Kasukuwere threatens to eject Tongaat Hullet


MASVINGO — Indigenisation and Empowerment minister Saviour Kasukuwere has threatened to show the door on sugar processing multi-national company Tongaat Hullet for failing to remit its community share ownership dues.


Speaking at a meeting with company representatives, chiefs and senior government officials at the Masvingo Civic Centre on Friday, Kasukuwere said if Tongaat failed to comply with the country’s indigenisation regulations by July this year, it would be barred from operating in Zimbabwe.

“Tongaat Hullet is a major cause for concern.  They don’t respect the laws of the country and that is unfortunate. Come July, they will not be planting cane in Zimbabwe, maybe they will be in Durban. Those who don’t want to comply must pack and go.

“They are a big company, it is fair they respect the laws of the land. We are not against their investment, but their bad attitude,” he said.

He accused the company of harbouring a regime change agenda to oust Zanu PF.

“Any company defying us is saying Zanu PF must go to hell. Some companies are doing it for political purposes. They have a regime change agenda.

They think the bid to remove Zanu PF from power will succeed. But there is no regime change, if you think MDC will win, forget it. If you are thinking there is an electoral upset for (President Robert) Mugabe, you are lost.

“Zanu PF will win and deal with you. I will ask Mugabe to retain me as Indigenisation minister and I will deal with you,” he said.


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    • See how a Zimbabwean woman became a millionaire by buying and selling accidented cars, Very interesting. Go to (ACCIDENTEDCARS.COM.) to see the various methods and companies she used. (ACCIDENTEDCARS.COM)

    • See how a Zimbabwean woman became a millionaire by buying and selling accidented cars, Very interesting. Go to (ACCIDENTEDCARS.COM.) to see the various methods and companies she used. (ACCIDENTEDCARS.COM)

  1. Vakaenda sugar inobvepi nhai vakomana.makuda kuuraya vanhu nenzara futhi…..?????after all mari yacho yamurikuti community what what haishandi izvozvo.munotengera magelfriend enyu mota nedzimba.nxa

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  2. Well these treats to Tongaat are the last kicks of a dying horse. He will ask Mugabe to retain him as minster for indigenization so that e can deal with Tongaat. Only desperate people go this length threatening businesses doing well for the country. This man is an idiot, an imbecile a fool who should be running naked in the bush.

  3. Should we honestly vote for people like him…killing investment our life line. They have destroyed ARDA, and if they get Triangle do you think anything will come out of it…..Ko iyo mari ye Community Trust irikumboende ipi? Tongaart should just close that place and see the chaos that will be happen. Honestly why not start a new project in view of Tokwe Mukosi Dam now in place….majaira kutora zvakavakwa nevamwe and then destroy. God help us.

  4. AnaKasukuwere, kuvhundutsira nejamabanja ndozvamunogona manhingi. Chigumbu nekugara wakafufutirwa kunge wakamedza shato! Inda kuchimbuzi uregedzere zvakakusunga ura. NXAAA!

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  5. this tongaat employes more than 15000 employees and a lot more in the down stream related industry and you want to destroy all this. this is madness. Tongaat please dont pay.

  6. Haiwa Kasukuwere is crazy. I am sure they refused to deal with him. Anovharisa company hombe kudaro is he able to employ everyone in that company. Zvanzi vote for such greedy and selfish pple. Musi uno twas Standard Chartered ndokupenga ikoko. Iwe not all of us are business pple in Zim we badly need employment!!!

    • See how a Zimbabwean woman became a millionaire by buying and selling accidented cars, Very interesting. Go to (ACCIDENTEDCARS.COM.) to see the various methods and companies she used. (ACCIDENTEDCARS.COM)

  7. Pamberi nekudzosera upfumi kuvaridzi, we are hear to support you cde kasukuwere. Pamberi ne fourth chimurenga the struggle continues, long live the struggle. zanu pf inohwinha vine mutsindo, bhora mberi cde minister

  8. kasukuwere and zanupf are more than lunatics,who in his or her rigth mind can vote for thiz dogs who thrive on peoples tears rubbish.

  9. people of Zimbabwe, if we are really serious of having this counry to work agan ZanuPf should not be given a chance to be part of it they are just destroyers as long as they get it for themselves they would rather have Zimbabwe down the drain, ndivo vatinoti vatengesi manje ava. Ngatibvise ZanuPF, ngatibvise kutyisidzirwa, ngatibvise huparadzi uhu, ngatibvise humhondi and this is the time.

  10. This is highest level of incompetence,wakauraya Mkwasine tikanyarara manje Triangle neHippo unonyura.Unoda kuti tiende kupi iwe uchitiparadzira mabasa.

  11. This brainless lard retaining fool is an embarrassment to the Human race in general and the Zimbabwean people in particular!! Roll on the day when he gets into the weight loss program at Chikurubi! Unfortunately there is no program for the installation of intelligence!

  12. saviour is a f*ckin idiot…ad sumone needs to tell him.his job aint even sexured enuf for him to say that he means confidently achiri kuda kukumbira Mugabe to keep his post…pese apa wat was he doing???
    achanwa tea ne salt then until he gets a solution

    • See how a Zimbabwean woman became a millionaire by buying and selling accidented cars, Very interesting. Go to (ACCIDENTEDCARS.COM.) to see the various methods and companies she used. (ACCIDENTEDCARS.COM)

  13. U a right cde, u know personaly kuti nguva yakwana, continue looting & digging u grave muone chekubata mauraya musangano maenda, chimurenga chakarwirwa vanhu kuti vasununguke bt izvozvi zanu yega ndoyakasununguka why? its high time u realise kubuda munhamo kwevamunoitira utsinye, satan nxaa!!

