‘Dismissed officers smearing organisation’

THE Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) yesterday accused some “corrupt police officers” dismissed from the police force of smearing the organisation.

Report by Everson Mushava

This follows a report by NewsDay  yesterday that staff morale has hit rock-bottom due to outstanding constitutional referendum allowances and alleged pampering of traffic police officers — treated as “golden geese” — with hefty allowances, while the bulk of the junior officers wallow in poverty.

The allegations were contained in a letter by some disgruntled police officers who requested anonymity following an internal radio communication by election commander, Senior Assistant Commissioner Lee Muchemwa, alleging the force had not received money from Treasury.

In a statement, national police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba, while confirming the dispute over the outstanding allowances, said the allegations were “misplaced fabrications” calculated at bringing the name of the ZRP into disrepute.

She said the allegations were coming from some corrupt individuals fired from the force who were representing political parties pushing “to achieve their reg ime change machinations and security sector reform agenda”.

Charamba, who did not dispute the authenticity of the internal police communication to officers over the decision to slash their allowances, said: “It is disturbing and alarming to note that some unscrupulous and devious individuals and groups are now accessing police sensitive information and roping in the media to cause alarm and despondency to hardworking and disciplined police officers.

“We want to make it equivocally clear that comprehensive enquiries have been instituted to identify and nab unruly elements who are circulating frivolous and false information which is not only detrimental to the police, but also a threat to the country’s internal security.”

Charamba added: “Some of the corrupt malcontents who were arrested and chucked out of the organisation are now being used by some unscrupulous individuals in political parties. We are quite aware that some political parties, individuals and certain non-governmental organisations have been pushing and championing for security sector reforms and have even gone to the extent of underfunding the ZRP’s constitutional operations so that there is disgruntlement.

“These efforts have been futile. Now they have resorted to using corrupt individuals within the force. This will not work as the ZRP is quite aware of these odd tricks and tactics.”

The disgruntled police officers also slammed Police Commissioner-General Augustine Chihuri accusing him of using divide- and-rule tactics to run the force, treating traffic cops as “cash cows” while the rest were treated as “donkeys’.

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  1. tendai chaminuka

    why should the police be paid for doing their duty,is it not their duty to safeguard the integrity of the country anywhere in zimbabwe where they are deployed,so why cry for allowances to partake their sworn duties.they should not be paid anything as it is their constutional duty

  2. Hapana mapurisa ese imbavha kunyanya hutungamiriri mateacher vakaiisirwa mari dzavvo muma account avo kuratidza hu fairness bt police kuzvipa basa rokufamba ichipa mari kurikutsaga kuba

  3. Nhai munyori iwe uri mupurisa here? Saka u want us to assume kuti zvawanyora its the truth? Bodo if u were a true jonoo u wld hav confirmed the identity of complainants & confirm with their officers in charge that they truely did not recieve their dues. Ko iwe kana zvichikurwadza kusawana mari kwavo vape ka. If u have solid evidence that there was fraud isayi mareport kuAnti corruption commission asungwe anenge adla mari yacho uye tizive ndivanani, vangani vadlirwa mari. Lets have developmental debates than degrading ones.

    1. hausi mupurisa

      1. dofo rakadzidza

        siya mu journo aite basa rake, ane right yeku protecta source rake, kkkk . unondisekesa ,,,,saka kana lawyer richinomiririra munhu zvinoreva kuti ndiro rinofanira kunopika? uri katsi inofunga nemuswe., majournalists itai basa sebasa vakomana . nyorai nyaya idzi dzidziwone isu zvedu tisina zvatinokwanisa kuita …. pwapwati….pidigi dhii nemanhede… vegodo vorwadziwa…nekuti nyaya dzehama dzavo dzazazanurwa pajekerere!

  4. @Mupurisa wacho, hausi mupurisa bcoz dai uri mupurisa uchizviziva kt madhara ePOLICE akabira vana mari. Icho ndicho chokwadi chakazara.

  5. Uyowo anochemera kuenda kuTraffic ave kutimakisa. Tanga wadzidza basa first. Ukapinda chipurisa uchifunga kt zviri nyore kuita mari nehuori, zvawanga uchironga zvoramba unoita benzi. Don’t b too opportunistic about corrupt money. At the end yu will find yorself in the hands of anti-corruption or Internal.

  6. @Mupurisa wacho u are doomed and confused thats why urikutotadza kunyora panoti mupurisa,hw cn the journo expose thdd names yet u knw in journalism there are certain ethics to be followed for professional reasons.its evident u r nt a policeman.even if u are a policeman there z nthng special bkz they r suffering and treated like political slaves by Chihure(sic).

  7. Charity it does not need dismissed police officers to smear the ZRP, this organisation is already smelling. Drive along our roads, in the streets, in bars, in every place they pass through they smell so they don’t need ex policemen to smear them they are full of shit and they smell. Clean them first before you cry of a foul stench coming from the ex. Your bosses at PGHQ have really messed this organisation. It is now the most shameful police organisation in the world. More of a sewer organiation, smells.

