Update: Beatrice Mtetwa granted bail

High court judge, Justice Joseph Musakwa has granted bail to Human Rights lawyer Beatrice Mtetwa after spending 7 days in remand.

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  1. Musambovhundutsirwa mai MTETWA itai basa renyu ,pamberi neushingi hwenyu,madofo ezrp anosungira munhu kuti akabvunza search warrant,ko raivepo vakadii kuriburitsa,zizi harina nyanga,inzeve

  2. Hail Judge Musakwa dont be intimidated Beatrice

  3. Good news may justice prevail

  4. Dont be intimidated Beatrice

  5. ……zvataifamba namachisa zvataifamba namutetwa,……

  6. maZRP ezanu munowacha chete, wanhu wane mhosva are jus walking free in da street sika sika namai Mtetwa

  7. omah if u don care why bother urslf to write .

    1. unofira mahara chimukadzi iwe.

  8. Beatrice be strng.dnt be deterred by these greyhounds.vana vaSatan.u r a Heroin.justice wl prevail.

  9. omah just shut up. u dont care coz u have no brains at all. Beatrice we are with u.

  10. Amai Mtetwa rambaimakadaro minamato tinodira

  11. Sis B does it again…Exposing the dictatorship for what it really is. The illiterate Zim police and the system they defend have actually advanced the cause of the people’s revolution big time!

    Mukadzi akapenga uyu mhani…shuwa shuwa kuitisa varume vakuru weti mumabhurukwa!!! hehede huri!!!

  12. Chenjerai Hove

    Sisi Beatrice Mutetwa, ngoma ndiyondiyo. The Just shall inherit jJstice, the evil shall inherit hell. Your fight gives us all mountains of strength. You even derided them by laughing and smiling at them. They wanted to make you cry and go on your knees begging for mercy. Thank you for refusing to bow down to any man or woman. You must refuse to kneel to any man or woman. Kneel only to the Creator, the one who gave you such a flower of dignity and courage. We are with you the whole way, the world is with you the whole way, men and women of dignity and conscience are with you the whole way. The flame of dignity you hold is also a flame for justice for everyone on earth.

  13. Dont be intimidated Beatrice kip up yor good work,,thumbs up to Justice Musakwa thats true justice.Musatyisidzirwa learned judge

  14. well done my “darling” sisy mtetwa….tinewe nemumvura mese usatya

  15. Now watch out for car accidents and mysterious fires.

  16. This a victory for justice.Remember peace is not the absence of war but the presence of justice.

  17. Woman, you are our Judge President in a new Zimbabwe.

  18. Muchifirei 7days dzose muri mujeri chembere yakaita sewe? Kusiya vazukuru uchiita zvepolitics!kumusha korima nzungu nedzimwe chembere!izvi ndezve varume!a woman’s place is always in the kitchen!

  19. So this Judge is now good coz the MDC T person has been freed on bail. Hamuna kwenyu vanhu ve MDC. These Judges are just doing their work but u want to politisize every thing. Nyaya haisati yapera apa i bail chete.

    1. panga pasina kana nyaya, its only POLITICS, but this tym ZANU PFhailumi

  20. i nw hve a nw heroine! i salute u madam. wat zanu hs done z to make u revolution icon! pple who ddnt knw beatrice nw knw u. beatrice u r such an inspiration! zanu police n mugabe r running scared…

  21. You must read between the lines guys, the truth is elections may be deferred because of this. Pane vamwe varikuzviwetera kutaura kuno, regai ndinyarare.

  22. victory!!!

  23. If the above sentiments can be translated to the forthcoming election then Zanu iri patight chaipo. Who in their right minds still support that disgraceful party?.

  24. Next time Mtetwa don’t go clapping sleeping lions, uno rumwa. Thiis was just a bit on the little finger.

  25. Real Change is coming

  26. Keep standing strong mighty lady. You have have demonstrated courage to the nation and world at large. If only we had men and more ladies in our nation of similar virtue our nation would be in ruins today. God bless yo for standing against injustice.

  27. The Next President

    She’s just been robbed168hrs of potentially productive time and her hard earned $500.

  28. Rejoice Ngwenya

    I always knew her courage would prevail over institutionalised satanism. POZA!

