Tsvangirai demands answers

PRIME Minister Morgan Tsvangirai yesterday moved to act on the police clampdown on his party, approaching Acting President Joice Mujuru with whom he had a lengthy meeting at her Munhumutapa offices.

Report by Everson Mushava

Tsvangirai was also expected to meet with Home Affairs co-ministers Kembo Mohadi and Theresa Makone as well as police Commissioner-General Augustine Chihuri as police refused to release top lawyer Beatrice Mtetwa despite a High Court order.

Meetings with Mohadi, Makone and Chihuri failed to take place, according to sources at the Prime Minister’s Office. Mtetwa, who was representing Tsvangirai’s staffers arrested on Sunday morning, was herself arrested and thrown into police cells while in the process of securing her client’s freedom.

Her lawyer Harrison Nkomo was granted a High Court order to secure Mtetwa’s release early yesterday morning, but the police refused to let her go. Mtetwa and four staffers from Tsvangirai’s office were as of last night detained at Rhodesville Police Station in Harare.

“This morning, I met with the acting President,Amai Mujuru, to update her on this needless swoop on my office…,” Tsvangirai said after his meeting with the Acting President.

“The Acting President assured me she would meet with the Commissioner-General of Police.

“The targeting of my office is reprehensible and is meant to harass and intimidate the nation ahead of the election, now that we are done with the referendum.”

Tsvangirai said he had also met with the Sadc observer team, led by Tomaz Salomão on Sunday night and “impressed upon the region, as guarantors of our agreement, to ensure that we implement all the reforms, particularly security sector and media reforms.
“We certainly cannot have a police force that arrests people with impunity and then fails to charge them, even though the alleged charges have been told to the media.”

Tsvangirai said his party was working to make the environment conducive for a free and fair election “even in the wake of the recent heinous acts, ranging from the murder of Christpowers Maisiri to this wanton and undignified arrest of innocent staff in my office, including a breastfeeding mother, Anna Muzvidziwa, who was picked up at church yesterday”.

Tsvangirai said he had asked the Sadc observer team to immediately call for an urgent Sadc summit to deal with the new Zimbabwean crisis.

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  1. Phunyukabemphethe

    A lame-duck Prime Minister – yikumosh’ isikhathi nje lokhu!

    1. mudhidhimas mutasa

      fuck you

    2. mwana wemuprofit

      bitch-ass ndebele. fuck you twice.

      1. Phunyukabemphethe

        S.h.ona hunting down S.h.ona – Welshman Ncube untouched!!

        1. vana Ncube vapinda papi apa. Ko Ncube angasungirwei zvake iye asingazikanwi

          1. Phunyukabemphethe

            Kodwa liTshona versus Tshona phela – yikho okusicazayo phela loku. Tshona Gukurahunding a Shona!!

    3. cocksacke tribalist

  2. Matambo Silvester

    Toothless pm demanding answers, what an embrassing situation. Lets put this guy out of his misery by rejecting his politics of violence, sanctions and his politics of losing elections

    1. matambo nyarara kana usina zvekutaura, bhuru shit ,busket.

    2. The pinnacle of stupidity

  3. Hey Morgan as one of the 3 ‘principals don’t you have a hot line to Bob? At times you talk as if you have influence but it is on such occasions that it becomes obvious that you do not call the shots. For you its all bluster. Wise up man sucking up to that party will take you nowhere.

    1. Do you reason or you just hate the personna of Tsvangirai????
      If you just hate him, its a pity thats what the Devil do, the Devil just hates and destroy.
      Can you justify, why the police are refusing to execute the court order???

    2. ko nhai vakomana baba chatunga vacho vaizobatika here pavatican

  4. Surely no justification for holding the lawyer in defiance of the court order. Evil begets evil

  5. tapiwa mabieber

    Yu stupid morons.can’t yu see that this is an act of terror.police shud go and raid the offices of corrupt officials like mpofu not the pms office.we are hrdng nowhere becoz of mindless pple like.

    1. Vana Matombo mutopengavo imi. I hope you are not a green bomber. Isu ma wat vets takanyarara wani

  6. siza mhlobo wami


  7. pm wants an urgent sadc summit to deal with the arrests , do u SEE IT POSSIBLE Sir?

  8. Calton Tee Gipson

    So voting fo yes @ ref waz a gam plan nau zanu pf u r nau showing ur tru calaz Bt police must act as ppl who hd wnts attend school, vanakasukuwere vakusimba nehuro nehuro bt no action

  9. Aarr Morgan & his toothless MDC-T. Demand answers from who futi. This time I am voting for Mudhara Bod. I tbought PM is part of inclusive Gvt, with Teresa Makonde as MDC Deputy Minister of Home Affairs, ministry which Chihuru reports to. Eish this bafoon….hameno

  10. Foolish to hear one blaming PM not Chihuri or Zanu ohh (police) Idiotic do u expect him to take up a gun don’t you know Zanu pf shame on you fools

  11. Pope Murozvi the second

    The good thing is that I am dreaming and I know I will wake up

    1. Sorry, Murozvi, you are wide awake. Welcome to Zimbabwe!

  12. This only proves that Tsvangirai does not have any power in this unity government. He is used by Zanu pf to make pronouncements on the constitution and election preparations to legitimise the processes. GNU was a waist of time and MDC fell for the ZANUpf bait. Now they have been soiled by joining the gravy train and this time winning elections will be tough.

