Anti-graft commissioner gets bail

ZIMBABWE Anti-Corruption Commission (Zacc) commissioner Emmanuel Chimwanda, who was arrested this week for allegedly supplying Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s office with classified information, was granted $500 bail by a Harare magistrate yesterday.

Wonai Masvingise

Chimwanda faces charges of impersonation, illegal possession of articles for criminal use and breaching the Official Secrets Act.

Magistrate Donald Ndirowei ordered Chimwanda to be remanded on bail to April 22 and ordered him to surrender his travel documents, report once a week to CID Law and Order section and reside at his given address.

He was also barred from visiting Zacc offices until the matter was finalised.

It is the State case that Chimwanda irregularly acquired a criminal docket that accused former Harare special interest councillor Charles Nyachowe of fraud.

“The accused person unlawfully abused his office as a commissioner in the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission by taking the above mentioned documents to Thabani Mpofu , Warship Dumba, Felix Matsinde and Mehluli Tshuma.

“The aforementioned people are not authorised by law to be in possession of, or to access such documents or information,” the document reads in part.

Mpofu, Dumba, Matsinde and Tshuma were also arrested on separate charges of impersonation and obtaining information on several ministers’ alleged corruption in violation of the Official Secrets Act.

The four were granted $500 bail each on Wednesday.
Dumba, Matsinde and Tshuma were released on Wednesday evening while Mpofu was freed yesterday.

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  1. hapana nyaya apa.Zanu yaona kti huori hwavekufumuka saka ngatibatei vanofumura huori.

  2. even if zanu wants to hide the corruption, it is already in the public domain. i stay in ngezi rural area n almost everyone knows kuti zanu imbavha, kasukuwere imbavha. they now know why mpofu n kasukuwere r getting fat day by day. zanu will dismally loose in elections. remember zimbabweans r literate, they know who to vote for.

  3. false, very few zimbos are literate my friend

  4. me thought the law allows any citizen to volunteer info if a crime has bn committed ‘whistle blower’,saka mbavha dzongoinda mberi nekuba coz ndoo dzine matomhu enyika! Cry my beloved zim

  5. chirongo chorema chavapedyo

    how ironic zanu pf, munhu afumura humbavha hurikuitwa ne ma ministers then munhu wacho ndiye asungwa mbavha dzosiiwa. So all along the police had the information but sitting on them. Shef Chihuri vaiti siyananayi nenyaya iyi. Zrp is zanu repulsive police. Same applies to zbc

  6. cde gabarinocheka

    Asi vanaMAI na BABA JUKWA vaneright to posses such documents? rubbish

  7. Gabarinocheka do u really knw why the four guys were arrested?bkz they had all the information concerning the shoddy deals done at the pretext of indigenousation to enrich Zanunoids.they were relieved of their duties frm the Gvt bkz they were considered threats and accused of siding wth MDC who are viewed as enemies of Zimbabwe by corrupt nt a spammer unless ur head is full of infected sperms.

  8. baba jukwa has no other new information other than the phone numbers and email addresses of the culprits, all they are publishing as documents are available on weakleaks.

  9. brewed democracy

    Someone is being arrested because he either supplied or received information implicating a minister of corruption. what is happening here is totally the opposite of democracy. and worse the courts don’t act in time to save illegal detention. This is a good example of dictatorship that is working.

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