. Imagine Mugabe, Chihuri, Sibanda, Shiri, Bonyongwe, Chinamasa, Tomana and Zimondi costing th whole country like this. Is these people bigger than Zimbabwe. We will better go to war.. Bullshit!!! REFORMS FIRST OR ELSE…..

  32. Okay ndosaka akungonzi commander in chief of defence forces pa every hour ka Akutomirira zvido zvemilitary ka uyu. Asi zvakadaro political psychology moved away from economical influence to military influence, until the masses sacrificed themselves to restore their inevitable authority above any means.Ndopakafira Tsvangirayi ne ‘final push’ he failed mass action stratergy.
    Saka zviripo akushanda ne sekiuriti rifomu kwete the masses. Even Tsvangirayi don’t believe the electrolate will enthroned him. Never ndopika naambuya wangu vakafa vachipa magandanga sadza mugomo.Hondo inodzoka chete mukada kuita nharo. Handiti makavhotera bumbiro idzvaka asi kwete kuzotamba nechimurenga vakomana charadza vakomana nevasikana musango kwemakore ichi!

  33. People should realise that the biggest reform they have been afforded is the opportunity to Register to vote. The Zim political field is never going to be even.
    Mdc are crybabies whilst Zpf is taking full advantage of the opportunity.
    If MDC are to lose these elections, it will be because they would have failed to make good use of the coming 3 registration weeks and nothing more.

  34. Son of the soil


  35. Yesterday, they got popular for succesfully introduced RIGHT TO VOTE/ ONE MAN ONE VOTE from Ian Smith.. They later said NO EUROPEAN INTERFERENCE IN ZIM AFFAIRS and managed to engage SADC and AU to create GPA wc they happy signed with all these REFORMS they are denying TODAY. Let them know that THIS MAY BE TIME TO FIGHT. Izvi zvekuti vana veZim vanerunyararo apa tichiitirwa matoto mukanwa sezvizvi must end. There isnt peace in Zim but the state use security forces to INTIMIDATE PEOPLE. This is time for FISTS!!!

  36. What we mean by Security Reforms is the fact that Zimondi, Chihure,Bonongwe, Chiwengwa.
    Should accept the fact that a new President is coming after this coming election.
    We dont want another 30March2008 meeting where Generals disregard people wishes expressed through the vote and push for a re-run which never was.
    Otherwise the rest is a forgone conclusion.
    Tsvangirai is President of the Republic of Zimbabwe.


  38. Who is zuma?To hell you mdc.Go for elections now.Ma cdes edu adii?kana tapedza kuchinja mauto tozongochana as your wish?Get into elections.You win and change whatever.Replace whoever.Delete Chiwenga replace with Korotati.But after elections.His excellence went into elections with Peter Worosi as commander wani.Pple voted vamwe vaive muma keep.What a cry baby?

  39. lindiwe zhamini born when?39 years ago.Too young for zimbabwe politics.Especially dealing with us isu vacho chaivo ivo.

  40. Pasi ne apathy. Kana mukasano register uye nekusaenda kuno voter muchangofa muchingo complainer. Play your part for a complete change.

  41. Not so good

  42. senseni bo dont try to relate tsvangs to ruling party zpf.We are very pararrell.He is closer to you mandevere in character of selling out the land.

  43. Vakomana musadaro ba. Sei muchiti makahwini imi muchida kukwikwidza mega. Haisi Referendum yamaiti mahwina ipo manga makati nembwa nemakudo zvivhotera Yes? Hino gore rino munotochema chete. Nguva ichakwana muchakungura chete!!!!!

  44. codza tii hauna kusiyana neanonyengerwa siwiti. Mudhara akura ngaaende kumusha mhani akadyiwa muna 2008 haisi secret. Iwe nekukara Tii wakusupporta zvisina basa get out . Nathaniel Manheru uri manheru ega ega kushata samai

  45. Go and vote. That’s the only way forward. Reforms or no reforms if the party is coming from the people it will win. From all this bickering one can tell the MDC T. Is very much unsure of their winning prospects. They are very very afraid, they made far too many promises and they know the consequences of losing. They just can not afford to lose. We all know they won’t make it to state house, kustate house kure. They should go back to their drawing boards. Woona kuti vakarasikira papi.

    1. @facts.. Go out to look for genuine FACTS not facts. Mdc has never failed anyone bcoz they had never ruled zim alone. Dont confuse, MDCs, ZANU-PF and GNU.. Tsvangirai for President or else we resort to arms…

  46. Gukurahundis promising to gukurahundi each other.viva welsh viva the time is know

  47. Them Zanu Pf are mad they are silly they think their party is worthy Zimbabwe and its pple shame them they are failures this time the ball is not to their side lets wait and see

  48. @ Democrat. That is what I’ve always been saying. If Zpf and their junta and the Mnangagwas and all those characters don’t have sinister motives why are they refusing security sector reforms? But I wish those who are dreaming of NATO or even SADC military involvement would wake up to reality. It is only us ourselves who can wage our own war to liberate ourselves from ZPF and the junta. What SADC and NATO can do is give us arms and effect a no fly zone over Zimbabwe… Tora uta hwako tiende kunorwa kunorwa kunorwa!

