Agribank, IDBZ off sanctions

THE United States has struck two Zimbabwean banks off its sanctions list in a move seen as the beginning of a policy change with the country.

Staff Reporter

According to the US Department of the Treasury yesterday, the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) issued a licence authorising all transactions involving the Agricultural Development Bank of Zimbabwe (Agribank) and Infrastructure Development Bank of Zimbabwe (IDBZ).

“Today, (yesterday) the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) issued a general licence authorising all transactions involving two banks in Zimbabwe, Agricultural Development Bank of Zimbabwe and Infrastructure Development Bank of Zimbabwe, provided the transactions do not otherwise involve any person whose property and interests in property are blocked,” read the statement.

On Tuesday, US Ambassador to Zimbabwe Bruce Wharton said that in a few weeks the world’s biggest economy would announce a policy change on Zimbabwe that should be taken in a proper context.

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  1. vaiti vanosvikepiko?

  2. Zvanzi marestrictive measures.nyika yakaondongwa nemasanctions iyi

  3. where are those who were tricked by the MDC and their founders and funders to believe the sanctions were nothing more than travel bans on individuals? i think everybody is now appreciating that the MDC all along was being sustained by propaganda and the destruction of our country.

    1. zvinorwadza kuti vamwe vedu vanoramba kufunga . vanoda kuramba vakadzvanyirirwa so long vachigutsa dumb and they are exceedingly shallow minded and blinkered . havanei neramangwana renyika . zvinobvumwa naTsvangy kuti ndakaita vanoti haana kuzviita

  4. what do you think about this document, supposedly authored by Botha

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    1. Botha tizira mumvura

      Racist piece as it is but us Africans if we are not monitored we will finish each other,look how we resort to violence as the language to reach an agreement if we do not agree,look at our per occupation with ethnicity,whites left power in all Africa some twenty years ago but look our problems are increasing,Mr Botha had a point though put across in a very racist manner but again the truth is naked.

  5. @jore-if this were true then it is frightening indeed. But then seeing this is being attributed to the crocodile, should I be surprised? Perhaps the writer should provide a link to the source of this. While Botha was entitled to his views i think it was stupidity of the worst kind for him to put this addled nonsense in the public domain. We also have some unsavory opinions about our white, yellow and different hued colleagues but good neighbourliness and good sense suggests that we keep these to ourselves. It is called being civilised.

    He did have a point though..we blacks have a fixation for making life as miserable as possible for those whom we do not agree and thus begins a very sad tale indeed!!!! Killing each other for light differences is so ‘stone age..’

  6. lets vote zanu pf thats all. Mugabe for president. Life president R.G mugabe

    1. Phunyukabemphethe

      pamberi nezanu pf

  7. Phunyukabemphethe

    I have since seen the light and repented to my home ZANU-PF!

  8. we all know why those bank were undersanctions. we all know hw the rytes abuse were financed, lets not jump to that nw

  9. Funny thing though, why does Botha spew hate against only the Black race? How about other races? It must be envy and fear of the Black man. Yes it is. One day we will find out exactly what they fear in us.

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