NetOne Charity Shield blessing

THE absence of Dynamos and Highlanders in the NetOne Charity Shield is a blessing in disguise for the mobile service provider.


Additionally, another team in the same bracket as Dynamos and Highlanders, Black Mambas — all sponsored by BancABC — also failed to make the cut.

Since last year’s fracas when the final between Dynamos and Motor Action was almost stopped due to a disagreement over the branding of the kits, there has been acrimony between the league champions and NetOne.

Dynamos won the cup, but could not receive the $50 000 prize money after they refused to wear the NetOne branded jerseys citing contractual obligations with their principal sponsor BancABC.

A year on, NetOne has not given Dynamos that money and the mobile company has stated they will give each of the 18 players named for last year’s final $500 each as a token of appreciation for taking part. This has further incensed the Dynamos leadership who declared they would not play in this year’s games even if they were voted for.

But a strong media campaign saw most Dynamos fans vote for Monomotapa instead.

Monomotapa will now join FC Platinum, Chicken Inn and Caps United in this morning’s draw. The semi-finals are likely to be played at Mandava Stadium on Saturday and if all logistics are put in place in time, the final will be held at the same venue the following day.

Pay-per-view television giant Supersport, who intend to televise 60 matches this season between Wednesdays and Sundays and in the evenings, are planning a trip this weekend to Zimbabwe to cover the Charity Shield.

But that will also depend on the willingness of the sponsors NetOne to bend their own expectations and understand that “it can be done”.

Early this year, BancABC finally came out of their shell and invited other corporates to come into football sponsorship.

This was after Dynamos had stated that they would accept the $150 000 Mbada Diamonds subsidy from the mining company if their principal sponsor agreed to it.

BancABC then warmed up to the deal and Mbada came in.

This saw Dynamos donning jerseys in the Caf Champions League emblazoned with corporate logos from both Mbada and BancABC.

It was then expected that a similar deal might be struck between BancABC and NetOne if Highlanders, Dynamos and Black Mambas were to make the cut in this year’s Charity Shield which, for the first time, was decided by fans through a voting system.

Dynamos, who have the biggest support base in Zimbabwe, finished in fifth place with 10 275 votes, while the second most popular team in the country, Highlanders, finished sixth with 8 080 votes.

Monomotapa garnered the highest number of votes, amassing a total of 20 825, mainly coming from Dynamos who used the power of social media to campaign for the 2008 champions as a result of their wrangle with NetOne.

Caps United were second with 16 013 votes, while Chicken Inn, with a fast-foods network across the country and a big employer, were third with 15 558 votes.

Platinum, who met with their supporters last Wednesday to unveil new coach Tennant Chilumba, were fourth with 11 585 votes.

So for NetOne, it’s smooth sailing this year. They would have thought to co-brand their kits for Platinum, who are sponsored by FBC Bank, and Monomotapa, who are bankrolled by Chroma Paints, and Chicken Inn funded by the fast-foods giants.

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  1. could it be a tactful way of admiting that the voting results were doctored?

  2. I am happy that De mbare is not participating in this circus. Netone has always courted controvesy. Remember when Econet sposnored premier league soccer.

  3. I am happy that De mbare is not participating in this circus. Netone has always courted controvesy. Remember when Econet sposnored premier league soccer. Surely can anyone take the results seriously given the support base of those teams that are suppossed to have topped the polls. This is rubbish

  4. Another rigged results. This time involving a soccer tournament. If Bosso and dembare cannot garner enough votes to see them participating in this Netone challenge, which team can make it. It clearly shows that teams were hand picked not voted as afore said.This clearly how simple any voting process can be easily manipulated.

  5. the reporting by wellington toni is suggesting that dynamos were voting for monoz than themselves like the don’t need the money . every team wanted to be part of this tourney those who didn’t want would have asked thru the psl to be excused and rightly would be . toni as much as you are a die hard dembare u have to learn to take your teams defeat with dignity than trying to campaign negatively for a sponsors tourney . lets be objective than be destructive welly toni

  6. Chikonaz we dembare

    Imi ve netone dnt treat us kunge grade zero kids!makaona kt mune zvipande ne dembare saka kt itambe hazvigone ma votes api amoda kutinyepera fake dzoga dzoga chero mukadaro asi hatimire kuzora.

  7. Yes, Chindori Dynamos fans (most from FAcebook) were voting rival teams, each time the results were announce fans would encourage others to rally for the teams which would oust Dynamos. I was one of them. I take you came lately on the scene to know what was happening. You say take your teams defeat with diginity can you tell me where the 20000 fans come from, most of the people who voted are urbanites and to say Monos has more support on sms than inthe ground leave me in stitches!

  8. What makes people say Dynamos supporters voted for Monoz. Monoz are an exciting team and if anybody voted for it then they are Monoz supporters. Dynamos problems is they are supported by poor people who can not afford to vote, only good at pushing carts and selling green mealies

    1. tendai, i’m a highlanders fan, i dont think its a fair comment. why abusing dynamos fans like that.

    2. Waakupenga manje. The only reason I did not vote is handina line renetone. I cant se my self buying a line only to vote for my team. Hazvina musoro. Imi mune maline enetone handiti maipiwa nemasabhuku. Murembe muchivhotera team dzenyu. Maybe this time around mungangowhinawo since Dembare isipo. Good for you.

    3. @ tendai kikikikikikiki!!!

  9. Is it only in Zim were teams have to don shirts with a cup sponsor.Probably its because shirt sponsorship has not been that serious. In the EPL clubs do not change their shirt logos because they are playing in the League cup sponsored by Capital one or the FA which is sponsored by Budweiser.

  10. @tendai. enda unovhiya mbudzi, hauna brain padare RaShe. an SMS costs less than 15c but ground rose rinenge rakazara kana Dembare ichitamba at $5 gate charges. Hausati wamboona convoy yema Cars emaDembareans achiinda kuByo kana vaine game? latest models. Hauna kunzwa kuti Motor Action maplayers ave nenguva vasingahori. Saka imi masupporters ayo munoti mune mari why dont you just bail your team. Many banks are running head over heels seeking to sponsor this glamour team kunze kweNETONe yakasvotwa nekuirasisa kwatakaiita wonder why it rigged the votes.

  11. Godlwayo Malinga

    Madzibaba Toni indeed ,,ukuthatha ngaphi ukuthi iDembare ilamasupporters amanengi ukudlula zonke????

  12. Zim soccer circus at its peak. What mileage will NetOne get out of this

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