Zifa, Safa strike deal

ZIFA have struck a deal with their South African counter parts (Safa) which will see them signing a standing agreement on a number of issues, including friendly matches.


South Africa and Zimbabwe have of late not been playing against each other in friendly matches with the local soccer mother body failing to pin down their neighbours for friendly internationals.

However, a meeting between Zifa chief executive officer Jonathan Mashingaidze and his Safa counterparts on Monday, which covered issues of bilateral corporation, will see the two countries playing against each other in invitational tournaments.

Mashingaidze revealed yesterday the meeting revolved around placement of players and exchange of technical personnel, among other issues. He said there could be some players in South Africa even from lower divisions willing to come and play in Zimbabwe, but there has never been a standing agreement on some of the issues resulting only in Zimbabwean players moving south of the Limpopo.

Read the 1 March Newspaper for more info.

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  1. “Read the 1 March Newspaper for more info”. Almost all stories here have this caption, when is the 1 march issue going to be available on your site? Its now 1104am

  2. Tawanda you are a bootlicker people like you are killing football aks Mashingaidze about Ballon Dor

  3. It’s well overdue, Southern Africa’s top match fixing associations need a bigger platform to do ‘serious’ business. & This time they will be cleverer, leaving no room for loopholes & nosy journalists

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