  14. Gentlemen and gentle ladies I think this former ‘mujibha’ wants to save his neck. Even if you were in his oversized pants you would surely do the same. Do you remember the name ;Assange’ or reference “Wikileaks” involvement?

  15. Savour, why dont u concerntrate on running your crumbling companies. Vanhu vari kudya nhoko dzezvironda kumakambani ako ( all stolen from some pple)

  16. To remit its community share ownership dues to who exactly? In the first whose tax money took you to Masvingo if this company pays profit tax, VAT and never mind PAYE through its 15 000 employees and down the chain revenue? Why does this man thinks Mugabe will retain him, after all he will have outlived his “usefulness”, even if Mugab wins. Finally what do you replace the company with after you chase them? Another Parastatal or perhaps another Mashava Zvishavane Mine? We know you people. Grand talk, incompetence, abuse of power, broke personal businesses and sill populist notions that will costs you votes. And you do not even know it.

  17. Ths moron goes on to show us tht akanganwa kti the so called indigenisation vanoti its a national issue asi apa hez tlking abt Zanunoidism.nxa.

  18. Minda makatora kuti murime sora grass, iye zvino we are importing chibage chaicho muZimbabwe Achiri kurima kana wheat muno ndiani To think kuti this country used to be the bread basket of Africa nxxxxxxxxxxxxxim

  19. Its unfortunate that we have people in our midst who support this Zanu Pf madness. Kutoti upfumi hwedu hupi? I am so much embarrassed na CDE Josphat . I think you are not realy a comrade who has kids or your kidz are so dull like you to the extent that they are not employable . If they were employed you would be asking why they are at home or why they are getting half or no salaries . Zanu pf has dug its own grave no sane Zimbabwean will vote for this madness. Vamugabe voda kuenda ne Zimbabwe kumakuva . HAZVIITE!!!!!!

  20. Kasukuwere is a liar. He thinks he owns this country. To hell with him.
    Manje change will take its course akangoti vavava ajaira kukohwa zvaasina kurima. Tsvangison anotonga chete.

  21. even when their hands are tainted with failure, they still have the guts to want to have the whole country collapse. Its sad and can someone judge this man’s intellect. Its questionable.

  22. The lowveld is the only place left in Zimbabwe where scientific agriculture is still being practiced.Tongaat shares are available on the stockmarket and I am sure some of the investors are Pension Funds and other “Indigenous” people.Who is going to force these people to “Cede” their shares?Certainly not the company.Tokwe Mukorsi will just be another white elephant.Tongaat has included over 1000 black farmers in their value chain.They resettled people in 1982 in Mkwasine before govt even thought of it!!LEAVE MASVINGO ALONE.TANGAI ZVENYU namaCHINA ku DANDE.

  23. These guys should get their dues from SMM Holdings that is Shabanie Mine and Gaths Mine which is 100% owned by Government. This is an excellent example of indeginisation. Employees have not been paid for the past four years and there is no production although there is a ready market for asbestos. Employees are now destitutes yet ZMDC lies in the press that everything is OK. These Zanu people are devils who enjoy seeing people suffering. They should leave this company alone . They are SATANISTS.

  24. Robert Mugabe and his bafoons (kasukuwere) wants to take the country to the grave… no one wth half a brain can support zanu pf, it is ilogical

  25. Nhaiwe @sam pple like yu munondishamisa. “What a good thing. .” Kudii. Can you tell the nation only One incident yamakazombodya “rifa” imimi povho. You go on dreaming ende uchagumira kuzviroto. Even if Kasukuwere & crew make Tongaat pay no cent will come to you(the) people. No cent ever has!! Ndimi vanaZimutevere Gudzadungwe munongosweroimbiswa “Rambai Makashinga” muroad mari ichidyiwa naivava. SHAME ON YOU

  26. Ichi chimbavha ichi. “That is fraud . . .You gave us the cheques and went and withdrew the money before it had been debited. Please pay up. It is time these companies own up”

    You know what’s fraud genius? Taking people’s property under some deranged policy aimed at reaping where you did not sow. You must shake your head in shame.

  27. anonzi @ sam anopenga guyz.triangle is d beta place if not best in zimbabwe.water and electricity for free and u wish kasukuwere aita d so called dealng yaari kuda kuita.w r ok isu in triangle w done need dat.wonder if some pipo went as far as grade seven.do they even knw anythng abt the current affairs? Nxaaa boring.w claim 2 hv the highest literacy rate but in practical inhema with some of the comments w get from pipo lyk same.izvzvo donkeys flock d whole area in triangle just bcoz of the makombo thing. Takakura tisingazvizivi.ana sam ngwarai.wer on earth hv u eva hed abt dis share ownership scheme and a company being asked 2 pay for it.what kind of corperate social responsibility is it? triangle is ok and w dont need anythng mr kasukuwere.

  28. those so called black pipo who wer given land varime nzimbe in triangle, mukwasini and hippo valley i disaster. Most of dem hapana chiripo.mukwasini yakafa kare ask any person from chiredzi will tell u.and now u are aftr triangl.hamuchadi kuti vana vaende kuchikoro manje.

  29. kasukuwere is right,, thos foreign companies shud even b seized nomatter what.maboss aTSVANGIRAI hv advantage of imposing sunctions whenever thy like,thy can du anythng 2 influence regime change saka kasukuwere ita zvese zvinoita kuti ivowo vamameeee

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