    1. Why do you still support Zanu which i describe as failure all past 33 years with smokeless industries ,roads full of potholes,and full of corrupt politicians who want to enrich themselves like Mpofu,Chombo only to mention a few.PLIZ masapoterz eZanu munemoyo nemafungiro akanyatsoitasei chaizvo.This year let me warn you kuti makaibopa nekumuswe hamulume Tsvangirai wapinda chero mukaramba zvesecurity sector reform.Mugabe and company vapei mapurazi kumisha vandorima becoz ndozvavanogona kwete kutonga.

  49. Keep insisting on reforms or else soon,the soldiers are to be unleashed as dogs on the people and mark my words that is what is going to happen like they did in 2008.If these idiots are not put on check near GENOCIDE is likely to happen.Gwinyai kusekerera imbwa idzi muchifunga kuti dzinorerwa nemukaka.Most laws in place here are undemocratic.Anyone who think i’m lying read about life in Germany under Hitler,Italy under Mussolin,these are the very undemocratic values we are exposed to.Many will die,just as it happened in Germany with lots of lies of fighting recolonisation of Austria,and many other Germany territories.So all this talk about recolonisation it’s trash believed only by the brainwashed.

  50. Nhaka tinosvitsana kumafainari makajaidzwa zvimbwasungata zvevanhu

  51. @meggido.. Very very true bro. Point taken, in this case UN, NATO, EU, USA wil provide us with arms then we wil show then kuti we are not also afraid of putting our lives on stake like wat they also did agnst Rhodesia Forces wc they ar now oppressing us for that.. Ikozvino vakanganwa kuti they paid each other 50 Grands for participating in th war. Havaguti sei… My name is SEE ME NOMORE, I cant wait, zvanyanya.. Thanx fo è support bro. Mabwekee aya

  52. The difference between kutungamirira nekutonga. Zanu pf inotonga (kuita zvisingadiwe or zvisingabatsire ruzhinji). Asika Chauruka akazotonhodzwa. Cannibalism ndiyo ichavapedza, honayi vakatanga NaJustice Hungwe, ikozvino vana Mike Madiro vari panjodzi, vachapindira dzimwe mbavha huru dzacho….. Asika umwe musharukwa gore rinotevera anenge achisvitsa 90years…….Biology will do us a favour(we Africans dont wish our elders dead but when he is a rogue element todiiwo?)

  53. Phunyukabemphethe

    Shona Gukurahundis upping the ante, siyobona la okuzowela khona induku noxakuxaku!!

  54. Nawe Phunyukabempethe uanxuswa, abantu bonke balwile inkululeko.

  55. I really don’t understand some people who have been brainwashed by Gushaz’s propaganda.Mukore uno uchiri kubvuma kuti ukavhotera Mdc-T waita kuti nyika idzokere kuvarungu.Use your brains.Bob knows that Morgan is the only one who has given him the strongest challenge since 1980.With the rate at which industries are closing down our only hope for their revival is with Morgan.Youths, if you dream of securing employment one day go and register to vote and vote for Morgan.Someone was saying,It’s only in Zim where u see people with Masters degrees selling juice cards in the streets

  56. Phunyukabemphethe

    Its all the more necessary to dismantle the Gukurahundi infrastructure of Gukurahundism, otherwise Mzansi will invade the Gukurahundi Republic and nuke the arseholes out from the face of the earth!!

  57. hopping that Zuma will stand against this. Otherwise the country will continue drowning in the waters of poverty if the Draconian rule is still prevailing

  58. Last push. Go and register. If mugabe can vote for MDC what about you and me.

  59. Zimbabwe is 4 ZANU PF NOT, NOT &NOT MDC yanhingi. ndepapi parikuti Zimbabwe ipapa vatengesi pasi nemi.

  60. Shame to MDC pple, Tsvangirai its yr last minute to be called PM, yu dont deserve to rule dis country. Go to hell and experience yr life thre yu dont deserve to be here in Zim, shit dont ever think yu will rule Zim

  61. @neropa.. Uribweke remunhu. Your argument is non factual, empty n u are just speaking nosense. Its bob who z now am th decline stage while PM at Introduction stage of Political Life Cycle. Urimbudzi mfana, basa nderekutengerwa maZED nezpf

  62. Gwendo guno hazvikoni musingadi muchida ndayifunga kuti Tsvangirai idofo ndazoona kuti mukono chaiwo atosunga play zpf haina round.

