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Muslims against TopTV’s pornographic bid


The Muslim Judicial Council and Deen TV, an Islamic TV channel part of TopTV’s bouquet, have joined the fight against TopTV’s bid to introduce pornographic channels.

Report by humanipo.com

The duo have now joined the ranks of scores of organisations and South African individuals who oppose TopTV’s proposal for three pornographic channels.

The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA) has heard TopTV’s application for the adult content channels, but a decision has not yet been reached.

“As an Islamic judicial body, the Muslim Judicial Council objects to TopTV’s application and intention to introduce three 24-hour pornographic channels in South Africa. We thus fully support the call for a boycott made against TopTV, its advertising agents and sponsors,” Channel 24 quoted the MJC as saying.

The MJC is of the opinion that TopTV is promoting “destructive material” in a bid to save itself from “impending financial ruin.”

“As a community, we have a responsibility to protect our mothers, fathers, daughters and sons from destructive material which could inadvertently lead to them being the victims of society’s failure to maintain the dignity, respect and honour of central figures in society, our women,” said the MJC.

However, this is not the first time TopTV has attempted to establish pornagraphic channels. ICASA blocked the previous attempt.

TopTV told ICASA last month it would be “unconstitutional to block the broadcaster from featuring pornography on public TV.

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