Mugabe in poll date fix

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe is under increasing pressure to declare an election date before the end of this month or risk being in contempt of court, a respected thinktank has warned.

Staff Reporter

Last year, Mugabe sought two court applications to postpone by-elections in three constituencies on the basis that a date for elections would have been set by the end of March.

Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai recently announced that he had agreed with the Zanu PF leader that the elections would be held in July.

But according to a paper by Derek Matyszak of the Research and Advocacy Unit on the ongoing constitutional reforms, Mugabe has few options when it comes to proclamation of election dates.

“A court order, which already reflects two applications for a postponement, requires the President to gazette the dates for three of several outstanding by-elections before the 31st March, 2013,” reads part of the report.

“Although the order only pertains to by-elections in three constituencies, the postponement of the by-elections has been granted on the basis of the President’s assertions that he intends to set the dates for a general election before the 31st March, 2013.”

A referendum on the new constitution will only be held on March 16 and the inclusive government is obliged to organise the elections using the new charter.

Considering that the country has scant resources for elections, it is highly unlikely that Mugabe will only set a date for elections in the three constituenciessince there are several vacant seats.

In this regard, the nomination courts should sit within 21 days of the proclamation of the election dates, with polls expected to be held within 63 days.

This means the most likely date for elections will be June 23.
“His (Mugabe) proclamation in this regard must set the date for the sitting of the nomination courts no later than 21 days from the date of the proclamation and the elections must take place no later than 63 days after the sitting of the nomination courts,” reads the report.

“This makes the latest date for the elections, if a further postponement is not sought or the President is not to be held in contempt of court, the 23rd June 2013.”

If the President does not seek another postponement, Parliament will automatically be dissolved on June 29.

Three legislators, expelled from the Welshman Ncube-led MDC, last year approached the courts seeking to force Mugabe to declare a date for by-elections. Mugabe was then compelled to declare an election date, but he sought a postponement arguing that he would set a general election date this March.

Meanwhile, the legislature will also be hard pressed to come up with a system of proportional representation that will be used if the draft constitution is adopted.

Matyszak said while the system of proportional representation seemed straightforward, there were a number of complexities that arose and the negotiators in the inclusive government might be forced to hurriedly negotiate the issue before the dissolution of Parliament.

He advised that since an Act of Parliament had to be passed for the adoption of a system of proportional representation, the Global Political Agreement negotiators should start debating immediately on the format to be chosen, as there was not much time before the dissolution of the legislature.

Under the system of proportional representation, 60 Senators will be chosen according to the percentage of votes their respective parties will receive in the election. So if a party wins 50% of the vote in a particular province, they will contribute three members to the Senate for that province. Each province will have six seats in the Senate, chosen through proportional representation.

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  1. josefa chinotimba

    I don’t like and will not accept the zanu pf win after the killing of the innocent soul.

    1. Zim is for Zimweans and evrythin is done th zim way…….askies foreigners!!!

      1. first learn to read and write.. Whats ” Zimweans” and “askies”? You must be grade 2 or something.

    2. if wishes were horses.

    3. Plz plz open the Voters Roll tionewo mukana wekuREGISTER.
      Yesterday the Market Sq. reg centre were filled with hundreds of police, army recruits thereby denying us ordinary citizens the chance to register.

  2. Mberikwazvo Kunyanya

    It is highly unlikely that elections will be held in June or July this year. Logistically, it’s impossible. July is particularly is an impossible proposition because of the UNWTO General Assembly. That leaves Mugabe with June option, however, there lies the main problem: ZANU PF is ill-prepared for elections because of internal divisions. The framework for conducting primary elections has not been agreed upon largely of the divisions alluded to earlier. Elections, in my view, are feasible in early 2014. That will give political parties the chance to iron out areas of divergence and sort out the constitutional issues. Is it legally possible to extend the GPA? well was it not created by negotiations, it might as well be extended by negotiations too!

    1. Zwelibanzi Mgabadela

      Are you a Political Scientist, lumpenproletariat or just a gullible hoi polloi?

      In your wisdom or lack of it, what will be obtaining from August to December?

      Anything that can forestall elections?

    2. Parliament automatically dissolves on the 29th June and elections must be held within 4 months there of…(October 29th) if the GPA is extended and the government is to obey the constitution, then this can only be achieved through a constitutional amendment…and even that is of dubious legal validity as it could be argued that regular elections is an unalterable part of the constitution and fundamental to democracy.

  3. Iko kedu kenharo,kekunamirira kwe33 years kachiramba kukwatanurwa kakaomerwa nekuti wthin Zanunoids therz division,UNWTO iripadhuze,at the same tym he has to craft means to rig elections,so its going to b an uphill task.if he engages one,its goin to disadvantage th other.

    1. Zwelibanzi Mgabadela


  4. vamugabe ngavatonge kusvika zvanaka ,,, he he heee ..

  5. iwe unoti kenharo ndiwe ani iwe?..nxaaaaaaaaaa

  6. ini ndini jonathan moyo.l support u in the meetings but l vote MDC-T coz it is the party whose enterence into the government brought a lot of positives though flawed by Mugabe and the cowards surrounding him.l dont forget what you did to me by the time you chased me as if l was an immature imbecile.l cant support the party without a future considering Mugabe(GORITOTO)’ s old age

    1. josefa chinotimba

      Ndizvo jonathan Moyo,me too will support you and my war vets.Tinonyepa kusapota zanu asi chokwadi ngechekuti tiri ve MDC T sangano ravaTsvangirai.Chinja maitiro!!!! maitiro chinja!!!!.

  7. musatukane bodo nokuti vamunotukanirana ndokubasa kwavo,jus concentrate nezvinhu zvinoisa chingwa patebhuru pako

  8. zanu yonanga kumawere

  9. Zanu this time u won’t make it u are a party of abnormal people ‘kikikikiki to hell its time for the youth to map they kwakwakwakwa…………..

  10. iwe ngwena unogara munyika ipi usingazive kenharo?indava uchiita kunge nungu inogara mubako.get away mhani.

  11. Mati gore rino kune maelection ? Murikunyeberwa kune maERECTION !

  12. Pamberi ne Zanu asingade ndezvekwake

  13. Hamheno!

  14. Phunyukabemphethe

    In Zim time has never been the issue in terms of implementation of the requirements of the GPA – the problem has always been the chicanery of the Gukurahundis – everything they do is centred on cheating and trying to upstage their opponents, and not on transparency.

    They are always scheeming and strategising on their next Gukurahundi moves or designs against their opponents, despite publicly and legally agreed positions.

    This is why they now appear to be constrained for time, otherwise this has never been a problem right from day one!!

  15. Who cares when e next elections will be held all we know is that gushungo will b e president the next ten years. I love u gushungo our God given leader.


  17. @ sunzu
    ….very true my friend Tsvangirai is busy campaignn for referendum yet millions of youths are bein denied opportunity to register.
    Tichazooaramwa ma elections acho.
    Kubvira january Biti achiti arikutsvaga mari to kickstart the registering process. Nw a few weeks left before elections.
    Very frastrating.

  18. Bob is now coming to an end . No sane individual can vote for a 90 year old candidate . Jonathan Moyo said people would rather vote for a donkey .

  19. Kune vanhu vajaira kungoda kutyisa vamwe especially veZanu pf . Hakuna munhu anotyisa vamwe pano kana munhu asingade Mugabe kachembere musiye akadaro munhu haamanikidzwe kuda mugabe iwe kana uchimuda ndezvako izvo. Pasi naMugabe

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