Makoni invites Mugabe into coalition

Mavambo/Kusile/Dawn (MKD) president Simba Makoni has called for the formation of a coalition “with like-minded political parties and individuals”, saying this was the only way forward for Zimbabwe after the government of national unity which he described as a failure.


Addressing journalists in Harare yesterday, Makoni said the only way forward for Zimbabwe was to form a “grand coalition” made up of politicians and other progressive ordinary Zimbabweans.

“I am willing to work with anybody. What our party is proposing is to form a grand coalition of people with the same values, who will work together for a better Zimbabwe,” Makoni said.

“We are not excluding anyone. We would want (President) Robert Mugabe to be in the coalition, that is if he is willing to be in it.”
The MKD leader said they would mobilise those outside the political arena who had good leadership skills to work for the good of the country.

“We also resolved in keeping with our founding principles, that we will strive to work with other people. We would like a grand coalition for change. We are motivated by positives not negatives.

We know that there are good leaders outside politics and we want to mobilise that leadership,” Makoni said.

On security sector reforms, Makoni said Zimbabwe’s security forces were made up of professional individuals whose leaders were pushing them to be partisan.

“I believe that the institutions in Zimbabwe are made up of professional men and women. Unfortunately, those who hold high positions in the security sector are the ones seen and heard supporting (political) parties,” Makoni said.

He added: “The men and women of the Zimbabwe Republic Police, the army and even the (Central Intelligence Organisation) CIO are professional. The (Global Political Agreement) GPA states that the security services of Zimbabwe are supposed to be apolitical and, therefore, the focus should have been on leaders of the security services who are abusing their positions to drive the security forces to be partisan.”


  1. Mr Makoni is a dismal political failure. I suggest you stop meddling in politics because you are the dumpiest politician I have ever heard of in Zimbabwean politics. You are no different from Chirau

  2. Matambo Silvester

    ‘Makoni tears into Tsvangirai’ should be the title!

    1. The heading is very misleading as that is not the gist of his argument. I don’t know if it was deliberate or just poor journalism…

  3. party yako inonzi chii MAGUMO, unevanhu here .

  4. Caiphas shamme

    Makoni, it is better for u to keep quiet if u have got nothing to say to the public. In S. Africa u said zanu pf is worse than the Rhodesian Front. Today u are calling for good leaders outside the political arena & at the same time u want a formidable coalition with like minded political parties. You want Mugabe to join u. Is it Mugabe to join u or u joining Mugabe? You want the mdc formations to join u in a coalition. So u want all parties to unite into one party, who shall be president of the coalition? What will happen on election day? Are u proposing for a one party state ? Wakaoma mface wangu especially pakuti you want Zanu to join u !


      Makoni what you said is one party state. Down with one party state.

    2. Theory Mhembwe

      I don’t understand Makoni. Only yesterday he was frowning upon Mr Mugabe as a man with outdated ideas and now he is inviting Mr Mugabe to Mavambo. Are Mugabe ang Makoni like-minded?

  5. Ths guy z very confused which coalation gvt he is talkng again,chaanongoda kuvhiringidza mavotes sezvaakaita muna 2008 ngaabvire kure neparty yake

  6. Siyabonga Ndebele Harrison Shumba

    I guess is one knows that they are never going to win an election, talk of a coalition is the only option. Dawn/Mavambo, is a one man party, one with no structures. Makoni, resign, and then join ZANU-PF as a simple card carrying member. Look at Jonathan Moyo, ZANU-PF re-admitted him into the party. this can also happen to you, and perhaps someday, they will select you to be a minster or something….

  7. While we respect Mr Makoni both as a person and leader we berg to differ with his position of a coalition. Coalitions are not good for a democracy.They create a big strong political entity which closes out many minor voices that are needed as checks and balances and critical to a democracy.Let him fight it alone and what ever seats he gets will good

  8. When the head of a party only emerges at election time you’ve got to wonder about his motives.

    For an acerbic and witty analysis of stories making headlines in Zimbabwe, go to Facebook and follow the page State of The Nation with Jerà:

  9. When the head of a party only emerges at election time you’ve got to wonder about his motives.

    For an acerbic and witty analysis of stories making headlines in Zimbabwe, go to Facebook and follow the page State of The Nation with Jerà:

  10. Used to respect you Mr Makoni,then you disappointed me,later you ashamed me and now i dont know what to feel for you…………what constituency do you represent when you speak………………….

  11. In todays Nehanda and New Zimbabwe , Makoni is attacking Mugabe and ZANU . And now he wants everyone to believe him when he talks of a coaliation with Mugabe. Shame on you Makoni and you are failed politician.



