Knives out at Dynamos


THE Dynamos boat has been rocked once again after players reportedly wrote a petition to the board of directors seeking the ouster of club vice-vchairman Webster Chikengezha for allegedly abandoning them in Maseru, Lesotho.

Report by Sports Correspondent

The Zimbabwe champions were delayed in the mountain kingdom after their African Champions League preliminary round, second leg match against Lesotho Correctional Services on Sunday.

The team’s board of directors was scheduled to meet yesterday to discuss the petition by players.

The Zimbabwe champions were defeated 1-0 by lowly Lesotho Correctional Services in their preliminary round second leg tie, but still advanced to the first round courtesy of a 3-1 aggregate victory.

But they found themselves in a mini crisis after missing a flight to Johannesburg, SA, on Monday afternoon and had to be bankrolled by the Lesotho FA who paid for their Monday night accommodation in Maseru.

The team arrived at Harare International Airport on Tuesday in three batches.

And players have heaped the blame on Chikengezha for their nightmare.

They have since written a petition to the board requesting them to relieve Chikengezha of his duties.

Dynamos board of directors secretary Chris Kasiyazi yesterday said they were scheduled to meet to deliberate on the issue.

“We will be meeting this morning (yesterday) to deliberate on the issue. I can only comment after that meeting,” he said.

Kasiyazi was not reachable by phone at the time of going to print last night for comment on the outcome of the meeting.

Chikengezha said he could not comment as he had not seen the petition.

However, it is reported the Glamour Boys missed their flight from Maseru’s Moshoeshoe 1 International Airport after players insisted on having lunch at their hotel before boarding the bus to the airport.

The team was scheduled to board the 2:45pm flight to Johannesburg.

But, the team only arrived at the Maseru Airport at 2:30pm with boarding gates, regulated to close 20 minutes before the 2:45pm boarding time, already shut.


  1. Haaa ende vandifungisa musi wandatizwa namukoma Jorosiya kumakomo ekwaNhengure tichifudza mombe. Kurwadza kwazvo ndokuziya kani. Mumakomo ekuLesotho!

  2. But such player power must not be allowed. he may have failed but for players to demand a dismissal of an executive is to give too much power to them. The board should just look at the situation and throw that pettition into the bin and check what happened if Chikengezha has a case they deal with it at that level not because players have demanded that. That is very unprofessional.

    • These players are crazy, if anything the executive or the board should fine these players for misconduct. The check in time was known to the team but they are reported to have insisted on having their lunch before departure. Why did they not make arrangements to be served their lunch earlier? I am sure the hotel would not have refused their request. Even if the hotel refused their request, who in his normal senses would risk missing his flight for the sake of having lunch which costs about USD10. In any case the flight to Harare would take them at most 3hours from Lesotho. I dont think anyone of them would have starved if they had missed the lunch considering that most airlines serve snacks and refreshments along the way. Earlier reports said that Chikengezha had left earlier to ensure the travel arrangements were in order. In my opinion, he was doing his bit quite well and when check in time came he checked in hoping the team would make it on time and join him. I dont think these guys are being fair on him, maybe they expected him not to get onto the flight and wait for the whole team, but why? Remember these executive members have their businesses to run and can not sink to such pathetic levels of unprofessionalism demonstrated by these players who just decide on their own to wait for lunch which would cause them to miss the check in time. If I were in the board of directors, I was going to suspend the Chairman instead, because he let these players behave so disgracefully in his presence. He failed to be in control of these players and let the players dictate to him when to leave for the airport resulting in them missing the flight. The players are blaming Chikengezha yet the Chairman himself was with them. This goes to show the level of ignorace among our players, they should be educated on how to prioritise in life. This is why most of them die paupers because they prioritise on wrong things in their playing days, women, alcohol, cigarettes, drugs and lunch before checking in, SHAME. FUZ take note

    • What is professional my friend?. What Chikengezha did is what is unprofessional. When you look at Dynamos, it is a big organisation which can not be run like a tuckshop. Players are an important stakeholder hence deserves to be heard although it may not necessarily mean doing what they want. When we talk of professionalism we are talking of good practice as a result of knowledge and understanding. Your approach of throwing the petition in the bin is for autocrats. This is a democtratic club which values all contributions from its stakeholders. Chibhakera hachitongi nyika.

