No change yet in US sanctions on Zim

WASHINGTON — The United States is reviewing its sanctions on Zimbabwe, but has made no decision yet to follow the European Union in easing an assets-freeze and travel visa ban, a top official said on Monday.

— News24
Washington congratulated the Harare government for holding a “peaceful and credible constitutional referendum” earlier this month, State Department spokesperson Patrick Ventrell said.

It was “an important first step in the nation’s development of democracy”, he said of the March 16 vote called to approve a new constitution.

But the United States is still waiting to see if it can “serve as a precedent for upcoming presidential elections”.

“So we’re going to continue to review our sanctions, but we want to get the democratic process back on track in Zimbabwe.”

The European Union on Monday lifted sanctions against 81 people and eight entities in Zimbabwe following the March referendum.

However, President Robert Mugabe and a handful of others remained on the EU blacklist, a European diplomat confirmed.

The United States began imposing targeted sanctions on Zimbabwe in 2001, which include financial sanctions and travel bans on a list of firms and individuals, including Mugabe.

Former US secretary of state Hillary Clinton said in August during a visit to South Africa that Washington would reward efforts by Zimbabwe’s leaders to pave the way toward free elections, saying the United States is prepared to “match action for action”.

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  1. Do u c that.our gvnt is being referred to as the Harare gvnt

  2. I might have been left holding the wrong end of the stick but what do these sanctions serve besides give ZANU weapons to use against their own people? The US policy on Africa as seen in Kenya over the Uhuru issue where they are said to have warned Kenyans that electing Uhuru would have consequences when the same US is not even a member of the ICC is double nonsense which has no place in internation diplomacy..this unwarranted interference can be regarded as one of the reasons why Odinga (who I backed) lost the election. The fact that the result is being contested is neither here nor there but Americans should learn to know when to back off. If as is the case in Zimbabwe the major political parties in government have lobbied to have the sanctions removed why should the US continue to use the 2002 election as a mask to continue with them..? The people of Zimbabwe who these sanctions sought to protect are saying REMOVE them why does the US and EU want to continue with them? What arrogance informs this decision to purport to speak for us as if we were blind children who can not tell what is good for us? If the UN security council has said they should be is these foreign policy blunders that give these two bodies a smelly odor. Lift these so-called sanctions now and let Zimbabwe move on. ZMDC has complied with the KP dictates, why not remove them as there are international mechanisms to ensure that transparency is in place..this continued ban is just some red herring being used effectively by others to loot the national purse. Removing the sanctions will left them exposed, never mind their pretense of saying they want them removed, they are cashing in presently and this is why everytime the EU meets to deliberate the sanctions some local miscreant makes sure Zimbabwe grabs the headlines for totally strange reason..there is a method to the madness. There is a group cashing in on the present status quo and the EU is giving them sufficient cover for this. It is this group that should be exposed. Shame.

    Of course that is not to say the government comes out smelling of fresh cut flowers, the way they have handled the ZACC and Beatrice issue is meant to assist those who are campaigning to have the sanctions kept in is this cabal that are the real enemies of Zimbabwe and the US and EU are just providing the grease.

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