  13. Pese apa anenge arikupi murume uyu?

  14. makoni is a failed politician who represents no constituency and today is now talking about coalition again. I wonder how many supporters he has. His party and MDC99 are the same in that they are both one man parties.

  15. Makoni drop this kind of thinking otherwise you will be day dreaming. let people form political parties for the cause of democracy

  16. Simba kuvanhu! Mvura haina simba,magetsi haana simba asi chakazoshaiwa simba mavotes edu muna2008 nekuda kwadafi iri!

  17. I am now ashamed of this idiot. Kudhara I used to think he must be the next ZanuPF leader but they saw an idiot in him and forgot about him. Fellow Zimbabweans this idiot must be left alone. He actually caused us to go this far, I expected the MDC to split after general elections, I expected Simba Makoni if he was genuine of change to support the MDC and after elections he forms his party because he had not a single chance of winning the elections in 2008 but he had all it means to split the vote. We as Zimbabweans failed each other by voting this fool and splitting the vote.

  18. How sickening and dimwitted this once convincing guy has become. I tell you for sure that Simba Makoni is a ZANU-PF trojan horse meant to cause confusion and he is the element that can be used to rig the vote by the ZANU-PF formation. How on earth does he think he can be joined when he doesnt have any formidable following, what a pipe-dream. Sometimes i think that this guy is high on some weed for sure. He suddenly crops up from his grave when the election is nigh so that he can dance to his smallhouse…zanupf as the people have opened up my fella, you are a loud and empty gong and for all we know you were once dining and wining with the Zanu pf government whose record on corruption and nepotism is second to none in the history of this land. This guy also seems to have eaten from the fruit of dictatorship, he is the leader of Mavambo yet there is no talk of who forms his party structure at all….he needs to step down …that is if he is anywhere up there else he is just a nobody as far as ZIM is concerned!!!!

  19. mudhara dhadza

    Shame on u Makoni,u are a complete failure!!!!!!

  20. Makoni inyoka iya inonzi sukukuviri

  21. Oh! No! This idiot again?? No! No! Zanu-pf Project Nxaaaaa!

  22. I suggest, it would be a noble idea if Makoni had indicated his plans to join the formidable MDC-T. Otherwise, he is denying himself the precious opportunity to lead the people. Who knows, if he joins MDC-T he may end up at least being somebody who deserves people’s respect. Can somebody educate him more on this issue.

  23. Makoni has been watching too much Italian politics…

  24. medion kasvatutsashure

    Makoni is just a spent force.Zimbabweans should ignore him totally as he has nothing to offer. He is another Zanu PF. Where has he been all along only to resurface during election time ?

  25. Phunyukabemphethe

    Makoni is basically a good man, and sually talks sense. His problem is that a lot of his views resornate with those of the Gukurahundis, especially on centralisation of power in Bambazonke. He has never said anything on the location of the Diamond processing plant in Harare yet he is from Manicaland where the diamonds are mined.

  26. This man is like a cow in heat, desperately looking for anything to make him pregnant.
    Or like a housewife recently coming from a divorce.
    After overenjoying many years of marriages of conviniences and donor money for years, he suddenly finds himself alone and fast disappearing into oblivion.
    Any man willing to offer a hand in marriage to this party will be more than welcome regardless of status.
    Desperation indeed.

  27. He forgot to say he is joking. Please expect this in the next story.

  28. Murume uyu zheti yake ndeipi.Munhu is worse than akizha.Imhataldo yaiyo.I isasikamu chairo .haana kuiti kwesere.Anoda kututsirwa ropa

  29. Makoni is now a lunatic .

  30. Yaa he is right.
    These are political survival tricks. In politics anything that ensures your depleting donor funded pocket refuels is saleable.
    Have you ever wondered why people like Ncube remain stubborn to form coalitions regardless of an obvious pending electoral defeat? Its inflow of donor money and promises of more money.
    Never mind the future consequences. Or the brainless voters you would have been left in the cold.
    This is making money make sense.
    Politics is a business.

  31. Who is this again vakomana..i suggest its virus Trojan damaging my softwares. Grand coalition, worse stil inclusive of the octogenarian, wat really is he trying to say. Remember he is th man who garnered 3 coma something something% of th March 2008 ELECTION. Morgan and Ncube being persecuted daily by Zpf and he starts talking of grant coalition wc we ar sure th Gukurahundi regime will arm twist. Who dont know this in Zim.
    But, but, but, it seems as if mwapinda gonzo mumba. This man may be planning to JOIN FORCES WITH Cde. MUGABE TO INFLATE ZANU-PF VOTE AGAINST THE MDCs. Lets be careful, MUGABE MIGHT CAPITALISE ON THIS OPPORTUNITY, Lets stay vigilant and find an avenue to COUNTER ATTACK as a matter of urgency

  32. where hve u been,emerging from nowhre n utter ths nonse nxa!

