Muzondo, Maposa to feature at Hifa


THEATRE directors and producers Tafadzwa Muzondo and Daniel Maposa will feature at this year’s Harare International Festival of the Arts (Hifa) in a play titled Washington Junction.

Entertainment Reporter

The play will feature at two shows at Hifa’s Reps Theatre Upstairs stage on May 3 (8-9pm) and May 4 (10:30-11:30am).

Directed by Patience Tawengwa and written by Muzondo, the play will premiere at Hifa after a regional premiere at April International Theatre Festival in Zambia — April 24 – 28.

Also featuring in the satire is the delectable Evangelisa Mwatse while Julie Wharton comes in as the technical adviser.

“It is a unique approach that is set to rock theatre buffs in Zimbabwe as it is a fusion premised on the imperative for collaboration to explore high standards of theatre production and promotion,” he said.

He said through the satire, the play interrogates various issues that have remained unsolved over the years.

“Washington Junction is not just an informal car wash on a street junction, but a junction of dreams that never rot even when people are rotting in poverty,” said Muzondo.

“Dreams that never die even when the dreamer is dying of hunger — the ambitions and hallucinations in those dreams; the frustrations and inspirations in pursuit of those dreams.”

It is a tale of three commoners who are united by their common aspirations, fears, interests and setbacks.

Muzondo hailed the collaboration between his Edzai Isu Theatre Arts Project and Maposa’s Savanna Trust and said he hoped it would bring better quality to the production.

“To be honest, I am thrilled to be collaborating with Daniel Maposa in this production as I believe collaboration is the way to go,” he said.

“Look at Hollywood, it has producers with money to go it alone, but if you see most movies, they involve more than two production houses which is what we are trying to do here.”