EU brushes aside Zanu PF protest

HEAD of the European Union Delegation to Zimbabwe, Aldo Dell’ Ariccia, on Wednesday said the bloc would not read much into Zanu PF’s reaction to the removal of 81 officials from its sanctions list, saying the move was a major step to normalise relations with Harare.

Senior Reporter
Zanu PF spokesperson Rugare Gumbo recently said the suspension of sanctions by the EU was a non-event.

He said as long as President Robert Mugabe remained under sanctions, Zanu PF would not celebrate the EU gesture.

“Let’s put it this way; an assault on President Mugabe is an assault on the entirety of Zimbabwe and we are not accustomed to taking assaults very kindly,” he said.

“The EU fools itself if it thinks Zanu PF is amused by its latest gesture.”

However, speaking to ZiFM on Wednesday night, Dell’ Ariccia said the bloc was sincere in re-engaging Zimbabwe.

“That is the party’s opinion. We have done much to normalise relations,” he said.

“We should not look at the negativity, but the positive, although I was not there in Brussels where the decision was made.

“I think the people who remained on the sanctions list had not done enough on the implementation of the GPA.

“You should know that we get different inputs from various organisations and on these people, there was a consensus that they remain on the sanctions list.”

Mugabe, First Lady Grace, Zanu PF secretary for administration, war veterans’ leader Jabulani Sibanda and service chiefs remain on the EU sanctions list.

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  1. Ngavarambe varipo palist yemasantions acho varikuda kumboenda kupiko? You keep your Britain I keep my Zimbabwe policy yakaenda kupi???

  2. Ehe zvako we Dembare. They should keep their Zim while the British keep their Britain, a tiny congested island with grey skies. ZPF looks east – tinotarisa kumabvazuva. Period!

  3. even if it take 10000years,ichatsiva.we are being dehumanised left right centre for absolutely no apparent reason.nxa!!!!!!

    1. Why these euroccentric politicians are so concerned about zimbabweans’ well being? There are hidden agendas behind this so called help.

  4. after all the effort of writingu call me a spammer that
    is ridiculous

  5. why are they interested in the affairs of Zim, we have learnt from history the kind of people we are dealing with. I’m sure YOU MUST BE AWARE WHO FUNDS THESE ORGANISATIONS. We also know of their interests here not people they purport to represent. They say zim should have a security sector reform but why not the USA which has its CIA doing all the dirty tricks in Afgahnstan and several other countries then Zim can learn from such good example. They are those in Zimbabwe who think Zimbabwe should have a high GDP but to me its nothing if the majority of the country GDP is owned by foreigners AND THE LOCALS just owning just a slice of that bread. If things are owned by fellow zimbos then it is corruption but if it is owned by whites then it is not but their rights. Of cause corruption may be rampant IN ZIM but not at the magnitude of these so called democratic countries LIKE USA, BRITAIN their partners.Look at the world bank report concerning Zim it paints a very bad picture about Zim so that won’t like to do business with us but in some case that they benefit they wont portray those countries in a bad light. Zimbabwe is divided, as long as we are that u won’t work up until u have nothing to sustain the country. they will loot all the minerals and ui will see whether they are interested in you. if we were united as a country then it would be very difficult for the enemy to penetrate. If u look @ JB i.e Zuma of S.A YOU WILL SEE THAT HE IS A PERSON YOU CAN not entrust with handling Zimbabwean issues with impartiality but he is there to further his country’s interests. after all S.A is not economically independent but half political independent. I have a lot to write but I don’t think that is the platform to do it

  6. Asi kudzvanyirira munombozamawo muchilooter futi! Zvimwe mbochionjaiwo mhani aaaah!

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