  13. If we then link the documents to MDC moramba futi, now you want attention on the arrests, iyi ndiyo inonzi Rule of Law

  14. tichangofa tichingidzvinyirirwa ,eish zvakaoma hazvo

  15. Meanwhile grace is shopping in Rome.

  16. yy shld we blame morgan?pple lets b fair, opponents of zanu r bn harassed. we al know hw partisn our police are. disregardin a court order jst shows how rotten our police are. bt zanu yr time is up…

    1. MDC-T,Tsvangirai,lack of intelligence,makatotengesa nyika, Bob wotogohwesa bhoro. makairsa, do not be surprised President vachihwina nelandslide victory. Am not ZANU PF but that my observation.In politic you do not need to waver from your belifs and principles. I think ZANU PF has swallowed you.

    2. law is an ass if its against you maone if its in favour makeke .lawyers must practice in court not in the streets they mustnt be law unto themselves.
      imagine judges moving around sentencing law offenders they meet in the streets ingaite nyika here. apa MTETWA you crossed the parh yemapurisa however the police should respect the judge ‘s decision to have released.

    3. MDC has become accomplices in all the bad things that Zanu pf do. They should have left this GNU as soon as they realised that they were powerless. They have remained in this unity Government so that they can enjoy the benefits of the gravy train. Co -HomeAffairs minister is MDC she should intervene.

  17. How was the court order to release Mtetwa obtained on a Sunday night. Do these judges work at night. Is this not corruption?

  18. Hiiyyyaaaaa!!! Finaly MDC-T stouges now realises that their president is lame and duck, have a set of old canines that can only chew thoroughly boiled chunks. He is useless and will not be given any space until he renounces his askari politics. Why does Tsvangirai wants to own every individual as his own. The arrested trio as far as we know works for an NGOand were arrestd in their capacity as NGO workers. Never will their names appear on the public service commission.

  19. Aarr Morgan & his toothless MDC-T. Demand answers from who futi. This time I am voting for Mudhara Bod. I tbought PM is part of inclusive Gvt, with Teresa Makonde as MDC Deputy Minister of Home Affairs, ministry which Chihuru reports to. Eish this bafoon….hameno

  20. Morgan you ar foolish,makone is a minister from yr side-i dont think police ar all tt foolish even chihuri or mai mujuru to jst let yr so called team be arrested for nothing!they is no smoke without fire pane nyaya apa p.m;dziri nyaya dzecorruption mese zanu pf ne mdc t muri bhavha huru-so usati nyaudze…vakafa ngavavigane!

  21. Its the same mr tsvangirai wether u win or u not @ u will never rule zimbabwe dude its just in your dreams usatamba na baba chatunga

    1. kiki,kikiklikikiki, MR E PACHITI munotopengavo imi

  22. Mira uone pachiti, wake up to supper

  23. mwana wemuprofit

    bitch-ass ndebele. fuck you twice.

    1. Phunyukabemphethe

      mwana wemuprofit

      S.h.ona hunting down S.h.ona – Welshman Ncube untouched!!

      1. whether shona against shona you are in Zimbabwe and the fight benefits you. Stop this tribal thing of yours . we want peace in our nation. is bulawayo ok, are companies not closed in bulawayo due to this political issue. wait and see when elections are nearby. you shall say ndebele against ndebele.

        1. Phunyukabemphethe

          Mthwakazi vs Mthwakazi – never, over my dead body!!



    1. you think your dicussions at bottle stores reach morgan. walumira let those who are in it do what they are suppose to do for you only hear from newspapers and radios, moreover you listen to zbc.

  25. cocksacker

  26. get away handisi spammer

  27. Zvava pachena kuti takavoter hedu ‘yes’ asi taparara pamaelections apa this is a warning.

  28. Phunyukabemphethe

    Only Welshman Ncube is the answer to all of Zim’s problems. This lame-duck PM is a man of no consequence really. Khona manje uzama ukuthusa bani, enguye nje?

    Powerless as he is, what warning can he give to anybody really?

    1. forget it with all the tribalism you are exibiting in this paper.

