Gwanda council suspends officials


GWANDA Town Council has suspended three top officials in the housing and treasury departments for allegedly defrauding the local authority of close to $5 000 after billing a non-existent company.

Report by Nqobile Bhebhe

The suspensions are said to have been effected late last week.
Those suspended are housing director Sipho Mhlanga, deputy housing director — only identified as Khumalo — and acting treasurer Mtshado Dube. Sources within the municipality told NewsDay yesterday that the suspected fraud case was just a tip of the iceberg.

“The top officials in housing and treasury departments have been suspended in an alleged fraud case involving close to
$5 000,” the source said.

“The housing department embarked on a project to procure furniture and it withdrew $4 000.
“However, a further $5 000 was later withdrawn without supporting invoices and vouchers.
“It is not known where the money went to.
“Council had no choice, but to suspend the three to facilitate investigations.”

When contacted for comment, Gwanda town clerk Gilbert Mlilo could neither confirm nor deny the allegations saying the matter “is a domestic issue”.

“Where did you hear this from? The matter is a domestic issue and we don’t want publicity on it,” he said.

Some residents in Gwanda said the suspension was well known in the community and investigations could implicate several officials.

In March last year, the town council suspended five officials from its treasury department after an internal audit unearthed gross financial irregularities in the municipality. Council instituted internal audits after receiving tip-offs from residents about alleged corrupt activities.

The local authority resolved to start with the treasury department where corruption was said to be rife.


  1. This Mlilo guy and the auditor(Sibanda) are the biggest fraudsters in the GTC.Before any other investigations.Mlilo should account for the 600litres diesiel he stole from the company.After that they can then account for the 2nd hand vehicles they bought from the UK and billed exhorbitant amounts.Imagine a 2nd hand car for US17000 each(For Mr Mlilo).As rightfully said,the residents of Gwand know more into this saga.Innocent people have been implicated in this saga by this Mlilo who was the crafter of this allegation.Mr Mlilo has in the past made sexual advances to the Director and when they were turned down,he has done all in his power to make her life miserable in the job.He has also made the same advances to Mtshado and has felt thretened when Mtshado raised concerns over the purchase of the car at that amount.Mr Khumalo has never been Mlilos favourite as he percieves him as a threat.With all due respect as the saga stands,Mlilo as well has to be on suspension as the he signed most of the receipts relating to this purchase……………….There are bigger corruption issues surrounding Mlilo and Sibanda,involving huge thousands of dollars than this meagre US5000 fabricated issue meant to taint and tarnish the image of certain people.(RELIABLE SOURCE-WATCH THIS SPACE)

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