Zim not ready for elections — Biti

SOUTH AFRICAN President Jacob Zuma’s facilitation team on Tuesday met negotiators from the three political parties in the inclusive government to check the country’s readiness for the  referendum on the new constitution next week.

Staff Reporter

Zuma’s international relations advisor Lindiwe Zulu and Charles Nqakula met negotiators from Zanu PF, MDC-T and MDC separately.
MDC-T secretary-general Tendai Biti said the team “wanted to know the state of our readiness on the referendum and elections”.

Biti said they told the South Africans that although the country was ready for the referendum, the time was not ripe for fresh elections.

“We pointed out that the security situation was deteriorating, giving the death of Christpowers Maisiri as an example,” Biti said.

MDC secretary-general Priscilla Misihairabwi-Mushonga said her party had told the team they were not happy with the recent appointments of chairpersons to the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) and the Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission (ZHRC).

“We told them the environment leading to elections is worrying with cases of violence being recorded and an onslaught on civil society by the police,” she said.

“We also registered our displeasure in the way President Robert Mugabe and Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai are unilaterally appointing heads of commissions.”

Last month, Mugabe and Tsvangirai announced they had appointed former Zanu PF official Jacob Mudenda to lead the ZHRC while Judicial Service Commission (JSC) acting secretary Rita Makarau will take over as the new Zec chairperson.

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  1. Your blog post is a miscellaneous feeling. But it remains the most excellent in his own style!!

  2. so because of the unfortunate death of this boy Zim is not ready , when then shall we be ready ?minister tell us.

    1. you call an innocent young soul “this boy”?? You are ubelievably selfish, I wonder how you would feel if “this boy” was your child. May the young soul rest in peace, i hope your child will meet a similar fate one day

      1. muchaka asi ndiwe wakapisa, inga wakamam* moyo ukasiya Duz*i

    2. The boy’s unfortunate death is only cited as one example nt the sole reason y zim isnt ready 4 elections.

    3. Muchaka, if Christpower was your son would you call him this boy? His parents lost their son, Zimbabwe lost a future leader and resource in a political inferno at the hands of Zanupf and DM.

    4. Imagine if it was your child

  3. They are scared,odinga is gone

  4. if some is killed, there should be arrests of suspects. you who are criticising Biti’s point of that innocent soul killed (CHRISTPOWERS) I dont know if u are normal. think of the world war 1 which was ocassioned by the assasination of an innocent serbian (gavrilo princip). basing our position on the Headlands incident, we are not ready for elections until this is decisively dealt with and the satanists arrested and jailed.

  5. violence no matter hw small shldnt be tolerated becoz it spoils the future

  6. So when are we going to be ready. us ordinary zimbabweans are tired of the GNU we need to move forward. Do you really see anything changing if say we postpone by 12 months. At times one just says lets move on have the elections and we have one govt in place.

    if the politicians from both sides shoed commitment to using the GNU period to sort out all outstanding issues we understand but most dont seem bothered and are busy enjoying the gravy train. lets have elections now !

  7. There is nothing like a peaceful environment because violence is a political tool just imagine 16 people died in kenya but still AU called that peaceful elections.The playing field will NEVER be level,zanu will talk about sanctions and mdc will talk about violence but at the end the general populace will languish.ELECTIONS 2013 A MUST NOMATTER WHAT

  8. stupid.odinga is not morgan and morgan is not odinga.after all final results in kenya have not been announced.tsvangirai is to the president come rain ,wind ,storm,dust or hurricane.

    1. Morgan Tsvanngirayi and Raila Odinga have a common genesis; both founded and funded by the whites. Listen to the idiocy of the British and the Americans in respect of Kenyan elections. Do you really expect us to invite such prejudiced fools to observe our elections here? Unless we are morons. Listen to what this white British lady, Broom or Bronnet, is spewing. The level of supremacist and racist arrogance in her statement. Unbelievably blunt on our alleged incapacity in the region and continent to validate our own processes. We need whites from that side to endorse our results. My foot! What an ignoramus she is!

      1. whats your problem with whites you moron? I am black and I am proud to celebrate achievements by other black people. When Zanu was receiving aid from Sweden, Guy Clutton-Brock, Tiny Rowland,etc. it was ok? Is it ok today that today the same ‘white’ ngos are funding health, education, household needs for the poor, the disabled,etc. when the ‘revolutionary party is there? You are falling into the same trap of the colonial regimes who labelled any free thinking black man ‘communist’. Whites this, Whites that for everything. Are you saying that black Zimbos are not capable of seeing the rot which had set in this country leading to growing opposition to Zanu? Was it the whiteman who was selling sugar., hupfu, beer on the black market in 2008? Was it them again who failed to release election results on time in order to rig and stifle the election result and the will of the people.? Is it whites who are responsible for Gukurahundi, murambatsvina, diamond looting,Nieebgate, willowgate,etc.
        People like you now see your days as numbered and would try and use any other ruse to try and justify the continued stay in power of a party which had its sell by date expire umpteen years ago.
        You hear peple saying ‘HEH Tsvangison haaite because anocontrolewa nevarungu” upi murungu? WAKE UP AND SMELL THE KRANKO MY FRIEND. People just want change from 33years of a non-life. We need to move on with our lives whether under Morgan, Welshman or Simba hamheno ikoko. Even if they are controlled by their mother-in-laws, aliens or whatever we will vote for them so we can breathe again. White, white chii, iwe uchitadza kurima munda wawakapihwa mahara. Stupid tibvire kumhepo

        1. You will for not we will bharabhara yemunhu

        2. @Rasta wabaya dede nemukanwa and I hope @ Tapfumaneyi sees your reasoning. zvinorwadz chokwadi kuona kuti tine vanhu vari so back ward and do not want to move forward in a new environment. I pray and hope they will not still that vote again.

