Mahoso role queried

GWERU — A member of the Zimbabwe Media Commission (ZMC), Matthew Takaona, has accused ZMC chief executive officer Tafataona Mahoso of compromising the constitutional body’s operations because of his dual role in the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe (BAZ).

Report by Blessed Mhlanga

Besides heading the ZMC’s secretariat, Mahoso also chairs BAZ.
Addressing participants at an editors’ and legilsators’ workshop in Gweru last Friday, Takaona said Mahoso’s dual positions had made the work of the commission untenable.

“If the ZMC wants to write a letter to BAZ, it is our CEO Mahoso who will write to himself as the BAZ chairman, making the situation very untenable,” he said.

Takaona was responding to a question by chairman of the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Media, Settlement Chikwinya, on why the commission had allowed Mahoso to hold the two positions.

Contacted for comment, Mahoso said those who felt offended by his posts should raise their complaints with Media, Information and Publicity minister Webster Shamu.

“I didn’t appoint myself to those positions, I was appointed by the minister,” he said.

Takaona said the ZMC was also being compromised by lack of funding.
“Our funding comes through the Ministry of Information and this arrangement also compromises the work of ZMC,” he said.

“We have been starved of funding because the money we have received is only enough to meet salaries and other administration costs.”

Chikwinya said there was need to ensure that ZMC, as a constitutional body receives its funding from the National Budget to maintain its independence.

BAZ has been accused of delaying the opening up of the airwaves to maintain Zanu PF’s monopoly of the airwaves.

Zinef chairman Brain Mangwende said the workshop was meant to bridge the gap between the media and political players ahead of the elections expected to be held in June or July.

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  1. i just hate mahaso! tht man is a national disgrace, evn to himself. he is so pro-zanu, he cnt evn pretend to be objective

    1. He is a chikwambo, even Zanu PF cannot shake off the bugger.

  2. Im not a spammer.

  3. he writes to himself maybe requesting for authority to do something and who replies, its him, will he grant that request, no need for a rocket scientist to provide answer.

  4. yy dnt we hve any1 otha thn mahoso on BAZ?he singlehanded gve licences to Zifm & StarFm, refusing 2 gve truly private stations licences lke kiss fm nd othas. mahoso is simply a disgrace to society

  5. Besides writing letters to himself in his various capacities, old Mahoso will be eating from as many pots as he can. It’s called siphoning national resources!

  6. Mahoso must feel really important in these conflicting roles..proving to all and sundry that he is the GOD of all media in Zimbabwe..if this does not make you sick then you must have iron guts..And this is the guy who is always making a lot of spirited parrot noises about the unfairness of the western world..with this kind of people does this government need any enemies? There are certain individuals who seem to be really dedicated to bringing down the government..whether they do this unknowingly or deliberately is subject for some real introspection..Mahoso tops the list, with one Musindo (accused of rape some time back), Manheru, Moyo and one Chaibva. Well I suppose they are in the sunset of their ‘political existence in the sun’ and so they are ‘raging are against the dying of the light..’ But one thing they can be sure of is they did not add any value to the appeal of ZANU, if anything they torpedoed it, and it is a crying shame!

  7. I used to see that moron walking everyday to and from Harare Polytechnic but since he chose to join the gravy train he has been offered so many a perks thats why he is ceo here and chairman there as if Zimbabwe has run short of human resources. To indicate that he is enjoying his moments he has the audacity to respond that he did not elect himself to those positions, then the question is how were you expecting to function effectively in the two positions which need to interact on policy.

  8. the man is a mad doctor

  9. Yaa, that is typical …..And what is Webster Shamu saying about this?

  10. Mahoso is a thony in our nation

  11. No wonder why the economy is fucked up.

    1. Right you are! These guys think because they open their mouths and spew out words they think they know everything and thus mess everything they touch, by they I mean these zanu pf thugs and criminals.

  12. thank u all for hammering mahoso! i ddnt knw readers here dislike him jst like me…wat he has done is 2 simply make pple hate zanu more, certainly he adds no value their sorry cause…

  13. The fact that one man can hold many positions shows that Zimbabweans are not educated but hold on to the myth of 98% literate peddled by misguided UNICEF elements. If a man of Mahoso’s calibre can be appointed to two positions, what sort of literate population do we have? ‘Ask Shamu’. Daft!

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