Polls: Mugabe sticks to June 29

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe intends to announce new election dates after May 8 as he forges ahead with plans to hold the polls by June 29, it was revealed yesterday.

Report by Feluna Nleya

Mugabe made the indication in an urgent chamber application filed at the High Court last Friday seeking an order to be excused from complying with an earlier court order to gazette dates for by-elections in three constituencies in Matabeleland by March 31.

Last year, the Supreme Court ordered the veteran ruler to proclaim by-election dates for the three constituencies — Nkayi South, Bulilima East and Lupane East.
The constituencies fell vacant
after MDC legislators Abednico Bhebhe (Nkayi South), Njabuliso Mguni (Bulilima) and Norman Mpofu (Lupane East) were expelled for allegedly working in cahoots with the MDC-T.
Justice minister Patrick Chinamasa, in a founding affidavit filed on behalf of Mugabe at the High Court, said it did not make economic sense to hold the by-elections about the same time harmonised polls were expected.

He said Mugabe wanted the courts to allow him to delay the polls on condition that he “ensures that harmonised elections are held by 29 June 2013”.

Chinamasa said the timetable was dictated by the constitution-making process that he expected to be concluded by Parliament in the first two weeks of May.

“It is anticipated that this stage of the process will be completed by the 8th of May 2013 and a proclamation for harmonised elections will be published immediately thereafter,” reads part of Chinamasa’s affidavit.

“In terms of the Constitution, the life of Parliament terminates on the 29th of June 2013, by which date harmonised elections must be held in the country.

“It is for the above reasons that the applicant seeks this honourable court’s indulgence to be excused from performance of the order requiring applicant to publish a proclamation of by-elections in the three constituencies by 31st March 2013, on condition that applicant ensures that harmonised elections are held by 29 June 2013.”

He said holding by-elections in the three constituencies on the eve of the general elections would strain the economy.

“Given the above, it does not make economic or practical sense to conduct a parallel process leading to the holding of by-elections about the time it is anticipated to hold harmonised elections,” Chinamasa added.

“Compliance with the order to publish a proclamation for the holding of by-elections in the three constituencies is no longer feasible as a general election is now imminent.”

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  1. Phunyukabemphethe

    !!Let the Gukurahundi try his luck this time around.

    1. Freedoms have limits, sooner or later we will give you your ultimate freedom somewhere beneath.

      1. hahaha phunyu hide unorohwa

    2. If MDC parties leave him to do as he pleases then there is no hope for them winning the elctions. They should ensure electoral reforms are done as required by SADC, he tactically refused to have by elections for the 3 constituents and now they talk of economic sense (bloody nonsense as if they care about the economy). June 29 has a psychological effect on the people’s minds, if you all recall the infamous June 27. If you let him dictate what he wants then I wouldn’t bother to cast my vote because the MDCs would have proved to be spineless thrash. I am watching the developments closely – Don’t say you haven’t been warned.

    3. waida kuti mashona apere here ? Unorwara wanzwa , get facts about Gukurahundi usati watanga kuwawata.

  2. He has no right to declare a date by himself. You MDCs stand up and tell him he has to consult. SADC will support you. Nothing on the ground has changed yet. We are still at risk!

    1. I we, think. Why is chamatama plus open zip not a respondent in the case; yet the guy causing all this abednigo is chamisa’s deputy

  3. Fayzall what risk are u talking about. Afraid of your own shadow. Zimbabwe is the most peaceful place to live in on earth. Its your stage managed violence which u are scared of. We are going in a high stakes election and emotions will be running high. We just need to behave and avoid insulting each other. We did it on March 16 2013. We can do it again.

    1. There was no contest on March 16. Do you not know that?

  4. You Mdc-t people you are confused, what risk are talking about? What is SADC in this? They are just intermediators, who can not overide our constitution and you expect President to come and tell you that,’ I have consult so and so…’ goback and read the GPA & CONSTITUTION and come back well informed. Stupid!!!

    1. Dzorai hasha

  5. a not spammer. i said Dracular cant wait to suck peoples blood. yawakanwa yakakwana. what confusion are u talking about. no more bloodbath and no more blood sucking. gudo remunhu.

  6. What kind of a gvt are MDC supporters n their leaders goin to create if they have no respect whatsoever to constitutional dictates. Is it not clear tht governance is guided by yeasterday’s condtituyion while the future slowly unfolds. Then y do they stil want to negotiate the past in order to rig the future. Guys the country, yes this country of educated young man n women simply demand th respect of the constitution, the GPA is not a constitution but a peace pact tht cannot replace a constitution. Scared of elections…! Sorry s***kers

  7. Iam not a spammer. Pakashaya violence nekutukana tinga fare zvikuru. Kunyanya isu vamwe takaiona Rusununguko rwayo Zimbabwe – shuwa toozve kufa kwayo here? Tovhota zvine hungwaru.

  8. This is the same nonsense that ZANU PF have engaged in since 2011 but which yielded nothing. They have made the same silly pronouncements in their two last ‘People’s(my foot!) conferences. They seem to love to hear or read their own nonsense.

  9. No such thing. Refer to by article above.

  10. Nt a spammer. Thats hw u fail cause u work on assumptions.

  11. May the editor explain fully what u mean by recognising one as a spammer. What i know might be different from ur verification.

