Truck driver arrested over mbanje

FRANCISTOWN — A Zimbabwean man was on Monday arrested at Botswana’s Ngwasha Veterinary Gate in the Central District after being found in possession of dagga.

Bothwell Mabvunyika (32), a truck driver at Seiph Electrical Services in South Africa, was en route to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to deliver goods when he was nabbed by police.

The prosecutor Mothosera Busang applied that Mabvunyika be remanded in jail because investigations into the matter were still ongoing.
Busang said although Mabvunyika had a passport, he might not attend court when required to do so, especially as he did not have a permanent place of abode in the country.

Mabvunyika pleaded with the court to grant him bail because he wanted to return to the DRC to offload his truck.

He also told magistrate Sijabuliso Siziba that he would give the police his contact details and his employer’s particulars.
Sibiza, however, said it may be difficult for police to locate the accused as he travels across southern Africa.

He ruled that police should assist Mabvunyika to contact his employer to make arrangements for the truck to get to DRC.

Mabvunyika was then remanded in custody and will re-appear in court on April 12.

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