Corruption divides Zanu PF

The issue of corruption is now at the centre of Zanu PF’s succession infighting with the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (Zacc) being turned into a battlefield, amid reports that party heavyweights in opposing factions are out to pull each other down for allegedly being corrupt.


The fight has also claimed scalps at Zacc, with the arrest of the body’s chief executive officer Ngonidzashe Gumbo over allegations of swindling the commission of over $435 000.

Well-placed sources yesterday told NewsDay that three powerful ministers being targeted for investigations by Zacc believed they were being persecuted for belonging to a faction opposed to a rival one.

Indigenisation minister Saviour Kasukuwere, Transport minister Nicholas Goche and Mines minister Obert Mpofu – all Zanu PF politburo heavyweights — were the target of Zacc’s crackdown.

The sources said Kasukuwere believes a faction led by Vice-President Joice Mujuru was working with Zacc.

Repeated efforts to get comments from both Kasukuwere and Sylvester Nguni, Minister of State in Vice-President Mujuru’s Office, were unsuccessful.

Mujuru and Defence minister Emmerson Mnangagwa reportedly lead Zanu PF factions angling to succeed President Robert Mugabe once he leaves, although they have repeatedly denied harbouring presidential ambitions.

So hot is the issue that some Zacc commissioners are said to be contemplating quitting in protest over infiltration by politicians opposed to investigations.

Responding to the issue of the contentious search warrant that they could not successfully use to search the ministers’ offices, Zacc spokesperson Goodwill Shana told journalists in Harare on Wednesday that the anti-graft body did not secure the warrants to “pursue underhand and malicious investigations against certain organisations, their officials and respective ministries”.

The unfolding saga has seen the first real casualty at Zacc with Gumbo (50) — a former Senior Assistant Commissioner with the Zimbabwe Republic Police — remanded in custody to Monday next week by Harare magistrate Donald Ndirowei for a determination on his bail application which was strongly opposed by prosecutor Michael Reza.

The former top cop is alleged to have authorised disbursement of various amounts into other people’s accounts from the $1,7 million which the government had provided Zacc for various projects.

Gumbo’s arrest came at a time when the High Court blocked Zacc investigators from conducting searches at National Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment Board and Zimbabwe Mining Development Corporation offices.

“As Zacc, we are not prompted by political considerations, but by reasonable suspicion that a crime has been committed . . . the individual and political diversity of the commission would make a political sectorial agenda difficult to pursue or achieve,” Shana said.

Reports suggest that Zacc was now heavily divided with some commissioners claiming that their efforts to crack down on corrupt top Zanu PF officials were being frustrated by “sell-outs” in their midst who were allegedly leaking information to targeted party “bigwigs”.

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  1. Phunyukabemphethe

    !Gukurahundis in tatters. This party would not survive a day should Gukurahundi Mugabe bite the dust!!

  2. Time is nigh mazanu fools’ all claims of ‘people at heart’ now in tatters! Seka zvako muera shumba,kikikikiki!

  3. imi batai vanhu ava.or else?

  4. ko ndatonzwa izvozvi kti hanzi Kasukuwere haasikubva mun’anga nekutya

  5. Everson u ly! which faction does Kasukuwere & Goche belong to? u were bought to mislead pple.nx.

    1. Duzvi remunhu

  6. george bachinche

    ZACC should be a department of the ZRP. That way it would be ned the powers invested in the olice to carry out a search in any premises wheninvesting an allegtion.

    1. it should be an independent body and should also be able to investigate police corruption

  7. Yah thats the way to go the most corrupt ones should be charged without fear

  8. vanhu ngavabatwe ava. time is ticking. isu tichidya nhoko dzezvironda vamwe vachiita matumbu. damit mhani!!!

  9. Huori hwatikwadza isu vana veZimbabwe,mwari batsirai isu huswa mikono yorwira patiri mavanga osarire isu tisina mhaka

  10. They now target Justice Hungwe. Benjamin Paradza was accused of corruption soon after he set Mayor Mudzuri free.These orders are coming from above and the above is Robert Mugabe himself.

  11. Your paper is after me

  12. kesary mapaire.

    Is this country gonna move forward with all this nonsense that is happening.surely why was that commission set up in the first place if they do not want them to ex their duties.beatrice mtetwa’s case Is another one.

  13. This is good stuff.Let Zanu PF be divided.MDC-T must continue stoking the fires.

  14. yes @kesary y set up an anti-corruption if u dnt wnt thm 2 investigate n charge corruption? zacc nds power 2 send e’ police to arrest crooks

  15. arrert those fats cow ana throw them in the abysis they wil be fried by their master hitler kykyky

  16. Ndakambokudzai madhara muchamama chete, honai mamama!!!

  17. matsotsi pagheto

    vanhu ndavabatwe kwete kungoti mdc-t chete

  18. the animal anti corruption commission was wanting to prosecute the wolves and jackals for stealing chickens. The jackals claimed that the wolves were leaking information about them to gain kingdom party seats. The wolves claimed that the jackals were leaking information about them to gain kingdom party seats. The truth is that they all have gained instant riches from shady deals, hidden deals, thieving deals, patronage deals. BE GONE ALL OFYOU! lets have a new gukurahundi where the stinking filth of zanu pf rule needs to be cleansed away by judges and prison officials.

  19. uhmm pakaipa

  20. Iyo zacc yach inofarisa haizive pekugumira

  21. Zacc yacho inogokurirwa power nemunhu arikuita corruption cey?

  22. Lets remove the commander-in-thif frm power then do a fourth chimurenga to take back all they stole from us since 1980. We will physically confront them like wat they did to e white farmers and arrest their corupt wives and children too. Bob , obert, chombo, mutsvangwa. We knw all of you.

  23. As siblings they occasionally fight amongst themselves for the father’s attention. But as a family they stand united as one to crush any enemy. That you have to remember about ZANU PF.

  24. Mdc must call for elections right away whilst ZANU pf people are fighting

  25. iyo ZACC yacho yakachena here, coz kuripo kuda kubata dzimwe mbavha iwe uri mbavhawo…

    1. zvitori nani

  26. @respect m ,nyangwe yakasviba don’t you think it raises more questions than answers when the ”cleansing” is done only after it has begun investigations into deals by powerful individuals ? If the President was serious about corruption he’d have suspended the ministers in question and immediately launched a commision of inquiry to see if they have a case to answer.
    Right now its clear as daylight that in those offices there was a lot of incriminating evidence ,which is why a lot of effort was made to block the investigators.

  27. The president is quiet,His ministers are stealing,and they lie that we have people at heart.Mwari wekudenga pindirai.There are people living below one dollar a day.People are sleeping without food in some parts of the country.Utsinye,neumbavha.God have mercy on us.A

  28. The nation bleeds please not of scarcity but through mismanagement.

  29. Phunyukabemphethe

    Kusiwere, the fat Gukurahundi!

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