  12. zvimbwasungata izvi!our constitution stipulate that elections should be held every after 5years so 5years period have lapsed.handei kumaelections why ar you afraid you cowards.

  13. Chinyera pogonera chidoma che Bohera. Spammer spammer chii chacho

  14. Good Job Robert and Patrick. Everything going as planned

  15. Editor- it appears this spam business has gone a day too long now..why doesnt the online editor issue a press release advising your readership that your system might have been compromised and you are working hard behind the scenes to put matters back to where they were. Most contributors are serious folk who are responding to what you are putting in the public domain, this must say there is something that you are doing right. You do not need this spam this spam that, it is annoying no end. Your silence on the causes of this malady is not helping the reputation of the paper. The damage will not be seen immediately but it will show itself down the road and need I say this has some bearing on your advertisers as well..because the interactive platform contribute positively to your readership surveys..you cant afford to kill it like your colleagues at the other independent daily have done They have completely shut off the voices of their readership via an interactive page which is there in name only..self defeating this is.This is why the guys at this pub;lication have this inflated view of themselves because they dont get to hear from the horses’ mouth, their readership. They erroneoulsy imagine they are the best which like writer john Steibec would say’ “Our capacity for self delusion is boundless!” These fellows have scaled dizzying heights with this self delusion.They will have the shock of their lives when by some freak occurence the interactive pages open up and reveal the rot they have been sitting on.. Refuse therefore to be caught in the same trap! Instead take a bow for leading the way to true open interactive journalism..Funny if you look at the interactive page at the Herald it appears packed, it is just that the jokers running that paper have no clue about what to do with the mountains of information they are receiving from the interactive pages, we pray that one day they will put it to good use. Please attend to this issue which is making your contributors climb walls with frustration, please have a heart and attend to this immediately, its in your interest anyhow!

    I had to resend this twice as it is..

  16. ZANU wants to declare election dates when all we have for news is ZBC and they are confiscating radios. Poopy pants, how can you be scared of information like that? And you expect the playing field o be fair? Herald won’t even publish our comments anymore.

  17. Let Mugabe rule. Awuzubone mhlobo wam.

  18. I am normal I will not vote for Mugabe. Some people never stop to be stupid unless someone stops them. even if Mugabe dies today and still become a presidential candidate,someone will still vote for him.thus why most of you guys die poor.How can a normal person vote for Mugabe who has passed sell by date.

    1. musoni unopenga , ZANU PF supporters are now owners of resources ‘ LAND ‘ in particular.

      what wealth are you talking about .

  19. you hate the truth and bless lies and evil comments,that why you editor call us spammer

  20. Reforms first b4 elections. Stick to that guys. Even if elections are to be held in 2014.

  21. jfjfgklnjlkhiklhykhykh

  22. @sabre u ryt. mdc shld stick to reform implementation or no elections. thrz no point in hvn messy, violent, intimidating polls which wl b disputed. it goes without sayn tht a near fair poll favours mdc. cnt wait 2 vote the dictator out!

  23. Phunyukabemphethe

    It looks like the Gukurahundi by nature likes being stubborn. He just loves and enjoys opposing what other people want, even if there is absolutely no fundamental reason for doing so – mara, why is he like this?

  24. Caiphas shamme

    Why is it that your system chooses to publish nonsence omitting my constructive ideas. ? Ko panodiwa cut here ?

  25. On the contrary i beleive that the by-election should be held and used as a litmus test as to how far we will respect our new constitution. Look at what happened in Chitungwiza just before the harmonized elections in 2008, unfortunately i was there and the situation was not conducive for an election. We had a curfew as the zanu militia deployed from Mbare’s infamous chipangano roamed the streets. People were intimidated into submission which saw Christopher Chigumba becoming MP, with the shortest rein in office as he lost during the harmonized elections just a few weeks after. Saka these by-elections are vital if we are to see just how far zanu are willing to respect the new constitution.

  26. Bob da dog

  27. Baranzi spammer ndi ambuya vako. Better unoshandira herald, thata where they need you.

  28. We are flummoxed with democrats wanting to delay elections. Its equally surprising that the so-called decorated dictators are calling for elections. What are the two MDC-T fearing. Are they not the ones who speaks with an oracular voice that Zanu is finished. Zanu Pf is fast tracking the process for them to prove it electorally. Lets go for erections for the season is upon us and can only run away if it is appeased by way of going into the booth. Mdcs wants to prolong the inclusive, not sure of their fate yet by way of public posturing, they shout to everyone who cares about irreversible prospects of a win…..

  29. Stupid spammer shit

  30. Last kick of the dying horse. Vakungorotomokaa-rotomoka sekuru. Since when Muchingoti maelections maelections. They hav ran out of ideas. MaCormrade ngatisunungure nyika kubva mumaoko eDictator baba chatunga. MDC T chete

  31. What?Kuti election handikuwhina uye referrendum yakasiyana, muchaona chembere dzichadonha. Zvichemo zvenyu zvekuda mavotes edu kuti murambe makatidzvanya pasi nazvo. we need CHANGE NOW!

  32. spammer chiiko mhani

  33. Elections without reforms is a no no.Mugabe can go hang

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