Zanu PF revels in Odinga loss

ZANU PF yesterday described the defeat of Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s ally Raila Odinga by Uhuru Kenyata in Kenya’s recent presidential elections as a wake-up call to the MDC-T leader.

Report by Everson Mushava

Zanu PF central committee members told NewsDay that Kenyatta’s victory was a stunning “articulation to date of a renewed mood of self-assertion by Africa’s anti-colonial leaders.”

But the MDC-T rubbished the Zanu PF claims, saying drawing comparisons between Zimbabwe and Kenya would be futile.

“MDC is a Zimbabwean party, not controlled by any external force. The choice Kenyans made was about Kenya, not foreigners,” said MDC-T spokesperson Douglas Mwonzora.

“Tsvangirai is not Odinga, and Mugabe is not Kenyatta. Kenyatta is young and was not the incumbent.

“Here we are taking of Mugabe who has outlived his usefulness. You cannot compare a 90-year-old to a 51 year old.”
Mwonzora said Tsvangirai had made remarkable interventions in government and the results were there for everyone to see.

“We expect Tsvangirai to win with over 70%,” he said.

Kenyatta (51), Kenya’s richest man and son of its founding president, Jomo Kenyatta, was declared president — after winning with a narrow margin of 50,07% to avoid a run-off with Odinga (68).
Odinga got 43,3% of the vote.

Before the election results were announced, Kenyatta, who faces trial at the International Criminal Court for the 2007 post-election violence, accused Britain of trying to influence the election results in favour of Odinga.

Zanu PF central committee member Christopher Mutsvangwa said Odinga’s defeat was a “no confidence” vote on the West.

“Kenyatta’s victory represents a turning point in African politics,” he claimed.

“The defeat of Odinga is a no-confidence vote to the West. What happened in Kenya will happen in Zimbabwe again.

“Zanu PF will win resoundingly because it has no association with imperial powers.

“For the MDC-T, associating with the West is courting electoral disaster.”

But Zimbabwe Democracy Institute director Pedzisai Ruhanya said the electoral processes in the two countries were incomparable.

“Political gladiators in Kenya and Zimbabwe are quite different. Ethnic dimension played a part in Kenya,” he said.

Ruhanya said Odinga lost it when his running mate William Ruto, who comes from the vastly-populated Kalenjin ethinc group, defected to Kenyatta’s camp.

“In Zimbabwe, the odds are still in favour of Tsvangirai,” he said.
Mugabe is an incumbent who is refusing to leave power not only in Zanu PF, but in government.

Another political analyst Rejoice Ngwenya described’s Kenyatta’s victory as a disaster for modern-day African politics.

“It only shows Africans have not shifted focus from the politics of religion and tribalism,” he said.

“For Tsvangirai, Kenyatta’s victory is a double-edged sword. On one side, he may take comfort in ‘tribal elections’ in that those who hate Zanu PF, but resent ‘Ndebele rule’ will always vote for him.

“Another side is that the swing may go back to Mugabe’s politics of chicanery — indigenisation, intimidation and, exclusion.”



  1. Phunyukabemphethe

    But Odinga and Uhuru are from two different tribes – the Luo and the Kikuyu. Tswnagirayi and the Gukurahundi are both S.h.o.n.a – don’t ignore this dimension in Gukurahundi politics!!

  2. Under free & fair elections, Tsvangirai is poised 2 gunner more than 60% of è vote. Mugabe & others will share è remaining 40%. Bt coz of è electoral landscape isn’t even, Mugabe may win. MDC-T mst send its polling agents 2 monitor è postal vote by security 4rces coz juniors will b bullied by eir bosses 2 vote 4 ZANU PF.

    1. the saying your enemy’s friend is your enemy is critical here. why should ZANU PF not celebrate the humilating defeat of Odinga, a western sponsored buffon like Tsvangirai in Zimbabwe.

      1. Wadyei makota, weed? So unofunga Uhuru was chinese sponsored?

      2. Phunyukabemphethe

        If you don’t know Kenyan politics please keep quiet.

