Female rapists abuse soldier for 4 days

A 25-YEAR-OLD soldier was allegedly kidnapped and detained for four days by suspected female rapists, who are said to have sexually abused him several times before releasing him early this week.

Report by Obey Manayiti

Police in Mutare have confirmed the incident, saying they were hunting for the suspected culprits.

Manicaland assistant police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Muzondiwa Clean told NewsDay yesterday that on April 19 around midnight at Birchenough Bridge business
centre, the unsuspecting soldier boarded the women’s vehicle on his way to Mutare.

The suspects, two women and a male counterpart, were allegedly travelling in a Mercedes Benz vehicle.

According to Clean, after an hour’s drive towards Mutare, the driver diverted from the route and when the complainant asked where they were going, he was threatened.

“After diverting from the route, the complainant asked where they were heading to and they told him they were going to get some food. The soldier requested to be dropped, but the driver produced a knife and threatened him with it. One of the female passengers blindfolded the complainant with a black cloth,” said Clean.

According to Clean, they then took the complainant to an unknown house where they undressed him and took away his phone and $35.

The suspects ordered the man to be intimate with one of the women on several occasions.

They kept him from the 19th up to the 23rd of this month.

During the early hours of Tuesday, they blindfolded him and took him to Mutare where they then dropped him in the Dangamvura Mountains.

According to Clean, the suspects stoned the complainant on his left foot where he sustained a serious injury before driving off at high speed.

The soldier made a report at Sakubva Police Station, prompting investigations.


  1. Thomas chipwanya

    ma1 kana vaakubata nemauto ese

    1. lol, ma1…mauto akanetsa pamaelections tinoatumira mafemale rapists

    2. Manje zvaakudaro pamiti yakaoma kuzoti minyoro panozvarwa mwana.ndaakutotya famba manheru sebenzy yandivhunza mutown pamwe changa chandibata ,but why so mwari pindirai.

      1. point of correction: kana zvave kudaro pamuti munyoro ko kuzoti muti wakaoma.

  2. Snipper uchaurayisa masoja pliz.

  3. Amatshona angakumangaza nxaaa

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  8. Kunyeba chete. Musoja akadhakwa akatadza kuenda kubasa kwaakunyebera kurepiwa

  9. This is a tall tale, of course. I know magunmen. He had just gotten his salary and blew it on a prostitute or even two, and beer. So, he had to find a story to tell his wife and bosses. I wonder why we keep on believing this kind of fable.

  10. if he can b captured by civilians for 4 days wat about in a war situation?surely he is guaranteed of a body bag.

  11. gunman munyepi chose ngaataure chokwadi fo 4 dys kutadza kana kuridza mhere zvayo. vakuru vakadya salary yese negirl kwakukanganwa kudzoka kubasa nekumba zvese. wachekera!

  12. Is the surname of the policeman Clean or Muzondiwa ? I thought Clean was the first name . Back to the story . This young soldier squandered money with a girlfriend . Period .

  13. guys this press was published by newsday not this soldier. to be frank this is lack of explanation, these womans use juju to do such evil things if you don’t believe this very soon it will be your turn to be raped. this world is changing guys imagine yesteryear it was compulsory that a man is the one who is supposed to propose a girl but today its vise versa.

  14. If he was drvng his own vehicle this fate isina kuitika musoja munhu wenyika akapira upenyu hwake to defend isu tose so we need to respect them and reward them for kpng us safe

    1. Yes yu’re partialy right muuwrong hwako, these are the same pple who become mornsters in election times,just watch the space as we’re fast approaching elections without security reforms,way I don’t understand is “was the guy in uniform?”

  15. Gunman anonyepa wakadya mari nemahure,

  16. ndochiramu chemombe chokunwirana weti ichocho. Kana uchishora mauto ezimbabwe ziva kuti wave kufarisa. there is an old adage which says ‘if you want to hate your anus tomorrow eat thorns’

  17. magunners anonyeba, akadya mari yose akarovha kubasa ava kutsvaga chekuvanda nacho

  18. Real Gunman?

  19. U gunman u need to be vigilant, is dis true or it’s an invention fo other alterior motives best known 2 himself eg kurovha basa. Moreover 2 my surprise dis isnt di 1st time 2 hear stories of dis nature involving dis gunaz is it a coincidence or what tel me.

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  26. We dont feel sorry fo this gunners if he got kidnapped whilst he had been send to the rural areas intimidating vanambuya navanamai vedu. If they continue harrassing people, tinovatumira mawomen rapists vamame. Its now time fo serious business. Th name SOLDIERS in Zim associate with Zpf hence no liniency… Puuu!

  27. tatambudziwanemwi

    the proplem is these young soldiers vave kunyanya kunyeba mayb its now part of their training. The rape issue may be true but the way these gun men are conducting themselves leaves a lot to be desired. Anohora odya yese okanganwa kuti kubasa kunodzokerwa then he employs these dirty styles. Seni ndaona nhamo nemugunners wezera iri apa mwana wamai. He needs bus fare everytym he is back on this or that reason

  28. i doubt of the soldier is telling the truth if its true God help him

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  30. gunners vanogona kunyepa ava vakapedza mari kumabitch

  31. Nonsense.

  32. chitedzamutota

    Anonyepa mbwa yomunhu

  33. Kumutorera kumurepa chete??hameno

  34. unoti ari kunyepa nhai! Mangwana ndiwe uye kana wazobatwawo unyarare nekuti tinozokukabirisa zvekuti unopedzisira wazvisungirira

  35. Murume akanakigwa uyu… 4 days achingo svira chete…

  36. they must face the law

  37. This story has so many holes and poor authorship. A soldier who fails to report for work for four days has to find good reason to avoid disciplinary hearings. A trained soldier, unless he is fake, cannot be held hostage let alone forced to sleep with one woman in a house for 4 days. If it is true that he was abducted bu two women and a man then he is not fit to be a soldier. he should be discharged from the force.Liar.

    This is one of the lies the media is being fed and there appears to be no one smart enough to dig deeper before rushing with half baked stories..

  38. I will bé cruising this area hoping for my time to bé captured and abused for 4 days. When they try to get rid of me I will refuse to leave!!!

  39. What abt thr SERIOUS injury on hs foot. Tht cud not b self inflicted surely

  40. taura hako iwe masoja anozivikanwa nechihure. ukamubvunza unonzwa kuti haana mukadzi.

  41. How many women are raped by US soldiers a day and it doesnt make the news?

  42. Akhesibeni lobuntu zulu kandaba amanye amacomments enu kayenzi. Kuyahloniphisa ukuphongu khuluma lezinye izinto ezingayenziyo

  43. the soldier had gone AWOL now he fabricates a false statement LIAR!!!

  44. we will sort u out

  45. the soldiersmust stop harrasing people coz its really painful to be harrassed while u r nt even gulty. but the rapist must finf themselves boyfriendz abd stop forcing people to sleep wth them. there r alot of male out there who dont have sexual partners and thet r in need of them, the should locate them and avail themselves to themthan raping poor innocent man

  46. if only the gunman cud afford to buy his own car,it wud hv saved hm frm those rapist,for sure gunman cn lie so is evryone.even Bush anonyeba wani.the prblm s not the gunman who ws raped bt the fact that he doesnt afford to buy his own car.

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