Zimbabwe referendum results are in

The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) Election has announced the results for Saturday’s referendum on a new constitution.

Report By AMH Online

ZEC announced that 3,079,966 voted yes while the No vote had 179,000 and there were 56,627 rejected ballots.

Below is a chart of votes by province

zec final national




  1. It was jus as obvious as people were “forced” to vote Yes without given a chance to scrutinize the draft, ngatiende kuma elections tozo natso ammender takutonga…..

    1. Who was forced to vote? U a very stupid & silly, son of lucifer go to hell!! Period !!!!!!!!!

      1. hu’r yu 2 kol sm1 son o lucifer?let yo words curse u in jesus’ name. Amen

      2. learn to tolerate other people’s views

    2. Constitution is morally a bad document for Zimbabwe. It needs to either be amended substantially or done away with completely as soon as possible. The document is full of homosexuality, does not guarantee irreversibility of land reform program, and is full of other ominous loopholes. Only time will tell what a deception this document is. I rest my case.

      1. Sure. what’s wrong with homosexuality again? And how is that land reform working for ya?

        1. You really need to wake up!!

      2. Your rested case is stupid. You obviously havent read the draft. There is not one word that mentions homosexuality or even alludes to it. Don’t worry about the land all those “new farmers”, the judges, police higher ups and generals will keep “their” farms and produce weeds and grass for the whole nation.

    3. pane akapinda newe mubooth here iwe ,kana waida kuisa No wakatadza nei ivo vamwe vaiisa uri gwara remunhu

    4. stupid! you want people to think the way you do? who forced who? where did you witness any form of coercion? learn to appreciate that people know what they want, some who voted ‘yes’ are highly educated, better than you!

  2. Madhuku Lovejoy

    tatomiririra maelections haaiswe chero mangwana veduee

  3. mostly the close about security forces not being active in politics must be effected as soon as yesterday

  4. I didn’t see the draft so I voted no

  5. Change is around the corner, A bit-by-bit Tsvangirai and his party are binning to make sense. These are fruits of their slogan “change” which they started singing more than 12years ago. Well done Morgan we love you, Zimbabwe needs you at State house. That house is designed for you Save, the current incumbent is there by default everyone knows that. His term since expired 33years ago. We knew it was meant for the late guys and for protection of innocent souls we can’t mansion their names. Go Dziva go. We love you what come may we will vote for you as our next president. We shall see

    1. @Chimsoro…chinusoro chako wanzwa chii chaaita ipapa chaungaswero pururudzira…NDOZVIROTO ZVAKAIPA ZVINFANA KUPERERA KUZVIROTO IZVO

      1. iwe chiroto chako ndechipi

  6. At least we have our own constitution

  7. sort out your system,I’m not a spammer,everyday says spammer spammer

  8. That’s bull-shit! I am not a spammer get me right!

  9. change is nay

    1. nigh you mean

  10. What a very good step fowar,at least pple of Zimbabwe have spoken in one word ,OUR CONSTITUTION.

  11. j?gdjdudpmpwp

  12. Where is Madhuku, Sikhala, Gwisai and Jonathan Moyo

    1. you left mahoso, chivaura and the crew

  13. once beaten twice shy, 3rd time lucky!!!! this is yo time now morgan u have endured it all, change is in the air we can feel it!!!

  14. may Mugabe die Peacefully…Amen

  15. fuck you newsday. spammer spammer my foot. shit!

  16. Dracular you are just but a senseless fool. Now be warned,days for intolarent thick minded despots like you are coming to a dead end.

  17. well…..

  18. kungotsoropodza mbonisi welshman hanzi spammer! bullshit!

  19. 3 million out of 9 million adults? This is what is called voter apathy.

  20. i see no changes.
    all i see are the same old faces after the watershed elections expected later this year. morgiza will lose, just like his odinga friend. Mbonisiwelshman will rejoin the ineligence outfit.

  21. voter apathy will work againist Tsvangsto. most urban voters are distraught and have lost all hope. they have finally realised that serial bed hopper is not their saviour infact they are wasting a lot of resources trying to protect their wives and daugters from tsvangis open zip policy!

    1. Yu hv lost touch wth reality.

  22. The chickens are cuming to roost

  23. Save mapinda we support u

  24. Change is around the corner.

  25. Ndizo. Free Zim is around

  26. Phunyukabemphethe


  27. hoo mbonisi ndiye Welshman? I think he is now using another name mpunyu… something

  28. there is no change both ZANU PF and MDC-T wanted the yes vote, they got it so what

  29. Ko basa reu tea boy rapera here kuvarungu pawakuti takarasima nekuda kutonga…kutadza kupa Zip yako policy kwayo what mo d whole nation bengenukai mhani machinja hee change is in thhe air nxaa…

    1. The absurdity of a blinkered mind. The current incumbent killed more than 20000 people and to you thats trivial as compared to alleged bed hopping. You need help.