  8. Umwe noumwe ngaatambe number yake,leave police business to police,u want the truth go ask the police representatives bcoz a press is just a mere point of view of someone or some people who kol themselves journalists

  9. Jonwe ririkupfungaira

    Why it so did who happen to it

  10. ChanhuwhaBvungupfungu

    Who to blame pliz its good we paid them so who no one is wrong pliz liv 2getha

  11. Guys, there is no smoke wtout fire. Madhara akabira vana maAllowance ekuReferandum. ZEC yaingofanira kubhadhara umwe neumwe Mupurisa direct sezvayakaita kumateacher, bt madhara akati tipei heyo kuno mari iyoyo kwave kuzopa vana mari yakashota imwe ndokuisa muhomwe dzavo. Haanyari nxaaa.

  12. Kkkkkkkkkkk regime chenge nyongo?mbavha dzavanhu ?asingazivi kuti kune chiface muzimbabwe ndiani????

  13. @Tendai Chaminuka, wen one is deployed away from his home eg an Officer stationed at Mabvuku is deployed in Guruve, he is supposed 2 be given an allowance ie Travel & Subsistance (T&S) & is paid per day. Again wen Police is employed 2 perform private duty eg kuband kwaMacheso or DeMbare-Caps match, he is supposed 2 b paid at least $5 per hr depending on rank.

  14. Grace Gonogracegono

    Charity Hofa you have done well for yourself by being a police constable asimuka negotsi does not mean you should need some ordinary people to carry your big head for you nxaa

  15. The statements by the deputy spokesperson lake public relations orientation. The commissioner has to be , in words of the deputy spokesperson, chucked out for being partisan because he also openly supports a certain political party. No sacred cows before the law , please. That there is a remunerations crisis in all sectors is a given. The deputy spokesperson must not try to subsidize the organization that she does not own with cheap mis or under information.

    1. Charity’s merely singing for her supper! Disgraceful. If this is what Police mean by “without fear or favour” no wonder most police officers vote against Charity’s party!

  16. Are you sure Charity Charamba wants to make it “equivocally clear” and not “unequivocally clear”…this Zimbabwean love affair with jawbreakers is a fatal attraction….or maybe just shows the downward slide in our education standards.

  17. Barcelona ndizvo muchaona next week bayern Munich tiri kuirova 5-0

    1. Mapurisa aya akadzidziswa kuba naChihuri neZanu pf so ana Charamba ava ndivo mamwe ematsotsi acho nxaaaa its so disgusting yjoooo

  18. mese muneproblem? mapurisa anozivana. ndomagariro avo mind yr own business

  19. The statement by Charamba cannot go unchallenged. How can dismissed members want to smear campaign the ZRP by crying for allowances for serving members? How will they benefit them? These guys are doing themselves a lot of harm by refusing to face the truth. Junior managers are also leaving the organization en-mass. Do they ever ask themselves why the exodus? Only the senior officers who are past their sell-by date remain and they are vowing not to go. Moral is at its lowest in the org. Just look at how they are pampering themselves with vehicles. Is this Gvt money or extortion money from the so-called 100% retention? Only time will tell.

  20. This is a diseased organisation across the board??

  21. Paranoid!

    ~ When Oliver Twist asks for some more, he is accused of advocating for regime change !

    ~ When the same Oliver Twist demands his dues for a service rendered, he stands accused of calling for a regime change !

    Where are we heading with this blatant distortion of facts ?

    In any case, the Zimbabwe Republic Police has a constitutional obligation to maintain public order before, during and after a national referendum! The police are therefore defrauding the nation !

    The next thing is that you will lock up your daughters in prison kana vatanga kuenda kumwedzi. Your assumption being that your daughters will be advocating for a REGIME CHANGE through their menses !

  22. Matsotsi vanhu ava. Kuchemberera pabasa nekuba. Idzo motor, vakadzi, mapurazi, ifararira. Mbavha dzevanhu.

  23. Kanti where did this REGIME CHANGE thing come from. Reminds me of the days wen another term DISIDENT was used in much the same way.

  24. If y want to see what a pathological lier this affirmtive/missionary position promoted woman is, ask her if its real that officers were forced to vote Zpf, she will probably say its false and the work of fired police officers.
    See what y are doing? These corript officers will not vote thieves who keep thieves at Police HQ again.
    Charamba shd start selling the idea of allowing police to vote in a free and fair manner as attempted regime change.

  25. Its really difficult to feel sorry for these police guys.they may be stupid and unnecessarily cruel sometimes-most of these young recruits are just political activists who does not have their own minds-robots.let them taste their own bitter medicine who really cares until such a time when they become human again.

  26. vaanzwa vana’ ava vapei mari dzawo iko zvino muri kuvarambidza kutora mota dzechikwereti moda imi mubuirire chete

  27. madiro enyu emusangano ve Zpf ka siyanai nawo cz mofira mahara ende chitsotsi chiinemi pamoyo

  28. Vanhu ve traffic police vanofamba ne benz vanopihwa 1000 dlls allwnces fo 21dys

  29. liberty makusha

    Giving a small number of p/officers huge allowances is divisive period

  30. Gys Zrp yafa

  31. thieves your hour is at hand

  32. Commissioners and their assistants are political appointments, which is why at each election, a certain police boss declares that he will not salute a leader without liberation war credentials.
    Charity Charamba, like other party loyalists, is reading from a script, penned somewhere at Munhumutapa Offices. Words like “machinations” and “regime change” confirm this.

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  33. Tyt

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