Kereke launches mining consortium


PROMINENT businessman Munyaradzi Kereke, in collaboration with various partners in Bikita, yesterday launched the Bikita Community Mining Consortium (BCMC) aimed at reviving mining in the district and empowering locals.


Addressing a Press conference in Harare on Wednesday, Kereke said chiefs in Bikita and interest groups, including former freedom fighters, disabled persons, women and youths, would also take part in the consortium.

Clearing of land and surveying is expected to start on Monday.
BCMC will have its primary focus on mining copper, diamonds, coal, gold and tantalite, among other minerals.

Kereke, who is a holder of mining claims in Bikita, said he had spread his shareholding to empower the Bikita community by involving the chiefs and the community at large.

“The creation of the Bikita Community Mining Consortium is a direct response to the calls by the President on fellow Zimbabweans to empower ourselves through creation of productive consortiums, particularly in the realm of mining.

This project will actively create employment opportunities for the people of Bikita, Masvingo and the rest of the country,” said Kereke.

Once the project got underway, Kereke said profits would be deployed for the benefit of the Bikita community and Masvingo province through the construction of agro-inputs support warehouses, construction of schools, health service centres, roads, dams and bridges, among other things.

Bikita chiefs Mazungunye, Mabika, Marozva, Mukangamwi, Budzi and Ziki welcomed the initiative and challenged other provinces to come up with such empowerment programmes.


  1. Boder to border tichideveloper nyika.
    uchanzwa the usual culprits zvonzi kusvaka mavhoti.VaMuzenda vakati Zanupf ichatonga kusvika madhongi amera nyanga.Kana vasati vadzoka kwavakainda vakazoti zvachinja,hapana chinochinja.munozvinyepera.

  2. Community Mining Consotium, my foot. How can a “community” own mines? Mining is a business whereby there should be clearly demarcated lines of responsibility and accountability. Will the “community” sit in the boiard of directors? I’m afraid Kereke would be conducting his personal mining business under the disguise of the Bikita community. To prove me wrong let Munyaradzi Kereke offer legally binding share certificates to each member of the “Bikita Community”.

  3. Somebody help him.ok,the community has common goals eg roads n dam construction ,hunger alleviation,skul construction,electrification n further investments etc its not about pocketin n squandering cash

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  7. do your research there will be a trust (local comunity leaders will be signotaries to that trust)and the trust will have shares that u talk about in the mining consoltiam thats how it works

  8. you have briliant ideas and this time around the people of Bikita must think twice before casting votes in the primary elections. Here is our son who has the district, province and the entire nation at heart.

  9. kereke auya kuipa pa campaign if i were one of bikita residents i would surely give away one of MDC T votes to this aspiring MP.

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