Latest: Mtetwa arrested for demanding search warrant

Human rights lawyer Beatrice Mtetwa was arrested this morning after asking the police to produce a search warrant after they pounced at the home of a senior official in Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s private offices in Harare.

Report by Staff Reporter

Impeccable sources told NewsDay that the police raided Thabani Mpofu’s home and rummaged through it before confiscating laptops and cellphones, among others. The police did not state the reason they searched Mpofu’s home.

During the search, the sources said, Tsvangirai’s chief advisor Alex Magaisa alerted Mtetwa who was then taken to Mpofu’s home to represent him.

Mtetwa, the sources said, demanded a search warrant from the police who failed to produce it. She also demanded to see an inventory of the property the police had confiscated. Again the police could not produce the inventory.

One of the police officers, the sources said, then accused Mtetwa of recording and shooting pictures of her conversation with the members of the uniformed forces using her cellphone.

The sources said the officer leading the search, identified only as Mukwazhi, demanded the phone from Mtetwa who had placed it in her bag. A scuffle ensued, the sources added, resulting in the police wrestling the bag from Mtetwa.

Mukwazhi, the sources said, then charged Mtetwa of obstructing the course of justice. She was then thrown at the back of a police van and taken to Tsvangirai’s private communications and information offices in Bath Road, Avondale. Mpofu was also taken to the offices in a separate vehicle.

The offices had earlier on been raided by the police.

Mtetwa was later taken to Harare Central Police Station where she was formally charged with obstructing the course of justice.

The sources said Mtetwa accused Mukwazhi of obstructing her from representing her client. She is still in police custody.

Besides Mpofu, the police also arrested Anna Muzvidziwa and Felix Matsinde, who also work in Tsvangirai’s communications offices in Avondale over unclear reasons.

The whereabouts of Muzvidziwa and Matsinde are not known although it is certain they are in police custody.

Their lawyer Alec Muchadehama said he will give an update on his clients’ status later on today.

The police said they will call for a press conference on the raid later today.

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  1. chembere yekwaChivi

    zanu pf is behaving like one cornered. Zvichapera chete. We have dictators who never thought they would be brought to account but now are having to listen while names of those they killed and abused are being called at international justice institutions such as the ICC and the ICJ.

  2. iih ndanyara chaizvo. I wish i was not zimbabwean. Police clearly campaigning fo mdc. Right minded human beings always sympathise wth the oppressed

    1. Well said.This is what happens when you put a gangster in charge of a police force.Border Gezi ikatove nani. Looks like the cops are paid from the public purse to violate the law.Sad.

  3. This is a barbaric way of behavior which should be stopped immediately. The presidency should get to the root cause this issue, someone is deliberately trying to tarnish the image of the unity government. These police officers should be arrested as they are putting the image of Zimbabwe disrepute

  4. We thought there is a clause in the Constitution for protection of Human Rights recently voted for “Yes”- maiweeeee………

  5. This calls for security sector reforms. Chihuri and his dogs must not get away with murder . But Zanu is campaigning for MDC T by doing this .

  6. mapurisa ezanu pf mazidofo ko madii kuburitsa search warrant racho kana manga muchiita zviripamutemo,hamunyare, hatichada hatichada munoti munosvikepi muchimbunyikidza vanhu, chisingapere chinoshura tinoda kuona kwamuchasvika nehudzvanyiriri hwenyu hwunonyadzisa kudaro.

  7. Dictator remains dictator only unless and until something is done. I urge fellow Zimbabweans just NOT to vote for an evil bloody vampire called MUGABE. Everywhere we go we are treated like street kids just because of Mugabe. The person who pointed out that Mugabe is a Malawian is right.He is not a Zimbabwean and we have suffered as a result of him.Let’s just spread the word of change to those who do not know how evil Mugabe is.

  8. I am honestly embarrassed to be Zimbabwean in times like these. At independence we ushered in an apartheid regime, albeit under a different skin colour

  9. mhondi dzevanhu,majaira kutsakatisa vanhu,your days are numbered.the last kicks of a dying horse.

  10. These police officers are acting againest zanu pf president mugabe as well i pray that cde Mugabe will open his eyes and see

  11. sadza mushumha

    Extremely proud to be Zimbabwean. Zimbabwe has no space for criminals. Mtetwa obstructed the course of justice and she is facing the music. MDC-T thugs have this foolish believe that because of the pseudo protection they falsely enjoy from western countries they can bully their way. This is Zimbabwe and it is firmly in the hands of Zanu whether someone here gives it a bell. We do not care. Yesterday it was Biti lying through and through that one of its official had been kidnapped in headlands yet he is a murder suspect taken by police for questioning and subsequent arrest. MDC-T is so naive that it wants all criminal suspects linked to it be announced publicly before they are arrested to face the law. That’s gutter rubbish!!! Zimbabwe is not a banana republic. We have a functional constitution, a well oiled security system very equal to the task. This stupid noise being echoed here of security sector reform is not only mischevious but idiotic and can only be pushed by idiots. What we need is opposition political party reforms, so that they look indigenous from structure, funding and philosophy. Beatrice must account for her bully and provocative attitude to the police.

    1. Mbongeni Sakhe


    2. Sadza go Fuck yourself

    3. You show lack of understanding how the law works. if police want to search your offices or home, every citizen, just like Mtetwa has the right to demand to see the search warrant. So, Sadza unorwara. This is not about politics but the rule of law. Am not political but i feel your views lack direction and they stink to the core.

  12. shame. welcome to africa!

