Net closes in on Mugabe ministers

The High Court yesterday reportedly granted the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) permission to search the offices of three Cabinet ministers allegedly involved in corrupt activities.

Report by Everson Mushava

A well-placed source within the commission told NewsDay that High Court judge Justice Charles Hungwe had given ZACC the green light to search the offices of Mines minister Obert Mpofu, Indigenisation minister Saviour Kasukuwere, and Transport and Infrastructural Development  minister Nicholas Goche.

The commission is also set to pounce on National Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment Board (NIEEB) and Zimbabwe National Road Administration (Zinara) offices which fall under Kasukuwere and Goche respectively.

NewsDay is reliably informed that lawyers representing the ministers were yesterday frantically preparing papers to oppose the High Court order in the Supreme Court.

An investigation team from ZACC was last week reportedly denied entry to search the offices.

Although ZACC spokesperson Goodwin Shana admitted having approached the High Court seeking such an order, he declined to comment further.

A source from the commission, however, said yesterday: “Yes, the anti-corruption commission got an order to search the ministers.
“ZACC has been trying to secure a search warrant from the police and the Magistrates’ Court, but it was taking long. We had to approach the High Court and had the order granted today (yesterday).”

Kasukuwere and NIEEB have been in the limelight over alleged corruption in indigenisation transactions, involving particularly the Zimplats deal which observers say prejudiced the country of many millions of dollars while making well-connected individuals rich overnight.

Zinara has also come under heavy criticism from motorists and the general public, who accuse the authority of failing to maintain the country’s road network despite collecting huge amounts of money in tollgate and vehicle licence fees.

Many reports on the country’s mining sector also allege massive corruption in the Mpofu-led ministry.

NewsDay sources at the anti-graft body said the probe would not be limited to the ministers’ offices, but also other high echelons of government and several departments and private companies.

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  1. Batayi mbavha

  2. Dr Vincent Gwarazimba

    Its high time we deal with corruption in the country. Obviously Mpofu and Kasukuwere benefited from their ministries. Kasukuwere’s ranting about indigenisation mearnt he was making money through Brainworks. Check the owners of that company. Mpofu has built a business empire from theft and smuggling of diamonds and other moinerals.

  3. Reagan Muchenje

    MaZanu aye anofanira kunyatsoongororwa chaizvo izvo coz varikubira nyika,,,mbavha ma Zanu

  4. Why tarnishing the trio’s record of patronage

    1. tarnishing patronage kumbavha here. batai munhu.

  5. I am particularly concerned about ministry of transport. Where is all that money going given the state of most of our roads Just compare our roads with those in Botswana or South Africa. Something has terribly gone wrong. Could it be the sanctions??

  6. Phunyukabemphethe

    Why no warrant to search the Gukurahundi’s offices for starters?

  7. I can hear somebody farting.

  8. alfred mutandazo

    we are sick and tired of the rich getting richer at the expense of the majority poor.they must be exposed and if found guilty their assets freezed

  9. As we speak, accounts r being cooked, records concealed and documents destroyed…frantically!

  10. all ministries just need to be investigated not to mention parastatals ang the government central hospitals especially Parirenyatwa’s CEO and his chief buyer. i tell you, you will be amazed at what you will find. these guys own the security and cleaning companies not to mention all other supplying companies

  11. I had no intention of pouring cold water on this ZACC latest stillborn foray..the bucket I am using (made in China) split in half spewing its contents. This latest thrust by ZACC is going where it started into the ground..Nothing will happen to Goche, Mpofu, Kasukuwere and anyone for that matter.ZACC is simply tuning its guitars. Live with it!!!! More of these jokes are lined up, so do not say you were not warned, rather laugh it off and continue with what you were doing which I suppose in the majority of case is contemplating suicide.

  12. Bingu wa Mchombo

    u are right hilltop as we speak people are burning evidence the searches are taking long thieves knew it was coming batai mbavha !

  13. ZACC yacho ndiyo yazara necorruption. even vakawana something vanongonzi batawo neapa. there are toothless dogs.

  14. I hope those noises lead to smthg tangible not jst lip service. And by implicatuon Mugabe should kiss these charlatans goodbye whether corruptly exonerated or not. Their arrests are overdue

  15. Phunyukabemphethe

    I find it funny that Gukurahundi thieves are now investigating and arresting each other, whats up?

    A thief arresting a thief – something is amiss here.

  16. ZACC yacho must also proble Police chiefs.They are running a racket at Harare Police Station.
    There is no way of burning the evidence of cash that flows through a bank account.And forensic scientists can reconstruct any deleted computer files.
    Ko iye Chombo wacho ambosarira pai?

  17. Arrest them and put them in remand prison and then investigate

  18. about time something was done

  19. Definitely they should be interrogated for their corruption

  20. Kana munhu anentsa varume sotai munhu,
    Kuponda musoro
    Kurova mhuno
    Kana munhu anetsa imi varume batai munhu

    Ndiyanio achasungirira kitsi bhero/

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