It’s witchcraft not satanism — Grandma

THE grandmother of an Entumbane High School pupil, who collapsed on Tuesday and allegedly sparked a mass hysteria among other students who sought to help her, yesterday said she was shocked by the incident and dismissed claims that her granddaughter was linked to the Satanism sect.

Report by Pamela Mhlanga

She said the girl started facing unusual problems after she was awarded a United States scholarship in December last year and she suspects the predicament of the 15-year-old girl to be a result of witchcraft from jealous people.

The girl, who stays with the grandmother in Njube, reportedly collapsed in class after she was allegedly found with a book believed to be linked to a Satanic sect.

When the girl fainted, seven other pupils who tried to assist her also reportedly followed suit and collapsed one after the other.

The grandmother, who cannot be identified to protect the minor’s identity, said the child was intelligent until she got the award.
“It pains and angers me as a parent to hear all the allegations that my granddaughter is possessed by some evil spirits which have affected other pupils in the school,” she said.

“I am telling you the truth that she is innocent, she has never touched any evil charms. I, her grandmother, has never applied any muti for her to pass in class.”

The grandmother said the girl, who was from a family of academics, possessed amazing academic capabilities which culminated in her receiving the award.

“She is also a prefect at school and she frequently presented in front of her classmates, but since the scholarship award, she now faints whenever she touches a book,” the grandmother said.

“Maybe it emanated from somewhere or from some individuals, but not from my granddaughter as she is innocent. The school can blame her and even chase her away, but only God knows the truth and he will vindicate her.”

A close relative said the girl was taken to a prophet on Wednesday who told the family that the girl was possessed by an evil spirit.
“The prophet said she needs to be cleansed to fight the demon which torments her and that will be done on Sunday,” the relative said.

Bulawayo Provincial education director Dan Moyo yesterday said he hoped the matter would be resolved soon.

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  1. There is a problem then if its like that

  2. what exactly do we mean when we say Satanism? i ask this because certain acts that we grew up calling ubuthakathi/uroyi are now being termed satanism and it appears as if its a brand new thing in our society when we all know it has been existing.

    in this story there is a line that says she was found in posession of a satanism book. what was the book containing? we are not told anything abt that.

    i’m not disputing that there is witchcraft but some of these things have been exaggerated. the major cause is the mushrooming of churches. churches, like political parties, now engage in smear campaign. if i dont belong to your denomination then you i’m a satanist.

    its some pastors competing for congregants who turn on the heat by labeling their competitors satanists. get me well, i never said all pastors, i said some.

    1. The bottom line is satanism, witchcraft belongs to satan!!!

  3. I am a prophet.Send her to me for two nights and I can chase the evil spirits away.But only she is the one to come. She must do everything I tell her to do and nothing is to be revealed to anyone.Zvaitika zvinosara kuno uku hazvitaurwe.

    1. Don’t use your manhood to cleanse her, why her alone? She got a scholarship, that is where the catch is, vanhuwe uroyi huriko takuhuti satanism iyezvino but huroyi, vanhu havade kuona kubudirira kweumwe. I feel for her and I ask in the name of Jesus she be saved. And she will be saved by His blood.

  4. Well the granny says she z possessed with evil spirits wc z 1 character f satan and en she says its witchcraft witch oso involes the evil spirits and tt means it is also a character of qn z wat do we noe f t z satanic or not.Acts 11 says wen Barnabas and Paul wr n Antioch they wr e first people to be called Christians because they wr Christ-like and now the qn z those practices wc are satan like wat do we call them.either way its satanism with different name and the solution to ur grandchild is to turn to Jesus Christ for he calls those who are heavy laden to set them free and thats ur call to make

  5. zvaitongoda revelation from the almight bcoz without his revelation we are all going to perrish with our eyes open

  6. The bright grandchild has been targeted by witches because of her achievements. The grandmother should thank God that she is, at least, alive. Now as an old and wise woman do whatever it takes to drive the evil spirits before the enemies do greater damage. Pray hard and seek the services of prophets – not one @ pumpkin, who surely has sinister motive, but those whose integrity is beyond reproach.

    Witchcraft in our country is approaching unprecedented levels, and courageous, bold and Gold fearing leaders are needed to obliterate this practice. These are things which we don’t need IMF or World Bank advice. We know how to deal with witches, let’s legislate the criminalization process.

  7. Pumpkin urimboko.hauna kana chyamuro.hw cn u say stupid and senseless thngs munhu aripadambudziko?Get away mhani.

  8. As a teacher,I feel too ashamed to read that such a bad act was done by one of us-a teacher also.

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