      2. Phunyukabemphethe

        Mimmicking your God the father Gukurahundi Mugabe – hehe whites, hehe whites!

        Had he not started this anti whites crusade in 1990, would you be saying the same thing?

        That stuff between your ears is all water – you have no ability for independent thinking!!

  9. Watch events in Kenya there are lessons to be learnt

  10. ready or not we need elections this year

    1. Lets all pray for peaceful elections, and stop talking about Kenya , we are not kenyans and certainly share no similarities or are we united by boundaries . They kill each other along tribal lines and vote for people wanted at the Hague, its their business . Our elections will be peaceful , just watch

  11. Rita Makarau was JUDGE PRESIDENT OF THE HIGH COURT for the period when the year 2000 election petitions were supposed to be heard. It took years and they were never finalised. Some people are naive enough to think she is neutral. If matters come to a head ,which they will, she will do zanu pf’s bidding.Wake up Tsvangirayi.You owe Zimbabwe because if we slip up Zimbabwe will go down the drain.

  12. Odinga is finished. Africa has come of age. It will never be a safe haven for sellouts. They want to rob Uhuru of a clear victory simply because he is a product of a revolution in that country. He has his father’s revolutionay blood. He has made it clear that solutions to Kenya’s problems are within and not without. I hope Mr Tsvangirayi is viewing this as a precursor to his political end. We are tired of subjugation and exploitation as a continent.

  13. Tapfumaneyi, clearly you are an ignoramus of particular note! Fools like you are thankfully coming to the end of their time and as a country we welcome real people with real values and integrity that will do what should have been done ages ago and that is lead Zimbabwe and Zimbabweans to true prosperity where we all have dignity and respect. I bet you did not notice that i did not mention colour even once?? Look at the hate and disrespect, the absolute disintigration of our society because an old being and his gangsters will not respect the law.
    Get a life dickhead and stop blaming every failure on everyone else except your beloved. Whether we like it or not elections will happen and everything points to a violent one yet again! Hopefully the people will remain strong and steadfast and lets get rid of this 33 year old disease that is killing the country and bring in a start for something better down the line.

  14. The events in Kenya should teach Zimbabweans who want democracy and freedom a goog lesson. Its never victory until you have fought harder and until you actually hold it with your own hands! Railla has failed. Its not the past guys. Its working for the future. This includes uniting all the forces of genuine democracy and freedom under one loud cry. Let us all bury individualism and focus on what we have to do to achieve democracy and freedom. Lets do it for our children of course but also for our dignity as a people.

  15. Phunyukabemphethe

    The country will only be ready for elections once Gukurahundism stops – so far, nothing doing!!

  16. sabi you don’t know. Hamuna chamunoziva vanhu vemdc. Munotaura zvevarungu vamadhona isu tinotaura zvevarungu vanoda kudzorerwa pfuma yavakapamba madziteteguru edu. Murimazipenzi hamuzivi zvaitwa vana sekuru nanambuya venyu. Nhasi voda kudzoka vakavanda nemdc. Mdc vatengesi venhaka yedu havafi vakatonga zim.

  17. That means we will have elections in 2040 then? Black rule inonetsa. Biti is one of those fighting to have sanctions against ZanuPF thugs lifted and on the other hand he says the country is not ready for elections because of violence! That is why sanctions were imposed you stupid idiot.

  18. I think some of our fellow friends here are really dull. Tapfumaneyi you are an idiot. We registered to vote and we will vote but we will never ever vote for 89year old mugabe,that will be plain stupidity. that guy has prostate cancer he is just fighting against that disease. He no longer cares about Zimbabweans.

  19. Why not accept the fact that you are not ready for elections and everything else except the other way around.You have failed as Finance Minister because of your incompetence and your dishonest political postering for the last ten years.You need a couple of honorary degrees like your equally incompentent leader to calm yourself down.

  20. Ko kungoramba muchitukana ndochii. Na VaBiti ipaiwo ma valid reasons why you say we cant have elections. Why shield nenyaya yemukomana akatisiya. Police investigations akangataridza kuti hapana foul play wani. The lamp, chemicals n fertilsers ndizvo zvakangonzi zvakakonzeresa moto. Iko y use chibani mu hut iri loaded nema fertiliser. If its kuti akaurawa neZANU lets just call it war. Vakawanda vakafa, varikufa, vachafa, asi vachifira Zimbabwe. Stop kutukana fight for what u believe is right. Ini l believe Chematama ari kutengesa nyika. Sekuru vagarisawo bt stance yavo aganist vachena ndoifarira. Saka movhotera ini hangu

  21. Thank you I do not understand what is a spammer? I have been making comments on this forum for a long time now.

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