Cattle rustler jailed 15 years

CHINHOYI — A 21-year-old cattle rustler who stole three beasts worth $1 200 from a grazing area in Makonde district has been sentenced to an effective 15-year jail term.
Own Correspondent

Norest Kumanje of Kasoko Village 2 under Chief Magonde in Chinhoyi was initially slapped with a 20-year prison term on Tuesday before Chinhoyi magistrate Felix Mawadze suspended five years on condition of good behaviour.

The court heard that on March 4 this year, complainant Makaki Manda of Village 3, Muvhami Farm, discovered that three of his cattle were missing from the pastures where they had been grazing.

On March 9, complainant got information that there was a suspected stock thief who had been intercepted and arrested at Chivhere Business Centre in Makonde.

Two days later, complainant followed up the leads and went on to positively identify his stolen cattle at headman Mapani’s residence where they were being kept.
The matter was reported to police in Zvimba.
Tinashe Dzvore prosecuted.

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  1. Why give a minor such harsh sentence? He was set up by MDC people to tarnish his image.

    1. iwe uri nhanga chairo

  2. guys lets be serious,where does MDC come in.

  3. stock theft z not gud, those involved must be penalised more than 20yrs.

  4. Pumpkin uri zidofo. Mdc yapinda papi? Yu don’t even know what a minor is. Read è law bks, they define a minor as one who is below either 18yrs or 16yrs depending on è Act. 21yr old is an adult. More so, the sentence is 2 litle considering kt some ar given 9ys 4 stealing 1 beast.

  5. Pumpkin uri dofo, ziva definition yeminor wozotaura. U must be a cattle rustler

  6. Willard Mubvumbi

    He is 21 yrs. By the time he finish his jail term, he will be 36 yrs. The life span here is pegged around 40 yrs. He will be left with only 4 yrs to live. Hameno, asi mwari kana vazotongawo zvavo.


  8. He was taking them to temba mlisw a farm

  9. Phunyukabemphethe

    Oooh! so they also steal cattle up there? I thought it was a Mzilikazi thing, as we have been gukurahu-taught!!!

  10. aiwa guys mdc ne15yr sentense cattle rustle zvinosangana papi??eish

  11. Vamwe venyu shud nod not comment ma4do evanhu

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