Australia rolls back Zimbabwe sanctions

CANBERA — Australia will lift sanctions against 55 individuals in Zimbabwe in response to the announcement of a constitutional referendum to be held on Saturday, Foreign minister Bob Carr announced in a statement yesterday.

Report by Xinhua

“The 55 names on this list include some Zanu PF politicians, members of the judiciary and media, provincial governors and leading business figures,” Carr said.

“These individuals are not considered to be hindering democratic reforms or undermining the ultimate goal of free and fair elections in Zimbabwe.”

According to Carr, he had released a three-stage roadmap for the lifting of sanctions on Zimbabwe on February 7.

Remaining Australian sanctions on Zimbabwe include travel and financial restrictions against 98 individuals and four entities, an arms embargo and prohibition on defence links.

Zimbabwe’s constitutional review process has taken three years.
The draft text of the new constitution provides for a new constitutional order in Zimbabwe and a less centralised power structure.

Last month, European Union ministers agreed to ease sanctions on Zimbabwe, but added that part of the embargo would remain in place until after elections scheduled next July.

It said a “peaceful and credible” referendum vote would be “an important milestone” justifying the immediate suspension “of the majority” of all remaining EU restrictive measures against individuals and entities.

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  1. At least u admit Zim is under sanctions not ‘restrictive measures.’

  2. @manu these are sanctions against certain individuals not a again

  3. This is a worthless gesture. Zimbabweans are no in the stone age. You can keep your sanctions and we keep oru beautifull Zimbabwe.

  4. @wenzara, these sanctions r affecting every1 and besides they r illegal.

    1. stupid sanctions, god will punish these fools sorry pple.

      1. stupid zanu pf, God will punish these fools.

  5. Thanks guys bt hopeful more sanctions will be lifted by EU

  6. zim is gona b beautiful once zanu is gone.Ndatenda

  7. and zanupf will not go and zimbabwe will be even more beautifull

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