  33. musavengana hove

    A good idea coming from a political harlot.its true a coalition of progressive politicians is the only way forward


  35. I used to have a lot of respect for this guy to an extend of wishing him to be my president but mmmmm.

  36. ZvaMakoni ndizvo zvinonzi zviroto-saka regai ave marotooooo-anga arere kubva 2008 amuka manje

  37. Buda tinokutevera.Wakabuda.How many followed you besides Dumiso?Learn politics Simba.He is now lonely in the wilderness.Simba rehove riri mumvura same to yours was in The party zpf.By getting out of it you are simbaless.Learn to respect mdara. to join him pakaii?Go to state house gate,get cleared .wogwadama saJane,wogwadaira semuroora up the path mumba.You apologise.Tokupa card new one.

  38. anyone z free to air their views,Makoni could be wrong in the eyes of the masses but politically correct.

  39. @GAZEBO well said where the hell was he all along??? all of a sudden he wants to talk too much coz elections are arounfd the corner, stupid opportunist, thinks he’s smart but he jus dosent cut it!

  40. Bingu wa Mchombo

    haya politics kubirana chete

  41. Makoni you are a fly by night and day dreamer why not team up with those village politicians and rob us of our freedom. Zimbos do not be fooled by this man again like what he did in 2008. He is there to slpit the votes in favour of his Zanu PF

  42. Makoni another educated fool

  43. Makoni is talking sense and I think we should all stop criticizing for the sake of satisfying our directionless egos. The fact is that if you are united as the say in Zanu Pf “Pamberi ne Kubatana” then you will achieve the goals.Its a very effective and efficient strategy.

    The goal here is “change”,the whole change to the system and nothing but change.An ordinary person of reasonable mind will tell that Zimbabwe is now a military dictatorship.It is why there is now panic in the civillian side or the face of the military dictatorship when security sector reforms are mentioned.In fact we are now very close to becoming the regime in North Korea,a Stalinist state.Its all about common sense and remember two heads arebetter than one.Its for the politicians to work out the coalition,no-one is more important than Zimbabwe.It woked in Kenya and Zambia.The opposition can form a GPA of their own.Some dont even need to be in politics and can go back to their Professional lives or work for institutions promoting growth and development.

  44. Simba Makoni is regrettably continuing to suffer from political perplexity in this intricate political arena which is reportedly dominated by two political parties-uku ndokunonzi kupererwa-treacherous is Simba Makoni and his so called party which is evidently extinct-Ko nhai Doctor with all due respect madii kuita zveChemistry most probably you might create a better name that side thats were you belong-Zvepolitics zvinenge zvaramba- Doc renyu zuva rakanyura rikawora believe you me.

  45. This Makoni idiot has revealed he has now turned into sycho. Mhuri yake ngai mhanye naye kunotsvaga rubatsiro. If they do not, achanonga kudya mubini manje manje.

  46. Vote zanu pf please

  47. sure vote Zanupf pliiiz

  48. Phunyukabemphethe

    this guy is a real buffon to say the very least.

  49. We have read and
    assimilated the effussions
    of deluded minds such as
    the one in the daily paper,
    the newsday jounalist who
    wrote the story tittled Dr
    Simba Makoni invites Zanu
    pf into coalition. From our
    first reading, we felt it
    would amount to giving
    undue relevance to a
    confused mind if we
    volunteer a response but
    for our teeming supporters,
    associates and friends of
    M.K.D and for the price we
    owe this country we
    decided to offer this
    First, reading through the
    stories on the same
    presantation in different
    newspapers, one is
    confronted with a number
    of inconsistences and well
    ochestrated conclussions
    that are spuriously out of
    Anyone in his/her right
    temperatures of the mind
    can, without doubt see
    that the desparate
    journalist’s shameless
    article was carefully
    scripted to convey the
    message intended and not
    one conducted under a
    question and answer basis.
    It was structured by our
    desperate enermies to
    satisfy a predetermined
    position. The emphasis of
    seeing M.K.D as a Zanu Pf
    project is a clear indication
    of this motive. The
    adjectives the writter used
    to describe the highly
    respected name of Dr
    Simba Makoni further
    expose the underpinning
    desperation in the writter,
    the editor and the handlers
    We wish to assure our
    teeming members world
    wide that as a man of the
    people, Dr Simba Makoni
    will not desist from
    offering plauseble
    contributions to national
    discourse and that no
    amount of blackmail can
    take that leadership and
    commitment away from
    him until he gets
    Zimbabwe working again

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