Khaya Moyo stirs row

ZANU PF national chairman Simon Khaya Moyo at the weekend openly campaigned for Zvimba North MP Ignatius Chombo, sparking a row with supporters of the Local Government minister’s rivals eyeing the seat.

Report by Everson Mushava

Chombo, his ex-wife Marianne and President Robert Mugabe’s nephew Edwin Matibiri are battling to represent Zanu PF in the constituency in general elections expected later this year.

Contrary to what Khaya Moyo told The Herald that a rally at Yomba Mafuta Farming Community in Raffingora, Zvimba, went smoothly, the Zanu PF chairman had a torrid time controlling party supporters who were taunting Chombo.

Dismissing a NewsDay  story on Tuesday headlined “Mugabe’s backyard on fire”, Khaya Moyo said the article was a “desperate story by a desperate journalist, published by an equally desperate newspaper. . . The regime change movement is now in disarray because they now realise that Zanu PF is winning the forthcoming elections. This is totally fictitious”.

But footage of the meeting in NewsDay’s possession show Khaya Moyo openly campaigning for the retention of MPs in Zvimba, and ordering newcomers without “history” in Zanu PF to back off.

Khaya Moyo chanted slogans praising Local Government minister Ignatius Chombo three times, while also heaping praises on Zvimba South MP Walter Chidhakwa and Manyame legislator Patrick Zhuwawo. This was despite a Zanu PF standing rule that aspiring candidates should not campaign until the party has come up with rules and regulations governing primary elections.

“Forward with Chombo, forward with Chombo, forward with Chombo,” Khaya Moyo shouted before warning party members against voting for new contestants who did not have a history in the party.

Khaya Moyo was, however, interjected by vociferous shouts from the audience disapproving his slogan and throwing a question back to him: “Is Chombo a war veteran?”

The audience repeatedly chanted Chombo’s name when Khaya Moyo continued with his slogans denouncing “sellouts” and “thieves”.
Khaya Moyo preached peace, reiterating Mugabe’s Independence Day speech. Impeccable sources also told NewsDay that towards the end of the rally, Khaya Moyo acknowledged the divisions between Chombo and Matibiri and pledged to return on another day to the constituency to resolve them.

As reported in the NewsDay on Tuesday, Matibiri was briefly arrested and released after a Zanu PF youth member alleged he had insulted him and Chombo.

Khaya Moyo could not be reached for comment at the time of going to print last night.

The rally was also attended by Agriculture minister Joseph Made, Mashonaland West provincial chairperson John Mafa, Chidhakwa and Ngezi MP Bright Matonga, among other party bigwigs.

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  1. A gang of hooligans masquarading as leaders.

  2. Let the pple make their choice freely.Kana povo yaramba,yatoramba.By force marching them will result in heavy loses..bhora musango.Respect the will of the people.National chairman we no longer want onother inclusive.Lets do it right first time this time.For him, pple lets not just devorce unneccesaryly becoz these galz can cause harvoc and vanonzwikwa zvikuru.

  3. Vote zanu pf gwara regutsa ruzhinji. thanks

  4. moyoni Mbwemwe

    matibiri ndizvo , chombo out for good. gore rino vanoenda chete madhara iwawa

  5. I don’t see anything wrong 4 Khaya Moyo 2 campaign 4 Chombo though l don’t support Zanu pf.

  6. Honestly Khaya has to know that facts are rude and resilient. He must be informed that he is expected to to employ different management strategies from those they used before this information age. He must know that the society of today needs to be convinced and not taken for granted through arrogance. he wants to know that the society now has people who know and think far better than him. Leaders are no longer the an or in authorities but enlightened negotiators. he needs to resign before stroking.Lying with a straight face does not carry the day today.

  7. Muhera weBuhera

    Chickens coming home to roast; why Khaya-Moyo talks of regime change as something alien yet it is for this reason elections are held boggles the mind of any right thinking person. This regime change thing created by Zanu for the poor rural people who did not understand what it meant has lost meaning now for they all know now that elections are for regime change which is their right through the voting rights.

  8. Chombo ndiani zviye?

    1. I boyfriend yaSekesayi. Ndiyezve arikutadzisa macouncils ose kushandira vanhu. Ndiye muchinda uya anonzi ane mastand asingaverengeki muZimbabwe yose.

  9. Tshemareza, Bulawayo

    Simon you must be busy campaigning for yourself in Plumtree. where you are going to be thumped once more. Maybe you want a grinding mill stand from Chombo, that’s why you are busy campaigning for him.

  10. Chombo ngaachimbozorora. Then after that start selling his numerous stands which he won’t finish offloading on the market. Nemiwo vanhu veZanu why do you want to keep an individual who is so insensitive to corruption??? What has he achieved since he became an MP/Minister besides controvesy with impunity??? He is arrogant arsehole who is self centred that I doubt very much whether he believes that there are people surrounding him. Very insensitive, intransigent, callous, etc etc. Vote for someone else then probably sekuru vake pamwe vachamupa chigaro sezvo varivo the eternal protector

  11. Bhora musango madhodha! Lalapanzi madhodha!

  12. Ini ndinomira navaMatibhiri

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