Showdown looms in Gwanda


A SHOWDOWN is reportedly looming between Gwanda residents and their local authority after the town went for more than two weeks without running water, mostly in Altra High and Spitzkop suburbs.


The council has since resorted to supplying water using bowsers in the affected areas, but the residents described the move as insignificant.

“We have a serious water crisis. We have not been getting running water for more than two weeks now,” a resident told NewsDay.

“We have complained to the Gwanda Town Council, but the officials are telling us that they Don’t have enough water purification chemicals to clean large quantities of water to supply all the residents at the moment.”

Another resident who refused to be named said: “Imagine a household being given a bucket of water a day. That is obviously not enough as we have to use that water to bath, drink, cook and in toilets. We now fear an outbreak of diseases such as cholera and
diarrhoea if the situation is not corrected soon.”

But acting Gwanda mayor Sithokozile Sibanda dismissed the reports of water shortage as untrue, saying: “They are lying.  If they have no water, why don’t they come to the council to tell us?

I don’t want to hear this anymore. These people know that when there is no water in the suburbs, the council supplies them with bowser water and after all they don’t even pay for that water.

They must stop lying, they must come to the council if they don’t have water than to rush to the media.”


  1. Newsday!!!!! Please stop reporting untrue statements. The acting mayor would NEVER have made such a statement as she is on the ground everyday with a water bowser and other councillors ensuring that residents have water. I honestly do not think that this is a true statment from her.

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