Mohadi suffers another blow

HOME Affairs co-minister Kembo Mohadi has suffered yet another blow after the High Court ordered him to withdraw a Supreme Court appeal against a ruling ordering him to refund a Beitbridge businessman $340 000 that he siphoned from his companies.

Report by Richard Muponde

Mohadi was early this year found to have illegally withdrawn the money from his former business partner Reginald McGillivray Dawson’s company Nerry Investments by the Bulawayo High Court.

The minister unsuccessfully tried to elbow Dawson out of his companies which are based in the border town.

High Court judge Justice Martin Makonese last Thursday ordered Mohadi and his associates to withdraw the Supreme Court appeal after accusing them of “double dipping”.

After filing the appeal in January, the minister and his associates had returned to the High Court seeking permission to file a notice of opposition to Nerry Investments Pvt Ltd liquidator Barbra Lunga’s application compelling them to refund the company.

But Justice Makonese ordered that they must withdraw the Supreme Court appeal and pay the costs used in the proceedings.

“The applicant is ordered to withdraw the appeal under case number HC 2988/12 and tender wasted costs and reset the matter for hearing.

“Applicants to bear wasted costs of today’s proceedings,” the jduge ordered.

Last September, High Court judge Justice Lawrence Kamocha found that Mohadi had turned Nerry Investments into a “Piggy Bank” for personal use.

Mohadi was also stripped of influence in two other Beitbridge companies, Redqueen Trading Pvt Ltd and Spoornet Pvt Ltd, belonging to Dawson.

According to the orders to liquidate Spoornet and Redqueen dated December 10, Mohadi’s business director Josias Moyo will bear the costs of the orders.

Redqueen also has a similar order.

In August last year, Justice Kamocha divested Mohadi and Moyo of the directorship of Nerry Investments, the company he was accused of grabbing through the barrel of a gun and also ordered its liquidation.

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  1. principles of democracy

    I like it when one of the evil men in Zanu is facing trouble to this extent.

  2. Instead,ths owlfaced moron is suppozed to be developing Beitbridge instead of fighting for personal values.he is knwn for dragging or being dragged to courts over business issues.he comes from a millitant family.

  3. Phunyukabemphethe

    Why worry when a Gukurahundi suffers?

  4. Phunyukabemphethe

    Where are the usual supporters of Gukurahundis? What have you to say about your fellow Gukurahundis now?

  5. Haanyare mudhara uyu ajaira chi ZANU
    chekupamba zvevamwe…it’s time to pay back….kkkkkk

  6. nxiiiii ko vanomunetsereyiko ari iye akasunungura nyika yezimbabwe..its different from munhu asina kuenda kusango mhani. ma company akaarwira aya regai aitewo zvaanodawo inguva yakewo yeku enyoyer, imi makanga makasasika mache… pamoto nguva ye hondo iye ari musango wani

  7. i don’t have any problem with war vets grabbing the farms, companies , mines an so on coz they are repossesing their stolen properties

    1. Phunyukabemphethe

      Thats Gukurahundism par excellence!

      1. can we have logical comments here you whatever you call yourself, Phunuyu whatever, some of this is meant to comment logically my friend, don’t scratch your buttocks here we want those who use brains.

  8. machingautazimbudzi

    Real indigenisation is the one started by strive masiiwa kwete iyi yaana mohadi na kasukuwere yechimbavha.

  9. Phunyukabemphethe

    Aphi amasapota amaGukurahundi? Where are the Gukurahundi supporters?

  10. Phunyukamheche- Which Gukurahundi are you mourning about. Uyamamile, wakamama.

    1. Phunyukabemphethe

      Can you read? if you can, you would have understood the story relates to the Beitbridge Gukurahundi.

      If you cant read and understand then go back to school!!

  11. Phunyukabemphethe

    The 90-year old Gukurahundi. Not just old but ancient – as someone remarked, a walking living ancestor.

    This is damn scary!!

  12. muhadi imhata yemunhu, ngaamame

  13. Maona problem yatinayo ma bhoyi, ngano iya ye mbada yabatwa ne musungo yokumbira kusunungurwa yasunungurwa yave kuda kudya saviour wayo, hey vakuru vakare vaiona vakomana. neimwe yeshumba yatonhorwa yovhurirwa kuti ipinde mumba idziirwe iyo yadziirwa yave kuda kudya muridzi wemba.Ingano hangu.

  14. @machingavazimbudzi wapedza nyaya.i salute u.

  15. Phunyukabemphethe

    Every time I attack Gukurahundis, their Gukurahundi party and its Gukurahundism, many of you want to shut me up simply because you don’t want to hear the word GUKURAHUNDI.To me this amounts to supporting them.

    According to your upbringing, Gukurahundi means Shona – that is why you don’t want to hear that word.

    Well, some of us in Mthwakazi will never allow ourselves to be dissuaded – because our understanding and upbringing says Gukurahundi means ZANU PF, its leader Gukurahundi Mugabe and all those who support it – it does not mean Shona. If you believe it means Shona people, that is your problem – your own funeral, not mine. Jabulani Sibanda is a Gukurahundi, but he is not Shona. There are many such examples.

    If we allow ourselves to fall for your tricks, for fear of treading on sensitive Shona toes, this means allowing the Gukurahundis to go scott- free – this we will not allow.


    1. Phunyu…., where’s this place you call Mthwakazi? I now see your true colours! Tribalist!

      1. Phunyukabemphethe

        Gukurahundi tribalist!


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