      1. u need help too hw many did you boss kill by calling for sanctions on this country. also blinkered.


  31. now for the elections

  32. End times Sirs

    Destiny !!!!

  33. What apathy my friend.
    3.3million makes this the biggest poll in Zimbabwean history.
    Remember the recent 2008 election had only a total of 2.3million voters from a total of 13million people and an assumed voters roll of nearly 6million people.
    Now the burden is on Mudede and zec for almost half of those who voted in the referendum are not on the voters roll.
    Shame on Zimbabwean democracy

  34. Breaking news tsvangirai vowed to boycott the new constitution as soon parliament votes to make it the supreme law of the land

  35. Before the results we weere told there were 6.6 million registered voters, now we are being told there are 5.6 million registered voters! What is the proper figure? Something is very fishy here. Was this a credible referendum? I now doubt it.

  36. Something is definitely wrong with Zimbabwean democracy.
    South Africa in recent elections had 19million voters from a pop. Of 50million giving us a turnover of 38%.
    Zambia in last elections had 5.5million voters from a pop of 15million, turnover being 37%.
    Zimbabwe in 2008 had 2.4million voters from a pop of 13million, turnover was 18%.
    Dont think its voter apathy, the authorities just make it difficult for people to be on the voters roll.
    Can somebody explain why money hasnt been availed yet for mobile voter registration nhaiwe RGM.
    Isnt it u want to ambush us with a short 3week notice like what they did on referendum?

    1. Phunyukabemphethe

      No, the truth is – nobody today really knows the true population of Zimbabwe, because everything is manipulated for tribal and political reasons!!

  37. Johnny English

    you full of Shit news dayfix your site

  38. well done MDC T one down tichatonga chete chinja

  39. why r people congradulating MT, this wasn’t an election, remember both major parties advocated for the same thing and from what i know the majority of voters were from the rural areas.. Need i remind u which party most of those voters tend to vote for (whether freely or by coercion).. The real battle now starts. Well whilst our leaders pat themselves on the back for job well done and we begin our “new dawn”, beatrice mtetwa sits in a cold, smelly cell kuremand prison tonite.. Digusted by our country!!

  40. coz ZANU yakazvitadza izvipa 30years chayakaita kuponda vanhu chete nekuuraya nyika vachiba chete

  41. Chii chinoshamisa pakunyenga vakadzi? Shit mhani iwe Stavros na makandiwa. Asingaite izvozvo ndiani? Vakuru vakawanda mu party yako vanotori HIV+

    1. kesary mapaire.

      Zvinongodiwa na tsvangirayi ndozvinoitika,mirayi muone.

  42. At least everyone now realizes the need for change. What is left if for most of you to be transformed by the renewal of your minds. Neither Mugabe nor Tsvangirai will solve your micro-problems. You need to wake up and fend for yourself. These two guys will only create an environment for you to prosper/suffer. Prosperity and Suffering is also by choice. in 2008 when the worst was upon us hapana here vakavaka dzimba. Now we use the $ hapana here varikuvaka dzimba.

    All I am saying is we can vote/rig/coerce/whatever-you-call-it this will not put sadza in your plate.


  43. Shut up!Yall dump! Each party yai supportr new const coz they all thnk they wil win the nxt cuming election. Tel me how do you plan to remove a president who has unlimited power? A president wth power to disolv th parliament if it disagrees wth him? A president who hand picks ministers,secretary generals,judges all alone with no consultation. A president who can amend th constitution alone as long as 1 minister (who he actualy chose) agrees wth him. Makatitengesera nyika uko. Morgan mugabe chii chacho,mamama!

  44. No homosexuality. Hunger toramba.

  45. teco we zanu pf

    pamber ne zanu pf.. We love zanu pf and robert mugabe…
    Give mugabe another two terms in the office!

  46. genga musanyeperwe zanu pf is ever winning if yu dnt believe go to hell and kiss satan’s ass. how can you support someone who want to legalize homosexuality, a mental illness. sodom and gomora was destroyed jus becoz of homosexual.