  63. thsolothso boy muri mandebele murivatengesi amuna kwenyu maitengesa nyika nesugar imimi

  64. So you mean to tell me there is no one except the 90 year old Matibili to lead the “revolutionary” party. To think that revolutions are associated with new ideas, new fresh leadership, energy and progress? Zanu has no shame, to forward a smelly senile dead man for a candidate!

  65. we are to lead Zim like Mugabe

  66. Sure you are indeed a black goat. I think even your heart is black and your brains are charred black because I have read your mails, you got brains of a frog. All you doing is making noise the whole night and you are convinced that its music.

  67. Just for the sake of trying something new I would even vote for an 18 year old. 33 years is not a joke. We live like animals in this country. There is disorder everywhere, the function of government is to create order.It is Mugabe’s job to put order in this country, he can not give us silly excuses, if anyone is not doing their job they should be fired. The war ended a long time ago, we are not in the bush anymore. Our children need a comfortable enviroment to grow up in, this is why the war was fought, to liberate the black people in this country. Instead of freeing us from the whites we have been made into ZANU PF slaves. This is the year to change things, we are going to reform the security sector even if Munangagwa does not want. What ? The destiny of over 14 million people is decided by who? Mugabe ? That is a big joke. Who are they ? The whites tried this and it failed. A minority cannot rule a majority. This year we are saying no more ZANU PF. We are saying no to failure and yes to progress. I can’t even ask where Mughabe got the money to finance Alpha Omega Diaries. If I ask I am insulting him, we never paid him that much in salaries. So where did he get all that money on his salary ? What project did he ever do with his own money that earned him a million ? These are important questions and they must be answered. We are not his children, he is our employee. We pay taxes to feed him, to clothe him , to fly him around the world and to ferry him in that expensive car. That is my money, so when he stands up to speak he must answer politely when I ask him why.

  68. One message and one message only. LETS ALL GO AND REGISTER TO VOTE thats the best we can do to help Save defeat this regime of thieves, rapists and murderors.

    Zanu yaora!!!!!

  69. zvimwe zvinoibva nekuora.Asi haukete here muface eg cheese.Truely a change is needed,but not through sellouts like tsvangison.Vaakazotamba navo ava mabhunu aya.I am in Benghazi, where you cant come and witness and I need to tell you how pple are now suffering more after colonels ouster.Ko ku Mesopotamia uko after Saddam?They dont love us mabhunu aya.Kana zvazooma we are the ones to go for the war again,not you manyasarande imi.So its our right to reject all reforms which undermine our sovereinity.Vote for Zpf. For development and peace.

  70. Banda nyarara ,,,ndiyani angatonga Zimbabawe achiita zvinoita Tsvangison izvozvo vana Banda asi muri ngochani

  71. @Codza tii, kana KUORA kweZANU PF kuriko kuibva kwayo, yaibvisa zvekuti YAVAKUTSVA!!!!!

    Seems as if you know that change is needed and now inevitable saka urikurasika papi? Save muoffice, Gushungo kwaZvimba.

    ZANU PF YAORA!!!!!

  72. Phunyukabemphethe

    The Ngunis will sort out the Gukurahundis, just wait and see!

  73. Phunyu this is south africa under Zuma not MBEKI who liked Tanganda tea with goat milk from Gushongu,s farm,Gadaffi thought he was powerful too because of female body guards,but we wan,t to warn them that some day all will be dismantled,believe me you,Zuma is unpredictable,iam telling you,never ever under estimate Zuma lingathi angilitshelanga ngizokuzwa kuthiwa umtasa loGushunku babonakale begijima be hoqa sekushubile,into esingeke siyivume yikuthi abantu beZANU becontinue be personalising the country and its wealth,IAM WARNING YOU WILD COMRADES YOU BETTER GET OUT OF THE JUNGLE THIS IS 20 FIRST CENTURY.

  74. sunga njombo tiende.Sunga njombo tiende amai.baba.Tika muboga samajani.Zimbabwe will never ever be a colony again.Its pointless to deal with tsvangson this point in time.We need to deal with the force behind.The British.Zanu Pf chete chete..


  75. kana makarwa kuti nyika ive yedu then itai zvido zvedu tione

  76. the problem with Zanu Pf people is that each and evry jack and Jill says what comes to his/her mind without giving a proper thought, this is a sign of a party that does not have any spokesperson because everyone thinks he is the boss. today its Rugare Gumbo day dreamimg tomorrow it will be Jonathan Moyo and the day after Chinamsa. . Electoral reforms will take place whether Zanu Pf LIKES IT OR NOT ALL THIS NOISE WILL NOT TAKE ZANU PF ANYWHERE.

  77. chasura we shabani

    oh shame god forbids zim to be a colony again. nither sodoma ne gomora.

  78. mapfupa-edu-achamuka

    look at this scenario. First round, Ncube splits the vote so there is no outright winner. Presidential run-off…Chamata wins 60%. What will the generals do?

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