Byo approves new constitution draft

MORE than 130 000 people from Bulawayo province voted in the constitutional referendum on Saturday with slightly above 92 %voting in favour of the Copac draft constitution.

Staff Reporter

According to poll results displayed by provincial returning officer Innocent Ncube at the City Hall in Bulawayo, which was the referendum provincial command centre, 131 151 people took part in the referendum in the country’s second capital. Out of these 121 108 voted “Yes” for the draft while 8 514 voted “No” with 1 529 spoilt ballot papers.

Bulawayo was divided into three districts namely Gwabalanda-Matshobana, Mabuthweni-Emganwini and Mzilikazi-Khumalo. Meanwhile the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission was last night expected to announce partial results for the referendum.

But indications were that the draft was approved throughout the country. Results of the referendum will be announced at 2:30 this afternoon.

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  1. Phunyukabemphethe

    The resukts are not legitimate given the poor turnout.

  2. Nomore Mtwakazi and the Green Machine as well as Devolution! I am not a spammer but u Phunyuka Mbonisi Devolution. Period!!!

  3. Pope Murozvi the second

    Ndaandichida kubvunza kuti maresults eduwo TAKAPOTSA tavhota anobuda riini?

    1. Urikubvunza maresults api acho?

  4. Its so appalling to note that only the mentioned figure cast their votes. So is the indication that people gave this wasteful and meaningless constitution thumbs up. We need a constitution with clipped wings for Chiwure and Siwenga. No persecution for other independent bodies like woza, Cjp,Human rights and many more. zanu must go to the dustbins thats where it belongs.

  5. Pope Murozvi the second

    Maresults evamwe abuda. E’yes’ abuda, e’no’ abuda ko edu isu VAKAPOTSA VAVHOTA ndoda kuziya tiri vangani.

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