        KANU was Jomo Kenyatta’s party, aliberation party like ZANU PF. This was also Uhuru’s party as the son of Jomo.

        The Americans had bases in kenya for a long time at the invitation of the KANU government. This was not Odinga’s government, neither was it ever his father Odinga Odinga’s government. The Odinga’s have never headed a government in Kenya – the Luos, to be precise!

        Why was Kenya not placed on Sanctions given Uhuru’s violence in the last elections and yet the Gukurahundis were placed on sanctions?

  3. Mupfana weBikini

    PHUNYU just vote MDC-T so we dislodge this Zanu pf monster.A zanu pf free Zimbabwe begins with you by voting MDC-T.

    1. Phunyukabemphethe

      I vote MDC, not the tribalists anti-Mthwakazi MDC-Ts!! hell never!!

  4. Remember Kenyan situation is cintrolled by the number of people in each tribe that is why Kenyat defected from Odinga’s part after 2007’s bloody election.Kenyata joined a tribe with more people than that of Odinga that is why he won. More over Kenyans have more to celebrate, a new system and new constitution which was not doctored by OLD generation to suit a young zim tichachinja

  5. I think there is a bit of truth in the fact that the MDC should relook at itself. The way the pundits went on about an Odinga win is almost similar to what is happening here. The MDC should take these pundits with a pinch of salt..hard work is the answer not opinion polls which are done by people sitting on some desk in some dark room elsewhere. Presently the level of disaffection in the land about politicians is rather high and the net losers would be the MDC if this were to continue. People are simply punch drunk they have been boxed out of their skulls by the politicos. Politics is a cruel game is it not? One Ettiene Tshekedi has been lying in the trenches of opposition politics since the Mobuto years, Gwanda Chakufa Chihana was a flea in Banda’s ears for years now he has just about gven up, Odinga was giving it a third shot, and so on. It appears there are others who are doomed to stay in opposition while somebody just creeps up out of nowhere and runs away with it. Young Kenyatta is one such example, he had the deck loaded against him but thats not to say this is the end of the game..4 000 votes above the threshhold is dicey stuff. Most companies in industry worldwide work with a loss adjustment factor of 5% in their applications now what is 4 000 as a percentage of 6.1 million? I think he may have celebrated too soon. The fact that he beat Odinga is not in doubt the question becomes did he beat the threshold..given the hiccups, this is rather too close to call. Me thinks this is hardly the end of this rather long and winding tale. As for drawing parallels between Odinga and Tsvangirai and Mugabe and kenyatta..there is some truth embedded in these near invisible alliances…havent we heard that the enemy of my friend is my enemy too. Odinga had thrown his lot with Tsvangirayi and same Odinga had some very unflattering things to say about Mugable so why shouldnt Mugabe’s lieutenants not celebrate the victory of their adversary’s adversary? Of course drawing parallels with the election result might be …err mmm, pushing the envelope so to speak.

    That said 4000 votes is rather cutting it too fine….and a slippery victory to boot…

    1. As many people are pointing out the two countries are quite different. Zimbabwe has diamonds and other resources that are causing the ruling elite in power (mdc are not in power) to want to cling to that power with military backing in Kenya the police did their job and the army stayed in the barracks as they should. Also the media is a lot more free in Kenya so people could make a clearer assessment of the candidates. I watched the presidential debate that was broadcast across Kenya it was professional and unbiased. So Kenya is streets ahead of Zimbabwe when it comes to the democratic process. Zanu pf has too much influence in all the elements that make a free and fair election.

  6. spammer ini manje nekuti ndanyora chokwadi chamusi ngade kuti chionekwe nevazhinji tinosangana ku ma elections ikoko

  7. why not celebrate when one who wants to bring back imperialism in africa is defeated?? goodbye puppet odinga ur friend is following u soon.ichoo!!!!!!!!

