Kunonga holds on to Anglican property

THE Anglican Church, led by Bishop Chad Gandiya, is yet to repossess three of the church’s vehicles from three parishes under excommunicated leader Nolbert Kunonga.

Report by Feluna Nleya

Church of the Province of Central Africa (CPCA) diocesan secretary Reverend Clifford Dzavo said their inventory indicated that Kunonga had not returned numerous properties as instructed by the Supreme Court in its ruling last year.

“There are three parishes which are still to repossess cars from Kunonga. The parishes are in Highlands, Glen View and St Claire in Murehwa.”

He said more parishes were still making reconciliations.

Kunonga and his followers were ordered to surrender all church properties after losing a protracted five-year battle for the control of the Anglican Church’s assets.

The CPCA claimed Kunonga abused church property and a lot of the property had been run down.

The CPCA also held cleansing ceremonies by sprinkling holy water in church buildings and conducting prayers as a way of exorcising the properties which had allegedly been defiled.


  1. Phunyukabemphethe

    !!The Satanic, lucifer acts of a Gukurahundi Bishop!!

  2. Vincent Gwarazimba

    Vajaira kuita zvekunonga zvinhu se zanupf. this is satan in human flesh. judas iscariot betraying the people of zimbabwe.

  3. Christians should extend the hand of reconciliation no matter the circumstances 70×70 times. People be very careful about kutuka vazodziwa vaMwari kunyange kutadza kwavo kuchionekwa. zvimwe siirayi muridzi Jehova.

  4. Bingu wa Mchombo

    chokwadi wataura Taringa

  5. Zvedenga zvinoda simba redenga kwete rehigh court ,usafara kana muvengi waku achitambura zvgmwe weDenga akutarisewo

  6. obviously the cars have been sold by kunonga. Kiss goodbye to them ….. and hundreds ifnot thousands of small items. Satan is a thief and so are his children. Not only kunonga but …. fill in the blanks.

  7. wilbert savanhu

    i dont know if this church leader send by god bcoz instead of preaching the gosple there are fghting over properties and for kunonga he is selfish i dont know if he is a good church leader but a destroyer

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