EgyptAir to relaunch in June

NINE years after abandoning flights to and from Harare because of the then worsening political and economic climate, EgyptAir is set to resume operations with, initially, four times weekly return flights from June 1.

Report by Dusty Miller

A spokesperson for the Egyptian national aviation carrier confirmed that flights will leave Cairo each Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, via Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania, returning from Harare on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays on the same route.

Boeing 737-900ERs will be used on the eight-hour 15-minute flight to the Egyptian capital. The return journey is scheduled to take 10 hours 20 minutes.

Cairo is the main aviation hub for North Africa, the Middle East and much of the eastern Mediterranean. EgyptAir serves 17 African destinations and 20 in Europe, including London. The EgyptAir flight to Heathrow from Harare will take 21 hours 50 minutes and the return trip 16 hours 50 minutes, both including a Cairo stopover.

An EgyptAir airline ticket with a month’s validity to London from Harare in June/July was shown on Skyscanner.Com yesterday as costing $988.

While Egypt is still experiencing violent repercussions from the Arab Spring Revolution, it is home to some of the world’s most popular travel destinations, including the Pyramids at Cairo; Luxor, Karnack and the Valley of the Kings, from which most of the Nile cruises operate and the all-year-round luxury beach resorts of the Sinai Peninsula, such as Sharm-el-Sheikh with unrivalled snorkeling and scuba diving opportunities.

Skyscanner.Com quotes a return ticket from Harare to Cairo as costing $611 by EgyptAir, which abandoned flights to Zimbabwe following the land invasions about the same time as did Qantas of Australia, Air France and Lufthansa (Germany).

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  1. and a ticket from Bulawayo to Johannesburg costs around $800,more airlines should be attracted tothe route for SAA to get competition and thereby lower its fares

    1. u r paying a lot its around 3000 rands

  2. Pope Murozvi the second

    They must swear that havadhume nguruve dze musango pa Airport

  3. SAA is real crazy, i agree. we pay for utter inefficiency.

    1. Its not just flying people. It’s the whole trade package; first we are giving our labour and expertise for next to nothing, and then we buy literally everthing from them. More than 50% of international passengers from Zimbabawe transit through SA, and you think they were being emphathetic giving Zimbos leave of stay in SA…its working for them. Vakangwara havana nhamo. Now they have opened the gates for medical professionals, attracting them with good packages that they would never dream of back home. Vana havangadye patrioticism veduwee. Chachenjedza ndechakatanga.

  4. Pope Murozvi the second

    Ndadzoka zvakare nechichemo changu chenguruve dzemusango dzepaairport. Hatidi kudhumirwa nguruve pliz

  5. Pope murozvi mukuru sekuru vangu chaivo Bvumavaranda.panguruve apa ngatiwirirane.nguruve yakakuvadzisa vanhu 33 gore riye.pliz siyai nguruve muzive zvekutekenya malever emucockpit.

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