‘Civil servants can be taken to court’


GWERU — Zimbabwe’s new constitution, if adopted in the March 16 referendum, will give people the right to take top government officials to the constitutional court for poor performance.

Report by Blessed Mhlanga

Speaking at a Copac, media and civil society workshop on Monday, Copac co-chairperson Munyaradzi Paul Mangwana said the draft constitution would allow ordinary Zimbabweans to take underperforming government officials, including ministers, ministerial secretaries, and other top civil servants to the constitutional court for poor performance.

“People employed in public offices can now be taken to court by the public for failure to deliver services which are guaranteed in this constitution in Chapter 9,” said Mangwana.

The Copac draft would ensure that parastatals are not allowed to continue plundering national resources through corruption.

“Most corruption and erosion of most of our national resources takes place at parastatals and to safeguard these resources and values, we have ensured through the constitution that members of the public have a say and remedy by opening a way of seeking redress through the constitutional court,” said Mangwana.

Mangwana took the opportunity to defend the draft constitution, saying it was the best people-driven document to ever emerge in Zimbabwe – surpassing the Lancaster House constitution, the Kariba and NCA drafts.

“This is the best constitution to ever emerge in Zimbabwe which was written by the people of Zimbabwe. Those who oppose it like Dr Lovemore Madhuku talk of the utopian democracy which can never be found anywhere in the world even in heaven, even when God appointed Kings he did not consult the Israelites,” said Mangwana.

Madhuku has publicly opposed the Copac draft constitution saying it was a politically driven process which excluded the voices of the ordinary people.


    • The question for me is who has allowed this rudeness, mediocre service, incompetence and a total disrespect for public service. I was in a district bordering Harare recently talking to some civil servants who were already at the bottle store by 9am and when I politely queried why the quick answer was we have done work that in in line with our salaries already. Yes we may sue them under the new constitution but did the rot not start at the top. Who would you sue exactly? The politicians that have cased the rot in the land or the permanent secretaries that have become cell phone farmers, looters or corrupt business owners? On whose watch has this happened? The corruption, decay and total collapse of infrastructure and good management systems have been slow in coming and are fully here. Who allowed this? To make matters worse all of aspiring presidents, MPs and political parties either do not have this on their campaign agendas or relegate such issues to the back of their manifestos. And what are we doing ourselves? Fighting and arguing about our political leanings based not on substance or real issues but on tribes, blind loyalty, historical issues only. God help us after these elections. You can sue whoever you want but clearly you would be treating the symptoms and not the disease. Zimbabweans lets look at the individual presidential aspirants, individual MP aspirants and be sure not to vote for useless people who have either caused this mess or have failed to even talk about in the GNU.

      • @Zingizi- I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the above post..most of our political class could not be bothered about service delivery all they want is a ride on the gravy train with all of us making the wheels of same train. This is reason for a strong civil society whose co-pilots should be the Consumer council of Zimbabwe and the ZCTU. Ultimately these two bodies are our only real hope of service delivery. Talking of these two bodies why have they suddenly become so tame and lame?. I remember a visit from the CCZ when I was in industry used to shake the ground the company’s foundation was built..and as for the ZCTU under Tsvangirai and Matongo they were the first to scream loudest when the people were short changed by the government of the day..Could the fault maybe not lie with the organisations per se but on the door or briefcase of the leadership of these two organs. The Consumer council blows hot and cold, now you see them now you dont while the ZCTU is busy elsewhere..if the ZCTU were alive and kicking why are we seeing pensioners being sent ‘ku Mbudzi’ by the truckloads to be buried after having been short changed by NSSA and private pension funds without the ZCTU batting an eyelid? ( is someone pocketing a cut from these ugly Mafioso pension thieves?) Why are they not picketing NSSA and demanding answers about all the corruption the media has made public, Why are they letting Redcliff town die because of the skull-duggery at former ZISCO, why are they quiet about Greenfuels and the current fuel increase which will raise all product prices down stream? Why are they looking on at the rotting compost that is NRZ where people have gone on for 8 months without salaries without calling for a NATIONAL sympathy job action? Why are they looking the other way while workers at ZBC are being run over by a heartless management? WHAT ARE THEY DOING ABOUT ANYTHING IF ANYTHING AT ALL????? Or could it be that both organs have the collective heart equal to a full stop and could simply not be bothered? By the way do you guys also get paid for this SILENCE????

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