Media commissioners snub Tsvangirai


PRIME Minister Morgan Tsvangirai was last Friday forced to cancel his scheduled meeting with members of the Zimbabwe Media Commission (ZMC) after only three of the nine commissioners turned up amid reports that commissioners seconded by Zanu PF had been barred from attending the indaba.

Report by Everson Mushava

Of late, Tsvangirai has been meeting members of the different government commissions to appreciate their challenges.

The Premier has already held several meetings with the Zimbabwe Electoral Commissions (ZEC) to facilitate preparations for the referendum and harmonised elections.

On Friday, the MDC-T had arranged a similar meeting with the ZMC commissioners, but only three turned up.

Some of the commissioners who failed to attend the meeting include ZMC chair Godfrey Majonga and his deputy Nqobile Nyathi.

Majonga yesterday admitted the meeting was called off following a low show by the commissioners, but denied allegations that they had been ordered to boycott the Premier.

“I am not aware that anyone took orders from the Ministry (of Media, Information and Publicity),” Majonga said.

“We did not have the meeting because a number of commissioners were not present to attend. We asked for the meeting to be postponed.”
However, Henry Muradzikwa, one of the three commissioners who attended, said all the commissioners had been advised by Majonga about Tsvangirai’s meeting.

“I went to the PM’s offices on Friday and found out that there were only three of us,” Muradzikwa said.

“I received a call from the ZMC secretariat advising me that the meeting had been cancelled. No explanation was given. One of us called the chairperson, but he was not picking calls. The PM then came in, only to realise that we were only three. He showed his displeasure and told us the meeting could no longer proceed.”

Sources told NewsDay that Media, Information and Publicity minister Webster Shamu, who has been at loggerheads with the MDC-T leader for refusing to implement media reforms agreed by the three political parties in the inclusive government, was responsible for the collapse of the meeting.

Tsvangirai’s spokesperson Luke Tamborinyoka described the snub as unfortunate.


  1. This was a crucial meeting guys and for you not to attend was just like shooting yourself in the foot and you won’t go anywhere.I would also want to think that Mr Shamu is the one who told his surbodinates not to attend since he[Mr Shamu]does not want the freeing of the airwaves in favour of parties as this would better their chances of winning the forthcoming elections but let me hasten to say that gone are the days when this tactic yielded the intended results sir.Nowadays,people are educated and can easily access the internet and do whatever they want there so this will not stop Tsvangirai from winning the elections given your past history.Thank you for not attending the meeting but be advised that these are the last kicks of a dying horse even if give us maize we will take it and vote wisely and you know what i mean by that.

  2. You will pay heavily for cohabitating with and selling out to Gukurahundi ZANU PF, Mr Prime Minister. La khona, you are dealing with seasoned crooks mawungazi, vula’amehlo, akuyeke ukulala!!

  3. I hope the Minister of Information was not involved in this..If this report is true then the commissioners should be relieved of their duties.
    If anything they are just embarrassing themselves..why not attend the meeting and refuse to cooperate or something more mature than this childish nonsense? Frankly some of the commissioners are quite respectable people could it be perhaps the details of this meeting were not communicated on time?

    I think young Tamborinyoka says it very well..the decision not to attend if it were deliberate was rather unfortunate. And by the way its great to welcome you back will never know how much you were missed in that office and elsewhere!

  4. These people with little minds must be sent packing kana vasingade basa.Time shall come pavachazoone kuti basa rine mutemo waro.

  5. Which godfrey majonga is this one, is he not one who was paralysed by a zanu chef at a girlfriend hideout in the avenues and he is dining with them, surely desperation should not reach such levels. As for their non comittal to the meeting, it means they are being paid by our taxes for doing nothing other than limiting airwaves to zanu jingles only.

    • Yes he is the one, what a dissapointment after all they did to him he still sings to their tune for the right price I guess anyone in Zimbabwe can be bought no one seems to have ethics or morals basically no integrity or self respect. Shame, shame, shame.

  6. “On Friday, the MDC-T had arranged a similar meeting with the ZMC commissioners, but only three turned up.” Why would the commissioners turn up to an MDC-T meeting? MDC-T trying to show that they are are in power and they were shown who is!

    They deserve to be snubbed because of their tendency to politicise everything. Chaisng after dead bodies and misleading everybody about a whole host of issues, MDC-T is not serious. Why would anyone have a meeting with a bunch of jokers and an over sexed PM?

    • “Why would anyone have a meeting with a bunch of jokers and an over sexed PM?” Your mother would.

  7. It clearly shows that the above comment is coming from a CIO operative and if not its one of zanu bootlickers who can not survive on their own other than waiting for crumbs from chefs’ table marinated in innocent people’s blood. These are the people who have turned against the people under camouflage of sovereignity and gains of independence. They are very aware in their minds that time is up and that no-one in the world has waged a war against the people and won.

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