  8. At least the Kenyans are celebrating the election of a 4th President since independence. Ko maZimbo?

  9. Rest in Peace MDC-T, M, N, 99 or whatever you call yourselves. Its time to start digging your own graves.

  10. Matambo Silvester

    Hard times for African puppets. The same fate will eventually befall them. All will eventually face a humiliating death or electoral defeat – Moise Thsombe, Jonas Savimbi, Alfonso Dhlakama, and now Odinga, followed by Morgan Tsvangirai

  11. Reuben mangunda

    PEOPLE, it is not Tsvangirai who is a Knight of the British Empire. It is Emperor Mugabe who was gleefully knighted by the British Queen in 1994. The question is why, after Sir Seretse Khama Mugabe is the only African to have been bestowed with this honour in sub- Saharan Africa? Well, RG is totally soaked and pickled in British culture and aristocratic values. All the tantrums he profusely exhibits about the British are really a reflection of his resentment at being rejected by members of of his family (British) than true nationalism. American educated Jonathan Moyo will confirm this during some of his intemperate moments.

  12. I am Kenyan and i voted on the 4th of March election. I don’t think its right for ZANU-PF to celebrate the victory of Uhuru and make people believe that the same will happen to their candidate Robert Mugabe… Uhuru is 51 his running mate is 47. What people outside Kenya do not know is that in the past 5 years when Raila was the PM in the grand coalition government with Mwai Kibaki, his office was hit by a number of mega corruption scandals that dented his image as a reformer.. at the same time Uhuru was the finance minister.. with no single corruption scandal…. while Uhuru was indicted by the ICC Raila tried to take advantage of the situation.. i.e get Uhuru jailed by ICC so that he does not compete with him in the 2013 general election. On the other side many people do not believe that Uhuru did anything wrong…infact the case at the ICC is about to collapse.. So when it come to the elections UHURU teamed up with RUTO to form a formidable coalition between their parties URP and TNA…called Jubilee and that was it….. they won the elections…. I lived in HARARE sometimes back… and i think the two environments are very different.. in Kenya there is a very vibrant and free media… you cannot say the same of Zimbabwe…so people are able to see the truth and the lies… while Odinga is the greatest icon of our second liberation…. corruption under his watch in the last five years has greatly dented his image… for Uhuru people are aware of the massive wealth he inherited from his father…. including land… but Kenya has a new constitution that will address some of this issues like land… we have the new National Land Commission that is independent and has quasi judicial powers and will be able to recover land from anybody who acquired land illegally… So people voted on two issues Land and the ICC…. Kenyas feel the ICC is trying to help Odinga and therefore overwhelmingly voted for UHURU…. and again the last five years Raila was unable to prove he can do what he says he can do…so Uhuru got 50.07% of the cast vote…. that was way above what everyone expected… even if they went for a second round UHURU will still beat RAILA hands down…. UHURU campaign is run like a cooperate project….i mean just like how the blue chip comapanies listed on the NSE operate… while RAILA campaign was run like a govt project… inefficient…. The chairman of UHURU Kenyatta party TNA is only 28 years old…..while RAILA did two rallies in a day…. UHURU and his running mate RUTO were doing 12 rallies in a day using a fleet of 6 helicopters…. MDC can still defeat ZANU PF… problem is lack of media freedom in ZIMBABWE will not allow the people to know the truth… remember UHURU come up top when they went to the presidential debate… will a presidential debate happen in Zibmbabwe…between Morgan and Mugabe ???????… all the best ZIM…

  13. Reuben mangunda

    That is politics for you, I am sure you have learnt a lesson now that its happening to your beloved Tswangirayi.

    In the polarised Zim political environment, a lie about a political opponent can be weaved, twisted and turned and repeated so many times until everyone buys into it.

    It happened to Joshua Nkomo,Ndabaningi Sithole; Muzorewa and Tekere – its happening with Welshman, by your own party the MDC-T – so why shouldn’t it happen to your beloved Tswangirayi??

  14. Vote MDC-Green and forget about Zanu and MDC-T. Both are full of thieves

    1. True that mfowethu. Only that you left that they are also full of Gukurahundists.

  15. George mutondo

    Mugabe will stroke come election time. Chinamasa, chihuri, chiwenga, jabulani sibanda etc are refugees in the making come election results this year!

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