  29. Tsvangirai is a summary of gullibility. Even his own minister could not attend the meeting he called. Lazy man. U wasted a lot of time lying against Welshman Ncube while siding with Mugabe. This is how u are paid. U should have exhausted yo energy closing the ranks with Ncube. Just now I was listening to the October 1995 recording by yo favourite studio 7. In the interview u are quoted saiying, ”munotaura nemadissident aya eku Matabeleland?” More news on this one. U called us dissidents! Eh!!! Asazi loMgabe wakho!!!

    1. Sorry the interview was October 2005 not 1995. That is a typing error.

      1. unotoitawo maerrors su ndaifunga nditsvangirai ega.

    2. Phunyukabemphethe

      N G Mdlalose
      I have no sympathy with Tswangirayi whatsoever – he is a tribalist. He tries hard to hide his anti-Mthwakazi tribalism because he wants votes from the region, but on occassions the Gukurahundi tribalism keeps popping up – especially when he gets desperate against a Mthwakazi politician. He is a typical carbon copy of Mugabe!!

  30. Tsvangison you must be more viigilant asi urikutya kusungwawo here iwe uri pm

  31. mbwende ndodzinoshoora Tsvangison asi idzo hadzina kumbosungwa kana kamwe zvako. munongoziva zvonunewspaper chete saka muchitaura zvamunotaura izvi. You don’t even know anything about political power. Ndimi vanhu ve miracle money. People who want things to be done for you and you enjoy the better part. leave him and let him do what he is suppose to do.

  32. Phunyukabemphethe

    @lionel shumba

    What tribalism? I am no tribalist, I am a unifier in diversity – that is what you don’t understand.

    To you, unity is conformity – in Mthwakazi we believe in unity in diversity and where you come from you call that tribalism!!

  33. Phunyukabemphethe

    After Tswangirayi loses to Gukurahundi Mugabe in July – we will celebrate and say

    “Huraay, we did it – yaaah, the bullfrog has lost!!”

  34. Mbongeni Sakhe

    Tsvangirai is just stupid. Disengage from Mugabe till Chihuri is out, after all, he was appointed illegally. Without Tsvangirai, Mugabe is not legitimate, so why continue to legitimise him when he is trying to distroy MDC?

  35. thats a gd sign that things are gona be shit cum elections, watch out guys, yu wil tel me one day

  36. I love Morgan but this weakness I loathe for treating a war situation as if its a normal day. If Mugabe had such a weakness we would be still persevering in colonization. Its time to go into this war zone with the right mindset.

  37. get away, fuk yo system, who is a spammer

  38. pm wl definately loose coz pple stl breath th air of th famous rerun campaign

  39. zanu yatopinda zve panyanga.MDC murikukama mukaka wakakora.ryt now Mugabe is with Pope and is being given more power.Tsvangison busy looking for girls.manje manje PM will be declared HIV positive.

  40. Kikikiki Chihuri cannot be summoned by Mai Mujuru. He only reports to R.G Mugabe period. Useless Tshonas you shud know better. Come to the Green Party eco friendly party. Forget brainless PM

  41. vanambonisi munofunga kuti kufunda ndiko kutonga nyika here.kaparty kema flip floppers is just there to add numbers.enjoy this platform but dont be misled.cant u smell the coffee.resorting to name calling goes toshow yo shallowness upstairs.

  42. Biased reporting. Mr Editor, y reporting lke è Daily News? Yu cld have told us hw è alleged impersonation took place.

  43. Ko nhai PM softaz makuinyanyawo futi, ko chigandanga chataiva nacho 2000-2008 makaisepi???
    Shuwa ndozvatakaroverwa here kuti tigova muhurumende inongotisvipa mate kumeso kudai???

  44. Politics of losing elections when he is the one who won thne last credible presidenti9al elections?why are u contradicting yourself?

    1. @Mbonisi and/or Phunyukabemphethe

      You guys have no need to apologise or make excuses if you are biased against Shona people for whatever reason. It is your right. Please do not let that define you however, because when you have bothered to be less petty and tribal we have quite enjoyed your comments and analysis. Some of them have been well thought out. It also to OK to support Welshman because that is also your right. Personally I wish he would speak more about current issues because to me he is being so cautious that one wonders if is is worried about others criticizing his statements or rubbing a certain section of the population the wrong way and thus costing hims any votes. I voted against the silly constitution draft and am now looking for the best out of the lot to vote for. But I do not know anything about him even from you keen supporters except that you are proud of him for having a green logo or being Mthwakazi. By the way please educate me on what that term means. Is it just all Ndebeles and do you mind at all if Shona vote for him? Silly quuestion I guess because you have Pricillah Misihairambwi and Gabriel Chaibva in the “green machine”.

  45. Phunyukabemphethe

    @Dununu Handidi

    Mthwakazi are never biased against the Shona, that is why they vote for and are also found in every political party in Zim whether Shona led or not.

    The biased people are the Shona, and the evidence is there and has been there since Gukurahundi Mugabe took over the leadership of ZANU PF in Mozambique!

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