  13. Lets` let d c.I.o/c.I.d do d jobs dey are employd 4

  14. Kaiseyi mumacells anevarume chetechete katsukutwe bapu rese repere.

  15. At sadza, is it lawful to search without a warrant, is it lawful to take a suspect’s belongings without creating an inventory, is it lawful to deny a suspect representation from a lawyer by arresting the lawyer. Tell me your lawful facts. Don’t just talk for the sake of opposing, we need facts.

  16. Mbongeni Sakhe

    And this is the same Tsvangirai who says ZEC is free of blame. Seems Zimbabwe is cursed to have such a stupid oppposition leader.

  17. Mbongeni Sakhe

    Tsvangirai, pull out of all election systems till ZRP is brought to order, otherwise you are just sacrificing Zimbabwean lives for nothing. Demand Chihuri is partisan and you will not participate in elections till he is replaced, after all, he was illegally appointed.

    1. @mbongeni
      Yu are a sick zpf agent.
      Boycott election fo wat?
      This is the very reason why we shud vote zanu out.
      These madharas have shot themselves in the foot.
      And we are takn ths to the ballot.

  18. sadza mushumha

    When approach the police with brazen contempt, with provocative demenour, with nauseating stubbornness and sheer arrogance half the times the police will be hard on you. Such has been the attitude of you in the MDC-T and this attitude percolates from subalterns right to the top hierarchy of the party. This explains why Tsvangirai was bashed that year. Lets respect the police when in the process of doing a professional job. As for the search warrant, the writer is not clear whether or not the police had one. Failure to produce it is one thing and not having it completely another issue. Why were the offices searched should be the issue to seize us at this dot com site. We tend to waste our time pondering on trivialities. The police have a duty to secure this country. It is not the court of public opinion that determine what is important to this country. There are those who decide to shape the distiny of Zimbabwe by way of formulating articulating and defending things. And one such way of defending things is ensuring those that follows askari politics and their buffoonery are accounted for. These three MDC-T functionaries happens to be what iam referring to above. I hope i make myself clear. I make no apologies for that…

  19. sadza mushumha

    Hahahaha,, halelujahhhhhh!!!!!! Mbongeni is advocating for an erection boycott. It is synonymous with the MDC-T. It is Tsvangirai’s middle name. But what will he get by way of benefits from a boycott? Nothing, a huge nothing if you were to ask me. Let that boycott come, that will good riddense of bad rubbish and Zanu Pf will welcome that, Sadc will surely welcome that. If this is the kind of advisers Tsvangirai have at his disposal, then certainly he and his party is doomed. Mbongeni should not expose his juice-less assessments, he will be labelled a midget intellectually. This blog is for thinkers fullstop

  20. Tsvangirai and company wake up demand full implementation of all agreed points in the gpa.we need a reformed zbc,zrp,zdf,c.i.o, voters elections before an aggressive voter registration.we need at least 80% voter outturn in this election.there should be no rush in holding election without putting in place the necessary environment for a credible Tsvangirai usadziirwe we are counting on you for bringing change to Zimbabwe.

  21. in times of tyranny and injustice, when law oppresses the people, tghe outlaw take his place in history.

  22. Where is Theresa Makoni – the so called coHome Office Minister. Why is she so quiet??

  23. I think we are living in different countries with sadza, the police is doing their job yes, but the ideology is biased, we are in the same country and some people are told to apply to have a gathering while others just do it without having a clearance. Have you ever heard that a Zanu pf office have been raided, we can’t leave people whom we voted for to force us to vote for them when we don’t want. They have to swallow their pride, there is life after politics. Am I free when I’m not allowed to listen to a radio just because its a windup which doesn’t use batteries. Do we have the money to buy batteries. Coming back to the story, its weird to search for information in someone’s office, you are interfering with someone’s privacy more so the house of a Prime minister. I never heard a scenario where a lawyer is arrested whilst in the process of defending a client. To me it says you are defeating the course of justice for defending people with an ideology different to ours. In court lawyers ask whatever they want what’s special with a six month trained police officer.

  24. Its a rule in police duties that they are not suppose to arrest or raid in order to investigate. Investigate then arrest to avoid following up on rumors. Also a search warrant is supposed to be produced on arrival to the scene, not after. Why the lawyer asked I believe it wasn’t produced. This now shows bias. Anti corruption is being barred from investigating zanu pf gurus why when they can investigate Prime minister.

    1. Hello, hello

      And what is the official position by the commander in chief, “WE want peace?”

  25. sadza mushumha

    Dzvombi dzvombi my friend i can’t remember this small animal called dzvombi. But don’t reason like this brainless animal. You read narrowly yet you want to comment widely. Thats what we call dissonance. Zanu Pf is not above the law. Mliswa was only recently granted bail after spending weeks linquishing in remand prison, Zanu officials have a serious case on their neck which went public and are under investigation. A kindergarten in Sipepa, siyachilaba and in munyikwa and makute would know this. Raids are basic investigative tools and they form an important assert of information acquisition. The police are doing a professional job. We have problems of politics which seeks to sensationalize genuine arrests with the hope of making a political cases against political parties. Its a fact that MDC-T has mastered this game and it takes gullible and mischievous party malcontents like many in this site to swallow this hopeless and desperate strategy hook line and sinker. But Zimbabweans are not fools. Recently after the Maisiri boy, a Zanu official was petrol bombed and left to dead. Did anyone made noise about this? Does he not have relatives, a family and most importantly does he not have a political party? His party maturely did not make noise to allow investigations to take their due course. But when an MDC-T suspect in this case is arrested it becomes international news. He has been kidnapped by armed police officers. Yes police approach murders armed to the teeth because the are dangerous. What kind of nonsense is this

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