Safety, security major concern in Zim — report


A WORLD Economic Forum report on tourism has raised concern about Zimbabwe’s security and lack of trust in the police to provide protection from crime barely six months before co-hosting the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) General Assembly.

Report by Nqobile Bhebhe

Zimbabwe is ranked 118th globally and a distant 15 regionally in The Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report 2013 titled Reducing Barriers to Economic Growth and Job Creation, with 140 countries surveyed.

The survey measured and analysed the drivers of travel and tourism competitiveness in economies around the world.

Its main goal is to provide a useful tool for governments and business leaders in overcoming the obstacles to competitiveness, thus allowing them to benefit fully from the sector’s development.

“Zimbabwe is ranked 118th, up one place since last year, yet with an extremely low ranking for a country that was, until relatively recently, a popular tourist destination,” reads part of the report.

“Indeed, Zimbabwe is ranked 22nd for its rich natural resources, which have long drawn international travellers to the country, and a number of World Heritage natural sites, much nationally protected land area and rich fauna.

“Safety and security is also a major concern, with high crime and violence and a lack of trust in the police to provide protection from crime (ranked 120th).”

“The policy environment continues to be among the least supportive of T&T industry development in the world (ranked 138th), with extremely poor assessments for laws related to foreign direct investment and property rights; furthermore, starting a business is extremely time-consuming and costly.”

On air transport infrastructure, the country was ranked 127th, quality of air transport infrastructure (120th) and 107th on international air transport network.
Air Zimbabwe has been running limited flights due to operational challenges.

The failure of the national airline to ply major routes has resulted in the influx of foreign airlines chewing into the market traditionally serviced by Air Zimbabwe.


  1. Only a lunatic wld believe such crap. Hv been in South Africa fo the past 4 yrs and to be frank Zimbabwe is far more secure thn S.A yet its the former which is paraded as unsecure. Here in Zim one cn surf on a laptop in a park without a prblm,go to S.A and try the same u wil either lose yo life or yo laptop. Also here in Zim i can talk on my cellphone frm Market square to 4th street without any prblm. That wil nt hapen in S.A.

    • Here they are talking about protection from ZANU s violent blood thirsty thugs, you dummy.which world do live in,so wat are you doing in Sa -go back to vote and fix your country you primitive skunk,!!

  2. those who will such nonsense is a lunatic themselves. Zimbabwe is the most secure nation on the continent. If you do politics be ready for some beatings anywhere on earth,even in America they even assasinate presidents .zimbabwe,zimbabwe,zimbabwe

  3. Zimbabwe is the most peaceful country in e world. I never feel insecure when i go to any town or city in e country, that report of thiers is rubbish.

  4. Zim is the safest destination on earth…that so called world forum is in an attempt to tarnish our repute…nothing more, nothing less.

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