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Domestic workers frogmarched to rally


ZANU PF Harare provincial officials on Saturday ordered domestic workers in the affluent northern suburb of Umwinsdale to attend the party’s campaign meetings without fail and support party candidates in the forthcoming elections.


The meeting, held at a garage in the area, saw several domestic workers leaving their household chores unattended as they feared being labelled “traitors”.

“We are very afraid because it shows a lot is coming. We are sometimes left with no option, but to attend the meetings against our will and our employer’s will as well,” a domestic worker who declined to be named said.

“This (Zanu PF team) is being sponsored by known people in this area and they are likely to be here for some time until after elections.”

During the meeting, some of the domestic workers who attended questioned the local leadership addressing them on why they were intimidating people, but the party leaders said they were not there to coerce them, but to sell their party policies.

The meeting that had been earlier advertised for 10am in the morning only started around 2pm when some people in attendance questioned why the local Zanu PF leadership was threatening people without party cards.

In response, the Zanu PF officials said they were not intimidating anyone and would not do so because their party was against that.
Zanu PF youth provincial chairman Jim Kunaka said the party was indeed targeting people in low–density areas, but denied the party was intimidating anyone.

“The revolutionary party led by President Robert Mugabe is a peace-loving party and we abide by what our leader say on peace,” Kunaka said.

“Our party has something to offer to the people of Zimbabwe which is not Morgan Tsvangirai’s open-zip policy, so we will target anyone, door-to-door peacefully to preach the Zanu PF gospel of peace and present our policies.

“We will leave no stone unturned and will target everyone including prostitutes to tell them what Zanu PF has to offer so those making complaints do not know what they are talking about. We will not intimidate anyone, but will simply preach the Zanu PF gospel.”

The party has vowed to wrestle several seats from the MDC-T using different campaign tactics targeting churches, youths, women, State security agents and lately domestic workers.

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