      • Non-Aligned, Stop talking about professionalism if you dont understand the term. That the players are important stakeholders is neither here nor there, it is their behaviour that is not acceptble. If you did not know how airlines operate, they have fixed times for check in and departure. They are different from Kombis or buses at Mbare Musika which can be delayed to wait for a passenger who is buying his scud in the bar. What did you expect Chikengezha to do, stop the plane. Chikengezha did not delay the team, the team chose to delay their departure from the hotel and thats where their problem lies. This business of siding with players even if they are wrong just because they are the ones who sweat on the field of play is retrogressive and counter productive because it costs the club. Assuming the team had spent 5days in Lesotho already, the club was going to meet the expenses on its own. Was is logical to pay a hotel bill for about 25 people for an extra day just plus the cancellation fees at the airport just because people crave for hotel food. The players messed big time and should be the ones answering charges of misconduct.

  3. check in for flights is an hour before a flight. the unanswered questions are: who insisted on having lunch at the hotel, the players or chikengezha? was he directing everything on his own? the guys were seen drinking castle lite and distributing pacific tobacco in town. they were beaten because of their drunken characteristics. they want to heap the blame on someone else so their defeat cannot be discussed.

  4. I don’t know what transpired on Chikengezha but guys lets be realistic here.Why did the players insisted that they wanted to have lunch whilst they knew the time of the plane departure.l am a full time Dynamos supporter but that does not make sense to me. Did they want Chikengezha to stop the plane while having lunch or what someone who is supporting this saga to answer me pliz

  5. I was nt there in Maseru,bt i smell a rat here.ths isue z nt clear bt overall assessment tls me tht the players have a hidden agenda wth Chikengezha.hw cn they demand to have lunch wn they knew the plane was abt to us one player who said out these words:’We wnt to have lunch first before we leave for the airport.’that player must be fired.

  6. It is very disturbing news but I think it is a good move to deliberate on the issue first before reaching to a conclusion. Remember that we need all our focus in the pitch from the administrators to the players if we wnat to succeed in Africa. Make sure we all parties will come out happy from this mis hap. It is good that you did not make in that Net one Charity shield for it is just a distraction remember they failed to pay you your winning bonuses. Remember you are a big team when I was growing up in the 80s and 90s we used to call you a 7 million backed team and i hope now it has doubled. Go de mbare go.

  7. Just imagine players saying that rubbish to Ferguson, that lunch will be thrown at all of you! On the other hand maybe there is experience of players not being fed so they wanted to make sure? Or hotel food was more appealing that catching a flat…its all crazy really but unacceptable. If you talk of professionalism then a player should also think of the cost implication of cancelled flights, extra nights in a hotel and a hell lot other inconveniences. Putting it into another perspective, if I was to miss a flight because I was eating, my boss would make sure that all costs related to missing that flat are coming out of my salary. Wake up and smell the coffee……

  8. Uuuuuuumm, mafia , i smell cheese apa, handinyatsoketa hangu but apa pane irikutambika apa, for the players to miss a flight coz of ma throw-in to me only sounds like halftime of the story, mafia rainyatsopihwa zvaraiita apa, its not like its their first time to travel . . Pre-meditated, ndangonzwawo kuti iye vice chairman uyu arikudya ega, hameno..

  9. Hanzi this vice chairman guy comited a couple of fouls before, bva vamupa yellow card, now they set an offside trap for him vakuda kumupa rimwe yellow to make red, manje yakunetsa coz offside haipise yellow, ndangonzwawo

  10. pliz im seek and tired of this nonsense. as far as soccer is concerned in ziombabwe, dynamos is a big team because you cannot talk about soccer in zimbabwe not mentuioning dynamos. lets move from blaming each other or pointing fingers on who did what, lets focus on building a better dynamos with some club buses we are not suppose to act like fc plastic or chicken in guys 50 years is not a joke , dynamos for life zoraaaaaaaaaa

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