Harare residents slam Zesa


THE Harare Residents’ Trust (HRT)has slammed power utility Zesa’s latest requirement for new consumers to pay for installation of pre-paid meters at their premises after first beneficiaries of the programme got them for free.


HRT director Precious Shumba in a statement yesterday said Zesa’s initial plan to roll out the programme for free was driven by a populist agenda devoid of economic sense.

“Initially, launched with so much promise, the programme fizzled out with Zesa refusing to admit its failure to clarify various issues, among them debt management, roll-out and the cost of installing the meters on households,” Shumba said.

“Zesa should have been honest from the onset on the actual cost of installing the prepaid meters than resort to populist approaches that have backfired to them, forcing them to put a cost to the installation of prepaid meters.”

He added that Zesa should hold awareness campaigns for the public to be fully informed on the new requirement to avoid a public backlash.

“Going forward, Zesa should raise more awareness on the initiative and deal decisively with their billing system which remains chaotic, especially to those not on prepaid meters. If they have resolved and made it legal to cost the prepaid meters, then Zesa must make every effort to make them readily available to avoid creating a parallel market for the meters, thereby further inconveniencing electricity consumers.”

A Harare resident, Daniel Chigundu, said Zesa should find a way to fund its project instead of forcing people to purchase meters they had not asked for.

Cosmas Wakatama, a vendor, also of Harare said: “What they want to do is not fair. Zesa and the government are wrong in doing this, they are lost. They should treat all citizens equally.”


  1. Please clarify how much is being required for the purchase and installation of these pre-paid metres?Some of us are now fed up with ZESA’s inflated monthly estimates.

    • ari kuita $300.00 from zesa technichians.in Harare and bulawyo.i have met 5 people who have paid ma $300 in both cities and have had the meters installed.

  2. Maprepaid meter acho achimbomanikidzirweiko nhai nhai.if I can pay akudhara acho why then force everyone to be on prepaid one.pane ave kuda kutoita corruption apa.chenjerai paipa

    • Anomanikidzwa to reduce load shedding so that you manage your consumption. It’s like cell phone congestion panoitwa ma promotion to phone free. If 60 % get ma pre paid, you will never smekll power cuts even if you wanted.

  3. No comments because a mdct minister messed up. Zimbos should not be partisan when analysing national issues. Zimbabwe is in a mess because it deemed unpatriotic to critise national leaders and if we do not have a paradigm shift we continue the zpf way of thinking

  4. why nt take a leaf frm what SA does or even Mozambique?the problem wth parastatals is they always wnt to open avenues for ripping off the public thats why ZISCO,ZBC,ZINWA,HWANGE,ZUPCO,ZIMRA NRZ,etc have failed to explain their failures and collapse.they must bear in mind Zimbabwe cnnt exist wthout learning frm other countries.the people have the right to rebel against unjust treatment.thoze meters are supposed to be installed free.does the public pay for the installation of streetlights?its fo the public,so are the ppaid meters.ZESA actually invests in those meters.MBAVHA DZEVANHU.

  5. Vanhu ve Mdc-t murikupi? Taurayika tinzwe, ndimika maka vhotera Mangoma muchiti muchagadzira zvinhu. Ukuwo Sipepa Nkomo arikuchemawo nenya dzemvura, zvino 5yrs zvadzatopera vanhu chingochema ne Zanu-pf yet ndimi mune ma-ministries acho. Kuzoti mukapiwa just 10yrs namwari, nyika inoparara.

    • The unfortunate thing with us is that we refuse to see the obvious. Why are we ignorant to the failures of MDC . Lets learn to call a spade a spade otherwise we will no get out of this self made vicious self cirle. I call it self made because we are the ones who voted for them.

  6. haa it has bn the trnd with zesa ma trnsformers we pay for the installation infact we purchase them but it remains property yavo. This hasnt started muGNU but way back check REA programme .release monies to the treasury yu ppl holding monies from chiyadzwa maparastatals awane marunning costs. The other issue is can zesa xplain y ichida boosting always

  7. @ the devil i we ndiwe sutuni chaiye .uri kuda kuedzakutaura kuti kudii?ma minister e mdc anganzi akundikana hawo asi haasvike panewe nezipart rako rakaora.as 4 me ndinoto nyara kunzi zunupf supoter .come election moto rigger.hakuna chimbwa tenzivararira mutakura!!!!!

  8. Zesa is not a charity org. For a new connection you pay for everything including the meter. Vakawana for free are those who had electricity already at the start of the program. All new customers vagara vachibhadhara for the service.
    Get your facts correct before you rush to criticise

  9. why cry ova somethng costing $3.00 ths pre-paid thing z manna 4 us ratepayers 4 once m using less than $40 pm compared 2 maexhorbitant fees of mo than $100 pm…..zvimwe tendaio vana vezim majaira kungo politiciser evrythng nyangwe kukwira kwedoro ..Nyaraiwo mhani nxaa

  10. Prepaid meters ka1.mangamajaira kuti mukadzimirwa musina kubhadhara mokwidzamega ka.zvinomanje nw u dnt reap pamusina kushanda.why all this noise yet meter yacho inoita $3.its nothing compared to maestimates where u were being overcharged.marema aya never seiz to amaze me, haaaya

  11. Prepaid meter ndizvo. I’m one of those ones who got it free but if its $3 ko inga mahara wani. I used to stay in southerton paying btwn $40 & $50 after dividing by 3(coz there were 3 households sharing) but now that I’ve moved to my own house with a prepaid meter I’m using $10-$15 a month , so for once stop politicizing things & do what’s beneficial to yourself; pay $3 once and save @ least $25(for meat) a month(estimate) every month afterwards or stay with your old astronomic estimates and continue with your EMPTY FRIDGE.

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