Robbers strip MSU student naked

A Midlands State University (MSU) student was attacked by robbers on Independence Day who stripped him naked before stealing his laptop and cellphone.
The student, Malvin Mapaike, was coming from MSU Telone School of Commerce, near Mambo Press when he met his attackers in Senga’s Nehosho area.

Report by Stephen Chadenga

One of the robbers, Tinashe Nyaruwe has since been apprehended and yesterday appeared before the courts on robbery charges, where he was jailed to an effective 27 months in jail.

Initially magistrate Pathekile Msipa slapped Nyaruwe with 36 months, but suspended six months on condition of good behaviour.

A further three months were suspended on condition that he paid restitution by monthend.

The court heard that on April 18 at around 10pm Mapaike met Nyaruwe in the company of two accomplices who are still at large at the Seventh Day Church in Senga.

The trio demanded money from the student before Mapaike grabbed him by the neck while one of his accomplices hit him with an iron bar in the forehead and he fell to the ground.

Mapike’s second accomplice searched the complainant’s pockets before taking a bag containing a laptop, calculator, student identity card, three counter books and a Nokia cellphone.

The accused removed all the complainant’s clothes before disappearing into the bush.

When the complainant gained strength he proceeded to the main campus where he informed security guards.

The campus guards made a follow up and managed to apprehend Nyaruwe, while his two accomplices disappeared into the bush. A bag containing the complainant’s shirt was discovered.

The total value of the stolen property is $693, but only the shirt worth $10 was recovered.


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