Two Epworth men up for murder


TWO Epworth men are facing murder charges after they allegedly fatally assaulted a fellow patron at a local night club, accusing him of stealing $80 from one of them.


Police confirmed the arrest of Duncan Madzivanyika (25) and Phineas Manyuni (28) for allegedly murdering 21-year-old Arnold Mubvuwe on Saturday.

It is alleged that Mabvuwe was at Shooter night club drinking beer when Madzivanyika accused him of stealing his money, an allegation he reportedly denied. Acting Harare provincial police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Tarirai Dube said it is understood that Madzivanyika started assaulting Mabvuwe and Manyuchi joined him in the fracas.

“Manyuchi joined in the fight between Madzivanyika and Mabvuwe and hit the now deceased with a broken empty beer bottle on the face and on the ribs and he fell onto the ground. Other people who were in the club took the two to Epworth Police Station where they are currently detained in cells,” Dube said.

“Mubvuwe was taken to hospital and died at around 3pm. He was said to have died due to injuries sustained in the fight. We are saying people should not fight when they are drinking because they make misinformed decisions when they are drunk and this could result in murder like in this case. We would also want to applaud the members of the public who led to the arrest of the two who had murdered Mabvuwe.”


  1. please this has nothing to do with being zanu or mdc its a straight case .the other guy pheinus we know him he has a stall at avondale market .he is not into polictics dont just say zanu for evry thing .thank you independent.admirer of zanu

  2. these are but the consequences of drinking, when God said, you shall surely not drink, that was it, no compromise at all

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