Senator accused of speeding off from accident

A HARARE motorist, Dennis Madzenenga, has accused former Masvingo Governor and Mwenezi-Chivi Senator Josaya Hungwe of refusing to repair his car following an accident in the capital last Monday.

Staff Reporter

Madzenenga claims Hungwe side-swiped his car, a Nissan Sunny Ex-Saloon, and pledged to have it resprayed, but allegedly reneged on his promise.

Madzenenga said the Zanu PF Senator, who was driving a Toyota Prado, initially attempted to speed off after the accident which happened at the intersection of Seventh Street and Samora Machel Avenue in Harare.

“Hungwe was driving behind me and on the left side there was a kombi, but the senator just forced his way between the kombi and my vehicle, resulting in him hitting and damaging my car on the left fender,” said Madzenenga.

“To my surprise, Hungwe did not bother to stop but sped off, and I had no option but to chase him up to the corner of Samora Machel Avenue and Fourth Street where I confronted him and asked why he had not bothered to stop after hitting my vehicle,” he said.

According to Madzenenga, Hungwe then begged him not to report the case to the police and promised he would repair his vehicle.

“Hungwe sent his driver, Tawanda Jangano, to take me to the panelbeaters so that the vehicle would be repaired and they demanded $150 to paint the fender only.

“They, however, later advised me that it was impossible to paint the fender only as the car would have two different colours and they recommended the whole car should be repainted,” Madzenenga said.

He said Hungwe then backtracked and told him he would no longer repair the vehicle adding: “If you want me to paint the whole car, then to hell with you.”

Hungwe confirmed the incident, but claimed he decided not to honour the agreement after Madzenenga allegedly called him names.

“The accident did happen and I had agreed to get the vehicle repaired. I even sent my driver Jangano to take Madzenenga to the panelbeaters. I was surprised that Madzenenga now wanted me to get the whole car repainted. He called me names saying I was a corrupt Zanu PF person,” Hungwe said.

He said Madzenenga now wanted to tarnish his name as a politician.

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  1. The car owner is foolish. These are the people vanofamba vasina insurance. If his car was insured all he had to do was to report to the police and get a police report to take to the insurance company. There was no need to chase after Hungwe. He would report it as a hit and run and the insurance would repair for him without anyn problems.

  2. Zanu pf politicians never had a good name,you are murderers,snippers,opportunists

  3. If this story is true then honestly Hungwe did nothing wrong. its the greedy panel beater who put you Madzenenga in trouble. i would have equally told to go to hell

  4. Mutasa Mudhidhimas

    Chenjerai kuitwa national hero tsano esp neseason yemaElections yatava kuenda iyi

  5. yes, the Senator did nothing wrong. Munhu akuda kupendeserwa mota yese nenyaya yeFendor. Saka panelbeater haagoni kumixer paint here? Haivawo kana neni i wld not own up to that trickery.
    Well done SENATOR, vanhu vakaona position yenyu vakuda kutora advantage.

  6. Tichatonga Magorira

    Vanhuweee!, lets be honest, where on earth have you seen the whole car repainted for a minor side swipe. That’s ridiculous for Madzenenga to have such claim. Ndiko kunonzi kukara uku. Hapana kana politics apa, its just an accidents where politicians are not exempted. Dai akatokumbirawo hake mari zvanga zviri nani. Ichi, kukara!.

  7. enda unopenda ka nissan kako wega.uri kuda kuita hudyire

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