  29. mapurisa ezimbabwe haana ruzivo imi munoti 6 months training inokundwa nemimba yegudo ingabudisa chii?

  30. vakajaidzwa nemaNGO unofira mahara.POLICE AHEAD.

  31. And Cdes, did you notice that some of
    these lawyers making so much noise in
    this country are actually foreigners? That
    is a case of wailing louder than the bereaved!

    At this rate some of them could actually
    be overstaying their welcome…very soon
    they could find themselves being persona
    non grata, they should not say they were
    never warned. Cde Pats, after London can you please look into that!


    1. Muhera weBuhera

      Totanga newe RG Mugabe tokudzorera kwako makatevedzana nemalawyer acho.

  32. Innocent until proven guilty

  33. Chapter 4 section section 70 1 a some of us voted blindly hence kungowawata

  34. ekani varo

  35. Miss Beatrice is fighting for a new zimbabwe.Millions are rallying behind her.Lets make Zimbabwe Working Again.ka1

  36. No state survives without havin monopoly ova represive state aparatus to unleash legitimate violence on dissentin quarters.hapana chitsva apa thats political physics

  37. sanity prevails, thnx God she is still alive

  38. ZANUPF Police is the cause of the prob look hamufunge kuti muzore batter its MDC-T after your Mugabe failed to deliver .

  39. surely wat did zanu police hpe 2 achieve? total disregard of a high court order? zanu is a disgrace. these arrests wr surely comin frm a higher order withn zanu, i wnder who. is mugabe really in charge?

  40. ths woman deserves a meritorial award

  41. Don’t label me a spammer. Wt or wtout a warrant & è Police will arrest & search wtout fear. If yu deny 2 b searched, yu gve Police reasonable suspicion that yu want 2 hide something.

  42. With Mugabe in Vatican just for a mere week.
    This country already had turned into a jungle with the worst HR acts on record..
    The week saw:
    1.the police premier himself being the Supremest law of the land,
    2. Lawyers being arrested for representing clients or ‘criminals’ per se.
    3.Anti Corruption officers being denied warrants and right to investigate so called ‘powerful politicians.’
    4. Judges being ridicled by state media-(Since when has a judge action been subject to media scrutiny when judge decisions are challenged in courts of appeal.)
    5. Lower courts outruling High Court decisions.
    6.Zaac officials being made to confess under duress in National press that they touched ‘wrong’ people and made mistakes.
    Truly if this is an indication of what is to come if Mugabe dies in office, then better get rid of zpf before someone orders a genocide.

  43. With the rate at which some ppl have given themselves wings. Soon Mugabe is going to be told go to hell.
    Chihuri arrested without trial.
    Chihuri refused to heed a High Court order ordering release of an activist.
    Chihuri refused to issue search warrants on corrupt ZPF ministers under ZACC investigation
    Chihuri refused to attend a meeting called by the Presidium and PM office.
    Saka ndiyani akutonga apa.
    Ko where is the army in all this?

  44. soon it will be water under the bridge,i mean zanu pf

  45. Iwe! Siyana neARMY uri-mhata yemunhu! Urikuda kuzotanga kutaura shit! like what u a saying to the police. Taurai nezve pfambi yenyu yabuda mujere.Manga masuwa mbutu yake. Usajairire Army mfoo!!!

    1. and wat will yu do if we talk about the Army. Dont overestimate the Army’s power. Just shut up and sit in the barracks where you belong. Zvichapera manje so and you mfanami will find your ngochani ass in prison.

  46. The Grace of The Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the communion of The Holy Ghost, be with us all. Amen

  47. Mai MTETWA musa tyisidzirwe itai basa sebasa.ZANU

  48. it is not about being inteligent. It is just about her freedom. Granting her bail is not a loss to z.r.p. Let us comment like vanhu vakadzidza. The matter is still b4 courts. Other there will be no difference between us and the z.r.p.

  49. Why is zanu pfeee panicking? Asimaresults ereferendum haana kubuda zvakanaka here behind the scenes? At least maheroes edu tirikuaona kwete ezanu ekunongedzerwa. Thanks commander in thief for that.

  50. nxaaa spammer my foot.

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