Zanu PF woos Guta Ra Mwari

ZANU PF central committee member Molly Mpofu on Sunday pleaded with Youth Development, Indigenisation and Empowerment minister Saviour Kasukuwere to organise farming land for Guta Ra Mwari (Zvimiso) youths.


Mpofu made the plea after Kasukuwere, who is a Zanu PF politburo member, visited the church in Mpopoma, Bulawayo, to canvass for support ahead of harmonised elections expected later this year.

“As Zanu PF we agreed to work with Guta Ra Mwari (Zvimiso). Minister Kasukuwere, this church works with us,” she said.

“They work side by side with His Excellency President Robert Mugabe against homosexuals, women and children abuse,” she said. “We don’t want to hear that Guta Ra Mwari (Zvimiso) missed out on some government programmes here.

“Minister, the youths in this church need support. Can you assist them secure a piece of farming land in Bulawayo so that they empower themselves through farming. If we lose these youths, we are going to lose Bulawayo.”

Mpofu also appealed to Kasukuwere to invite Zanu PF women’s affairs leader Oppah Muchinguri, First Lady Grace Mugabe and President Mugabe to the church during his next visit to enable church members to interact with them.

“We ask you minister to bring them to meet the church. If you want to rule the people you stay with the people.”

Kasukuwere later told the congregants that Zanu PF was in the process of rolling out several empowerment projects, among them the National Youth Fund, to benefit its members throughout the country.

“We are struggling in Zimbabwe to bring economic stability, but some are busy calling for imposition of sanctions,” he said. Zanu PF has of late intensified its membership drive with this year’s campaign targeted at youths, church groups and women.

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