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Macheso, Juru launch collaboration album tonight


COULD the nation expect Alick Macheso to exhibit his Midas touch yet again tonight?

Silence Charumbira

The musician is known for turning mediocre work into top class products and that is what gospel musician Bishop Ollah Juru should be hoping for.

Macheso features on Juru’s latest album titled Chivandira to be launched at Jazz 105 tonight.

In the 90s, Macheso was widely believed to be the spark in the Khiama Boys under the stewardship of Nicholas Zakaria before he left to form Orchestra Mberikwazvo.

After he offered his voice and bass guitar to the late Bulawayo songbird, Beater Mangethe, the combination propelled her career to a climax. Just two years ago, he collaborated with Energy Mutodi who could not transform his passion into talent at the time and came up with a chart topping song Angelina.

The same year he collaborated with young Tryson Chimbetu, again lending his voice and guitar prowess. Speaking to NewsDay yesterday Juru said he was thrilled by the effort Macheso had put into the collaborations.

“Macheso did very well on the album and people in my home area, Chivhu, love it,” said Juru.

“I believe the nation will love it too. It has been the trend that everything that Macheso touches turns to gold and that is what we are hoping for.”

The gospel musician, who recently announced that he will now be recording sungura, also spoke on his decision and said it was the best for him to reach a wider fan base.

“I have not been here for a long time and people know that before I left I played gospel music in pubs around the country. Most people took it as a controversial move and that is why I turned to sungura to make the music appeal to a wider audience.”

Macheso’s assistant manager Jethro Machanja commended his boss for working with other artistes.

“With musical collaborations we can always hope for the best because that is how you come up with new ideas and new sound,” said Machanja. The musicians will perform at the launch and avail the new album to the audience.

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