  47. Let’s not forget that in 1980 Mugabe was the knight in shining armour & now everyone who sang & danced muRufaro is crying manzwa nekuzvambaradzwa apa futi madya munjonjo. & mind you mukana wedzimwe 10yrs uripo don’t rejoice too early, some teams are easy to beat but they will NEVER accept defeat zvatinoziva. Its a good thing that whoever will take power will only be able to have it for 10yrs @ most bcoz African leaders have a problem yekusada kubva when its time- with no exception- Even Chinja yacho are saying it now, vakapinda mupower they won’t want to hear chinonzi chinja again, You’ll see . Hezvo ndiripano

  48. Nothing for the students asi ivo vakadzidziswa nemagrants.MDC or ZANU zvakafanana given the chance their potential is the same I think there is need for a genuine part besides these thieves.

  49. While it is pleasing no end that the YES vote carried the day and we can move on to more serious issues a cursory glance of the numbers makes curious revelations for example:

    Chitungwiza has around 90 000 while Mt. Dariwn posted +82 000 a difference of only 8 000.. thus Mt. Darwin was.more than Kwekwe (70 861), Masvingo (75 000),Bindura(47 951 almost half of Mt. Darwin). Gweru is the most surprising with only 56 000.these numbers are interesting if not curious. Splitting hairs perhaps but the voting pattern is rather suspect, NO? Chipinge and Makoni with +72 000 each also is another curious one This puts each one of them above Gweru as well..Perhaps the analysts among us will provide answers to the numbers revealed here. I hope for all our sakes and that of ZEC these numbers stand up to scrutiny, we really have to move on to the next stage without further distractions. We really must move on to the next station with a ‘credible ZEC.’

  50. dnt forget that this is zimbabwe which was fought for. if my memory still serves me right, they where people who claimed to to rhodesian citizens but they where aiding the whites to kill the gallant sons and daughters of zimbabwe who died for this country. till to date those thugs or sellouts still exists. if you think about that change of yours remind yourself the word HEROES and their ancestors, will they allow their blood to be betrayed like that. be careful guys you will suffer the consequences. worried historian rasayi mweya wokutengesa ZIMBABWE.

  51. Pope Murozvi the second

    Manje ndirini hangu madhuku ndonyatsodzima tv maresults paanenge achitaurwa. Kuti vapfidze

  52. tapiwa nyawo angel

    may god bless zimbabwe

  53. hu’r yu 2 kol sm1 son o lucifer?let yo words curse u in jesus’ name. Amen

  54. Taka voter Yes zvedu kana NO,bt statistically it shows kuti the majourity ddnt even bother to vote YES or NO coz its 3plus million people vakavoter pa popullation of 13plus million,wat cud b the reason..

  55. Pope Francis II

    Spammer my foot, stupid system of yours, hire a competent technician

  56. Pope Francis II

    We need to have a foolproof system before any election, we dont want a repeat of the june 2008, let all the loopholes be closed befofre the zany people start killing people in the name of campaigning, Look at the headloines, ZANU official petrol bombed, Child dies in inferno suspected case of assorn, MDC official beaten by soldiers, Police block raid of Ministers’ offices by ZACC….. Constitution gobbles 15 Million whist im getting peanuts……………. democracy my foot

    No more killing, bullying, thieving, raping

    Zimbabweans sayno

  57. Waiting for comments from Mahoso and Chiefs, come on guys.

  58. Congraturations Zimbabwe and the MDC Parties for steering the constitution making process to
    a successful and credible referendum.The peolpes’ views and aspirations were well articulated and
    captured particularly the issue of devolution of power.We are fed up of everything being done in Harare.A simple bottlestore licence one had to travel all the way from eg Binga to Harare.
    Next is election time and lets vote wisely again and have an MDC parties government win by a wide margin.

  59. hapana akamanikidzwa kupinda muballot

  60. congrats now lets encourage all to register for the election so that all will vote and voice is heard loud and clear plus whats all this spammer nonsense

  61. Bulawayo are u the same size as chtown

    1. Phunyukabemphethe

      Zim as a who is less than the Zulu population.

      Even far less than the population of Beijing or New Delhi!

  62. On what basis do you come to that conclusion?

    1. Phunyukabemphethe


      Zim’s population as whole is less than the Zulu population in South Africa. Soweto, alone a mere township has over 3 million people.

      Just to show you how small you are, in the bigger scheme of things – jolting you up from your silly slumber of feeling important by always comparing yourselves with Mthwakazi as if the world revolves around the S.h.o.na people. Even poor Mozambique has far more people than your imagined majority!!

      Zim’s population is even far less than the population of Beijing or New Delhi – mere cities, not countries – reality check my brother, reality check!!!

  63. Its nice to wish, but some wishes never come to pass………such as this one.

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