Zim leaders have outlived purpose — Matinenga

ZIMBABWE finds itself in the mess that it is currently in because of leaders who have overstayed, Constitutional and Parliamentary Affairs minister Eric Matinenga has said.


In an apparent reference to President Robert Mugabe, Matinenga said good rulers should know when to pass on the baton.

Mugabe (89), who has ruled Zimbabwe since independence in 1980, is the Zanu PF presidential candidate for this year’s harmonised elections.

According to the draft constitution set to go for referendum this month, the Zanu PF leader is free to rule for another 10 years if he wins this year’s decisive elections.

“If we (leaders) did not stay long in power, the country would not have been in the mess that we are in,” Matinenga said on the sidelines of a Copac publicity awareness campaign at Masvingo Civic Centre Hall on Monday.

Matinenga was responding to journalists who had asked him if he would reconsider his decision to quit active party politics and seek re-election in his Buhera West constituency following the recent death of his preferred heir apparent John Makumbe.

Makumbe, who died last month, had been tipped to take over as MDC-T candidate for Buhera West after Matinenga indicated that he would not seek re-election.

“My position has not changed. I am not seeking re-election. I will not get back. Buhera West is bigger than Makumbe, we will get somebody,” he said.

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  1. if only zim had been blessed with more leaders like Honourable Matinenga,no doubts zim’s status would’nt have been this distorted………….

  2. This looser is so certain he had no second chance against zunupf. He is therefore running scared stiff. We are no cheats like the yankies. The American presidency is the most puppet polical post. The rulers of USA have never changed in last 300 years. The Obamas, the Bushes, the Clintons and all the American presidents are hand picked and groomed over many years. The rulers don’t change. So this looser Erie should shut the hell up.

    1. You actually believe this about the US then?
      Matinenga is bringing a breath of fresh air to our politics and this no one can take away from him.

  3. come on Chingara, are you not ashamed with your comment?

  4. Phunyukabemphethe

    Matinenge, you are right on the overstay in power by the Gukurahundi. But you left out your own leader Tswangirayi who has changed the party constitution to allow him to continue leading the party, even as he continues messing up and now selling out to the Gukurahundi everyday.

    Let him take a leaf from Welshman of the MDC green machine. Leaders come and go, but the party and its policies stay!!

    1. Kicking below the belt are we?

  5. the leaders are chosen by GOD thats what the bible tells us.

    1. Can you tell me where it says that in the Bible and if so in what context it was used??

  6. They say charrity begins at home. If a party’s constitution says a person may hold a position for a maximum two terms and a person then amends that constitution after the two terms, he/she is overstaying eg Madhuku and Tsvangirai. Unfortunately the Lancaster House constitution did not put a cap on the number of terms one would serve hence noone has overstayed . If only pple had adopted the 2000 draft constitution then we would have been talking about new leadership because that draft had a cap on the number of terms. Takarumwa nechekuchera

  7. Mentioning welshman as a good leader when he is leading noone is a very irresponsible statement. let’s grow guys we don’t have to support the unsupportable otherwise you lose your health when they get beaten in every election.Tsvangirai is here to stay coz he is the only person ever since independence who shocked and has shaken Mugabe.He will retire after a term as president of my country. fullstop.

  8. Phunyukabemphethe

    Only Welshman Ncube is fresh and with a purpose. The rest have overstayed and outlived their welcome!!

  9. Future President

    Am not a spammer pliz

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